Flexable Hose Reviews and Complaints

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Why do you need a Flexable Hose

All homes owners want to keep not only their indoor but outdoor spaces clean and looking lush too. You want to make sure your patios and windows are clean as they should be. And if you have a garden around the house, you want it to be well watered and kept. But that in itself can be a huge task, if you don’t have the right hose for your outdoor needs. Regular hoses are heavy and can be cumbersome to carry around, putting a lot of strain on your wrists. That’s why; you need the lightweight but strong Flexable Hose for your regular needs.


How does Flexable Hose work?

Now you won’t have to keep putting off your gardening duties or cleaning up the windows outdoors because you don’t have the right equipment for it. This incredible expandable hose will make your tasks a lot easier and you will look forward to spending time in your outdoor spaces doing the jobs you want to do. You can use this hose to wash off your gutters as well and it is strong enough to do practically any task around the house.

Good thing about using this hose is that it will never kink like those regular products in the market. You can keep watering your garden or cleaning your outdoor windows hassle free. This hose is available in three different sizes; 25’, 50’ and 75’ and it expands for your convenience. What’s more, it will also contract to its original shape when you are done using it so that you can store it away without any difficulty.

It’s so compact that it will fit right into the palm of your hand and it’s lightweight so you can take it wherever you go. You can thus use it for your boats and RVs as well. Made out of tough double-wall construction, it won’t bend and will be a long lasting product for you to use and keep your outdoors in their best condition possible.




What do I get?
You can buy Flexable Hose for an incredible price of $19.99 plus shipping and handling charge at www.flexablehose.com and get a 7 way free nozzle with your offer. You can get another Flexable Hose by paying additional S&H.


Flexable Hose Video

670 thoughts on “Flexable Hose Reviews and Complaints

  1. My garden is 60 feet away. The hose that “expands up to 100 feet” didn’t even make it. My hose is now useless to me. Under what circumstance does it reach 100 feet?! It. Simply. Doesn’t. False advertising.

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  3. I bought the Flexablehose at Walmart at the end of Feb. this year getting ready early for summer. I did not use it until the end of May through the first of July. We were so careful with it not to drag it over anything that would damage the hose. My husband was using it and the hose busted toward the middle. it looked like a blowout. Walmart would not take it back or swap it because the ticket was over their 90 day limit for returns (they have stated on a sign in the store). And I see that this web information says the Flexable Hose people will not refund or reimburse after just 60 days. I have never had a hose to burst before. You may want to consider this e-mail before buying this hose. Walmart charged me over $35.00 for this hose. I am at a loss for buying the Flexablehose. Thank you for taking my complaint.

    • I just finished reading the long list of complaints, but yours is the newest so I thought I’d throw my 2 cents in. Same thing as all the comments, hose leaks in the middle for no reason. I had considered sending it back for the refund but have decided its not worth the effort as I would have to box it up, take it to the post office and include the receipt, so as I imagine I would get the same treatment I am of the opinion it’s not worth the effort. The concept is great, however it appears they can’t put in to a reliable product. I almost want to print out all these comments and tape them to the boxes down at Walmart. That would be hilarious

  4. I have bought the original flex hoses they stunk, lasted no time, last year I bought the Tough Grade Flexable hose, suppose to be so much stronger, yeah right, one blew out on me a few days ago and the other is getting ready to blow, it has several places in the “Thicker Dacron Armor Exterior Fabric” that is suppose to be so great. In my opinion, nothing but a hoax!!!

  5. i have just read your comments.and I am just the opposite of you they are useless I have had four at varying lengths yes theyexpand allright but mine literally exploded,they just swelled up like a balloon then they all burst in my opinion they are useless and a waste of time and money.i wish I could say different but I cant and my friend has had the same experience. he also said useless.

  6. I agree with all the above posts – this hose SUCKS big time!! I bought the first one, it ruptured, figured that, oh, well, maybe I wasn’t using it correctly (couldn’t figure out how I WASN’T using it correctly, I emptied all the water out of the stupid thing) – so I bought the second one to replace the first. THAT ruptured. Brought it back and got ANOTHER one and THAT ruptured!!! I am SOOO done with this stupid flexable hose – do NOT waste your money. It isn’t worth the time and effort to buy, return, buy and be disappointed!!!!

