Genesis Minimax Review

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About Genesis Minimax

Genesis Minimax guarantees to be the best vacuum cleaner one can own for cleaning absolutely every corner of the home. Genesis Minimax asserts that it’s small and versatile yet powerful enough to work with a 1000W motor power, something traditional jumbo vacuums cannot achieve, also making the vac’s suction capacity very high. Plus, Genesis Minimax declares that it can be interchanged between upright, broom, hand and car vacuum making it the ultimate 4-in-1 vacuum cleaner.

How does Genesis Minimax work?

Genesis Minimax promises to be the most comfortable and handy vacuum there ever was coupled with amazing suction power. Depending on the cleaning requirement one can simply convert Genesis Minimax into a hand vacuum, car vacuum, broom vacuum or upright vacuum in very little time. Once it is in the needed design it just needs one swipe over the area to be cleaned. The suction is very powerful and picks up everything in one single swipe and in mere seconds time making cleaning very easy. There is a rotating turbo brush in Genesis Minimax that removes the dirt and debris even from the deepest parts of the carpet. The transparent canister of Genesis Minimax is allegedly where the dirt gets trapped and can be cleaned easily by removing the micro filter and emptying it out in the trash can.

Most advanced vacuum cleaner – Genesis Minimax declares that its functionality and versatility make it among the best vacuum cleaners available today. The design specs of Genesis Minimax are convincing enough to complement its claim. To make cleaning easier using the ultimate Genesis Minimax it is coupled with a 5 meter extension cord. This makes it possible for a user to clean every corner possible. Genesis Minimax claims to have an ergonomic design and weight that makes it very easy to handle even when operated in the handheld vacuum form for effective and easy cleaning. To provide additional support there is an extendable chrome handle that not only provides support but a good grip while using the vacuum.



A vacuum cleaner for all needs – Genesis Minimax promises to fulfill the need for cleaning every type of house. It is said to be great in picking crumbs and messes that sits between the cushions in its handheld form. Genesis Minimax is also stated to be perfect for dusting down the book shelves, ledges and artworks easily. If the house has kids, Genesis Minimax asserts that it can easily clean up the kid’s leftovers or if the house comprises of pets it can pick up their hair from chairs and furniture. In fact the suction power of Genesis Minimax is claimed to be enough to even pick up nuts and bolts easily.

What do I get?

Please see official website

Genesis Minimax Questions and Answers

Q. Why does my roller brush not rotate?
A. The tips of the brush are prone to hair twisting in them. The roller brush stops turning when its ends are jammed with hair. Check if your roller brush is clogged.

Q. Where can I buy replacement for the broken plastic parts of my Chili Vac?
A. As of Sept 17, 2016, it’s been a year and I’ve been unable to obtain any spare parts. There’s no information about the parts provided on their website or the USA locations. They offer parts but don’t fulfill the requests, even for the pieces eligible for replacement in the warranty.

Q. How is the vacuum cleaner HSVC3 in comparison to HSVC1000?
A. There’s no comparison. The HSVC3 is perfect except for its filtering system. For 20 minutes of vacuuming it takes 20 minutes to clean the filter.

Q. How can the roller brush be removed for emptying?
A. There’s not need to remove the brush. Clean it with a hair removal tool and vacuum with hand vac crevice tool.

Q. Does this model include a carry strap?
A. No, there’s no carry strap included.

Genesis Minimax Review

A reviewer Rudolf Novack states in his review“Genesis Minimax is useless. They bought it after reading reviews and thought it would suffice for use in their RV but it doesn’t. The substandard suction does not pick up debris. Even after vacuuming the carpet they could pick up hair. The reviewer couldn’t return it so they are throwing it out and bought the Shark Rocket. The small and lightweight Chilli Vac is ineffective.”

As per another user Johnson Cage’s Genesis Minimax review“Bought it for their tile bathrooms and small kitchen, the filter plugs up quickly. However, the vacuum cleaner heats up intensely after just five minutes of use. According to the instructions, it has to be left aside for 5 minutes to cool down. But that proves to be a waste of time. The reviewer adds that their rollers stopped working completely. They wouldn’t recommend the defective stick vac to anyone. They could barely use it for a few months.”

Sharon Brooke mentions in her Genesis Minimax review“The On/Off button is awkwardly placed and it switches off when they try to vacuum under the bed and the railing hits it. The cleaner also does not pick up tiny pieces of lint.”

Martha Carol reveals in Genesis Minimax review“Though the vacuum is strong, the brush stopped working after just two weeks. According to another reviewer, it could not pick up lint off their low pile area rug. It also created a deafening noise.”

Christine Layton complains in her review“Genesis Minimax has a good suction power but the main vacuuming attachment has stopped working. They took the unit part thrice and failed to fix it permanently. The vacuum works for just five minutes and stops after that. They reckon that an inner machinery generates excessive friction making brush spin and every time they realign it, the vacuum stops working.”

Scott Junge states in his Genesis Minimax review“The hoses are half the size of a regular vac and overheats quickly. One reviewer cannot decide whether to keep the vacuum or not. When they received it and used it, the machine made a bad “clicking” noise. They add that the dust bin is too small and inadequate for holding much. According to another user’s review, the vacuum is high power but the motor works up when there’s very little in the bin. Another user says that it has been okay so far but has an extremely noisy and shrill sound. It has a great concept of a vacuum on a stick with an attachment to roll across carpet. In spite of the impression of the suction part being wide, it’s just about 3 inches. They need to clean the filter every few minutes. The cleaner is bagless and the filter has a Velcro paper around it, which blocks easily.”


16 thoughts on “Genesis Minimax Review

  1. Dear O dear these previous comments are bad. Just when I was going to buy one for my wife. Another example of Chinese Junk. Thanks for warning me just in time. Phew! Lucky me.

  2. Why does the Manufacturer make such a stupid axle stub for the wheels.The wheels keep falling of as there is no way one can repair this fault.The plastic ridges in the wheel and stub axle wear off and the wheels fall off.THis is an engineering disaster as the body now begins to scrape the carpet or the floor.How does one get this rectified.Return to the Supplier ?Please advise.

  3. Am very disappointed. The roller brush has stopped working, and was sold this machine only because of the pet hairs on the carpet. Bin is far too small, and it overheats.

  4. I am so disappointed that I bought this vacuum cleaner. It is so noisy, overheats and doesn’t have such a strong suction as advertised.
    Unfortunately bought it just prior to relocating overseas and only tried it on arrival, so cannot return it.

  5. I will not recommend the Genesis MiniMax to anyone. The Manufacturer is totally dishonest about this machines capability. Going to do my best to replace/refund for something else.

  6. I find the Genisis Minimax an absolute piece of Sh….
    The vacuum unit is very powerful but the filter is much too dense, even with a clean filter there is hardly any suction beyond the filter from the motor side. the filter blocks after every minute or so and the machine overheats.

  7. When I bought the genesis minimax I got an extra filter with the purchase The one on the machine is
    not working more, Where can I get another filter

  8. Same here…within 5 minutes the “power brush” stopped spinning and within 10 minutes it stopped working…… And I only used it on tile flooring! I BOUGHT IT LESS THAN A WEEK AGO….used it first time today!

  9. I am using my brand new Genesis Minimax for the first time today and it has stopped working. It feels like the machine is over-heating. Is this possible?

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