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Do you spend hours dusting your home but are not satisfied with the results because there always are specs of dust left? Does your duster also fail to reach nooks and corners to get rid of the dust? Do you wish for a duster that was easier and faster to use and more thorough and effective in cleaning than your ordinary duster? Now you can leave your dusting concerns to the patented, automatic and battery operated Go Duster and bid dust and dust mites goodbye forever. The motorized duster is amazingly easy, light, fast and effective to use.


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Go Duster
All you have to do for Go Duster to work is switch it on and it spins automatically and does the dusting for you. While regular dusters only push the dust around the motorized duster creates a static charge that is capable of grabbing and holding the dust like magnet with its special that is combined with over 10,000 dusting fingers. Not just the furniture or doors and windows, Go Duster works wonders in cleaning almost everything in your house and is safe to use even your expensive electronics like television screens or computers, plants and also delicate collectibles like china. Cleaning blinds, vents, and ceilings, which is usually a difficult task and is not always 100 % free of dust with an ordinary duster, is also easy with Go Duster.

Go Duster is absolutely cordless and lightweight so you can carry it wherever you like and has a reach in the most unreachable spots and nooks and crannies where your hands cannot fit in like around the television, insides of furniture, bookshelves. Using Go Duster is so easy that even kids can operate it and you can clean insides of your car as well.

Cleaning with Go Duster is very easy too. All you have to do after you have finished dusting is rinse it under running water. If you order for Go Duster now you get a set of extra-long, medium and mini dusting heads at a very reasonable price. What’s more ordering now will also get you a Go Duster extension handle to clean unreachable places at a nominal fee. Also available is a 30-day money back guarantee on the product if you are unsatisfied with the product.




What do I get?

  • 1 Extra Long Head
  • 1 Medium Head
  • 1 Mini Head
  • 1 Extension Handle

All this for just $29.99 + $13.98 s/h. Official website www.GoDuster.com


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