    • I bought the pocket hose last summer. Used it a few times, but then it ruptured in the middle. Bought another. Flex Able Hose. Used it a few times last year, and then some this year. Today it ruptured right at the faucet. I won’t buy another one, although I liked the concept of it. I always drained the hose when I finished with it. Don’t know why it ruptured.

  7. Flex-Able Hose worked for a short time, then a whole burst in it. Hoping to get refund for this poor quality item, that doesn’t live up to it’s company standards.

  8. Received a 25′ pocket hose “as seen on TV” as gift from a friend. Fantastic–does exactly what it says in the infomercials. Unfortunately, on my second use, the hose sprang leaks in multiple places along its length, including next to the handle—spraying me all over with water. I disconnected it from the spigot and deposited it in the garbage can. What a Pity……

  9. The idea sounded great on their infomercial, So I got one but it broke after a couple of months and started to leak. I couldn’t return it since it was after return period . I thought it was just that one and gave it a second try and bought a second one, but same thing happened two months after.

  10. I bought a green 75′ flexable hose extreme from Sam’s Club about 4 months ago and it has 2 leaks, one about 3′ from the inlet end and one in the middle. I don’t have the receipt and wondered if it can be patched!

  11. Bought 3 different manufactures hoses in different lenghts. All broke withing 2 weeks. Neat idea but engineering problem with interior rubber which builds water pressure it can not handle.
    Stay away from them.

  12. I received a 100 foot Flex-Able hose for Father’s Day. I used this hose 4 (four) times, and guess what? Yep, all of a sudden water started gushing out of the center of the 100 foot length. I looked all over the box and the Flex-Able.com website for a warranty. Well, I had not even used it in the first 60 days that I had it. Now I have to pay shipping to send the piece of junk back, and I need the receipt that I dont have? Are they kidding?
    My learning is…dont waste your money. This is cheap Chinese made garbage, made with crappy raw materials!


  14. I agree – I bought probably 5-6 hoses for my friend. She loved them , she has neck and shoulder issues and loved watering her plants and yard. But the hose would not last a full season. She unhooked the hose and put it in the garage after use. Everytime the hose would blow up on her. Took back and received another one (at no cost) And now the one that was exchanged for the other one is getting ready to burst or blow up. someone needs to do a class action lawsuit against the company. THE HOSE SUCKS AND IT SAYS IT IS 3X STRONGER!!!!!!

  15. what a piece of crap…5th hose..none lasted 1 year…just picked up 2 more and lasted 1 day. they either burst in the hose or the plastic valve splits ..taking them back to Boscov’s and hope to get my money back.

  16. I purchased the 50′ used it once & it burst. what a rip off !! I had threw out the box thinking it was a good product what a mistake.

  17. Bought one, it worked well. No complaints, so I bought three more. Thought I had it made.
    However; after one year one started leaking, seemingly a bad connection between the inner hose and the coupling. Fixed that.
    Now they all leak, same problem and it repeats itself over and over again.
    After each and every use I completely drained the hoses, but to no avail. The inner tube will not last, no matter what.
    Final solution: trashcan. Period.

  18. I bought a 100 ft. hose at Walmart in May 2015. After a few uses, it busted in two spots. Unbelievable! I’m returning it today. Don’t waste your money!!

  19. thought this was a good buy but turns out its a fail. Ive bought two in three weeks. Both blew holes in them by simply just turning on the water. Bad product and just another clever gimick at making a quick buck at the poor consumers dollar. Shame on them. Dont waste your money on this item. Your paying lots of money for a product that shrinks in size and your wallet.

  20. My experience was the same as everyone listed in this forum. I bought the Xhose Pro 100ft with the brass fittings. Mine burst after 4 uses and the spring load mechanism on the nozzle rusted due to poor plating. Great idea, bad execution.

  21. I’m really happy I found this site. With Spring here, I was actually going to try them again, even thought I have already purchased 4 of the 50′ variety. All 4 lasted about 1 month before bursting somewhere in the middle, making them useless. After the first failure, I made sure that I kept reasonable water pressure going and that I didn’t stretch them. It doesn’t matter- they are weak and designed to fail. No money back. Buy extender hoses to your big hose and save your money.

