Fur Genie Review

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Does the amount of hair or fur your pet leaves behind everywhere frustrate you? Dogs and cats have a tendency to lose their fur on a regular basis, which can get stuck on rugs, sofa, mattress, etc. A constant cleaning job using a vacuum cleaner is not enough to get rid of cat hair or dog fur easily. New age rollers that guarantee sticking such hair and fur on itself hardly work in a real life scenario. All you are left with is a little less cleaned sofa’s and furniture that sink the hair and fur deep down settling up unclean layers. Such frustrating clean up can now be resolved with a wipe of the latest Fur Genie.


Fur Genie

Fur Genie is a revolutionary product that deals with any sort of fur and removing it like it’s magic. It has the ability to get beneath the surface and cleanse it completely from any pet remains. This helps in reducing allergies associated with pet hair and fur. It can even go at a microscopic level to clean fur that might be sitting pretty on a surface since many years and is almost negligible to the naked eye. The best part is it works perfectly well on any surface – chair and couches, upholstery, car seats, car and home carpets, stairs, etc.

The reason Fur Genie is so effective is its outstanding design as opposed to traditional rollers which are fun to use but hardly productive. It comes with a 75% wider space with a quadruple edged rubber blade which goes through the smallest of the pores in any furniture fabrics and grabs hold of stray hair and fur removing it completely. Another specialty of Fur Genie is it is completely reusable means once bought it works for a lifetime. With online offers that come with providing another Fur Genie absolutely free it’s a steal deal to keep one at home and another in the car for easy accessibility. The highlight though is the additional extension rod that can make it longer and reach carpets and other places easily without putting any physical strain.




What do I get?
Get 2 Fur Genie Cleaners with Extension rods for just $10.00 plus $13.98. Official website FurGenie.com



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7 thoughts on “Fur Genie Review

  1. I bought it, I like, but I have hart time pull it out of the cleaning base. I insert a table knife and with in it I could pull it out gently. I just use it and remove the hair with my hands or an used dry softener sheet. If some one know a better way, please posted. Thanks

  2. I have purchased the Fur Genie with great hopes, however once I put the brush in the cleaning base I haven’t been able to get it out. Unfortunately a waste of money

    • I had the same problem, after a lot of trials did manage to remove it, but continually have to battle with it. How do you clean the cleaning base as it gets full of hair very quickly then the wand no longer comes out clean?

  3. I bought one Fur Genie online 2 months ago….never got it and can’t find website or contact information to check the status either. At this point I’m contacting my credit card company to see if they will help recoup my loss.

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