  22. The flexible hoses I bought this year have all busted!!!! I bought 5 of them….. ALL BUSTED !!!!!!!
    Will NEVER buy Another one!!!! On my way to return to Walmart! They should be pulled off the shelves !!!! I have a big house and needed that many for my flower beds , I love them and the way they make watering easier……. But Everyone Of Them Busted!!!! I was recommending them to everyone!!!!! But now I will tell them they are CRAP and don’t waste their money on them!!!!!
    One Unhappy Customer!!!!!
    Gwen Bouvier


  24. I had Flex hose 2 weeks I hooked it up. Went to turn the nozel on it blew up in my face it was very Loud its been 2 hours I still cant hear out my left ear.


    I received my order and decided to exchange for a longer hose (and therefore spending more money at the company). Customer service told me that they don’t allow exchanges, I got what I ordered and there was nothing they could do. I explained that I am attempting to spend more money at the company, was told if I wanted I could place another order with them. I demanded to speak w/a manager, was told there is no reason, manager will tell me the same thing! I was eventually able to speak with a Manager, she emailed me a label to return the product and again I was told they don’t do exchanges, I would have to return the product and place another order. I returned the product the end of August. Surprise, surprise my credit card was never credited for the return. After numerous frustrating phone conversations with “customer service” I disputed the charge with my credit card company.

  26. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY! Burst open the third time I used it and company didn’t even have the coutesy to answer my complaint.

  27. The FlexAble Hose is not durable and will spontaneously burst or pop the inner tubing so
    it becomes totally useless and has to be discarded. I had bought 3 of the 75 ft. FlexAble hoses
    and all three have busted within a year of purchase. It is not as fantastic as it is touted to be and will eventually cost a lot more than a regular garden hose since it has to be replaced every few months!
    Not worth buying another FlexAble hose!

  28. I am VERY dissapointed in this hose! I bought two 50ft hoses. The first two weeks one of them busted where the connector is. Then just recently the second one did the same thing. Of course I didn’t save the reciepts so I couldn’t return them. I hate hoses that kink and tangle. I really thought the flex hose was the answer! Wrong! Unless you are going to hang these on a hose caddy for looks they are not dependable.

  29. I bought three flex hoses last year and they performed rather well. I hooked them up this year and evey one of them disintergrated. Spring leaks and were totally useless. The old American thing just buy a new one. These were purchased through WalMart. Need I say anything more. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY.
    A total rip off

  30. Had bought 2 hoses prior to my 3er one, both hoses bursted after 3 months of purchase , took good care of them could not understand why the exploded, anyway I bought a 3rd hose after 2 uses (less than 3 days) it also exploded, they are a real piece of crap , Will take it back to WALMART for my money to be refunded, made in CHINA great product jajajaja, If it would said MADE IN AMERICA it would be a great product .

  31. Great concept…horrible execution of it. We purchased at Sam’s. The 2nd time we used the hose it split on the inside and started leaking. My husband called the company and they said, “it’s not our problem!”
    I will never purchase from this company again!!!

  32. Do not but this garbage. I bought 2 50 foot hoses and they
    split in less than 8 months. Worst product that I have ever bought. Totally a major ripoff. Do not waste your money.

  33. My flexible hose when new was very annoying as it shrank as soon as the water came out…so I had to go backwards when watering the garden then turn off tge valve at the tip so it coukd fill up again and extend! After three weeks use it sprung a leak ..cannot be mended …thrown it away! My son also purchased two of these hoses and had the same happen with both of them ….whar a waste of money!

  34. I’m glad I found this site! I was getting ready to purchase 2 of these and changed my mind. I actually dialed there number and no one picked up. Then I received a call back (sounded like it was from India) and the guy was going to make me the best deal. Talk about bells and whistles going off! My natural instincts told me to Google the product and this site is what came up. I guess I’m going to purchase the old conventional hose and stick to that!

  35. What a mess! I brought this item 3 months ago and it just broke. The pressure broke a hole in the tube. I called to ask them what can I do for a replacement but since it’s not 90 days after the purchase they can’t do anything about it. I thought they guarantee their product and wouldn’t you like to keep your customers happy you would do stuff. I guess not! Complete waste of time and money. Don’t but this product!

  36. I wish I had seen this site before buying my 50 ft flexhose. I could have saved myself some money. I needed a dependable hose to run from outside faucet to my porch. I live in a camper and plumbing has gone crazy and I needed to be able to fill Gal jugs on a daily basis. I hooked it up on Tue and on Fri I noticed it was limp when it should have been full of water. When I looked at it noticed a 2 ft section totally blown out. I won’t be buying another one and it I see people looking at it I will tell them they are junk.

  37. This product is A WASTE of time and money . I wish I would have read the reviews BEFORE spending my money. that saying you live and learn. I was just outside my grace period to get my money back from Sam’s. And don’t try calling the company because they give you the run around , and ALL kinds of excuses too. Mine busted at the seam , and started flooded my yard. Your product SUCKS…. I told the man that answered the phone about all the bad reviews and he tells me that , a lady told me yesterday that she loved hers. I told him that she must have had hers only a cpl of days LOL.

  38. these are the biggest rip off I have ever seen, both of the extra stong hoses I have bought have broken cause there shit.. I am all ready talking to a lawyer about you guys for false advertisement , there are thousands of un happy people like me from what im reading and having the same complaint “these hoses suck” so im sure I will not have a problem winning a couple billion dollar lawsuit against you guys for bad customer service and fake product that does not work. so you guys should pull your lie of an add on t.v. and worry about your mad people with these hoses, and its not just a few, its thousands of mad people

  39. Complete waste of time and money! Though an intriguing idea – a hose that never needs coiling! Here’s my experience – out of the six purchased in the last year, let’s see … six have failed! Same failure mode each time – sudden and catastrophic leak at the faucet fitting. First one, a 25 ftr, purchased Jun ’13, failed right out of the can. No problem, back to Target for a cheerful replacement. This one lasted, and we liked the coolness factor so much we jumped in and bought a 50′ at Walmart, than another couple of 50’s online. Then for the ultimate in wow, in Oct ’13 bought a 100 ftr online. OK, so call me a slow learner. But so fun watching that 100 ftr snake it’s way into a little ball. Until, a couple of months into the grand experiment, the 50’s started bursting. Then the 25′. Finally, on it’s 9 month anniversay, my 100′ pride and joy – turned it off for a second, then back on to water one more plant, and ‘blooey’! But it gets better – called the FlexAbleHose Customer Service line @ 973.287.5160 and was told, “You’re outside your 60-day warranty, take a hike.” Hmmmm, do I see a pattern there? Crappy product, crappy warranty, crappy service …. So it’s off to Lowe’s this afternoon to buy a REAL hose … or six!


  41. I bought three of these from a closing Kmart store.

    One blew off the male connector the first time it was used. That was fixable and is still in use. It has been used about four times so far. I do not expect it to last much longer.

    The second burst about ten feet from the male connector the third time it was used. I was able to repair this bust it burst at another spot the second time I used it. I believe another repair would be futile.

    The third burst about ten feet from the male connector after the webbing developed a 18 inch split. I will not try to repair this one.

    Parts to make the repairs cost about $7 and the repairs took about 30 minutes total after I figured out how to do it.

    Two of the hoses have been consigned to the garbage can and the third will probably follow before the end of summer.

    These were a waste of money, time and effort. The idea is fantastic. The product, not so.

    I would not recommend this to anyone.

  42. I’ve bought 2 of the as seen on TV flex hoses. They were great for the first couple weeks, then broke completely. So bad, they were unusable. I thought the first one I bought was just a dud, so I bought another one, and turns out it’s just a BAD product!!!! within a week, the hoses both had holes in them, don’t know why because they were always emptied, and stored in a container. I only turned them on while watering. I’ve had my new flex hose for 3 weeks now, and it just broke during regular watering. It’s a HORRIBLE product!!! Don’t waste your money!!!

  43. I am an owner of a company. This product is no good. I bought over 7 hoses and they leak, developed a hole in the middle of 100ft and 50ft. They leak around the plastic ends. Just a crap product. They only warranty the hose for 60 days because they know it a crap product. Plus you can’t complain on Facebook because they don’t have a Paige and to complain to them they can come after you for saying the truth it a very bad product. Never never will I buy this product again just plain crap.

  44. Al Borland should be ashamed of himself. Bought 3, returned 3. Last one sounded like a firecracker when it burst.

  45. I purchased two FlexAble hoses, 25 ft. length, at Boscov’s last July. They worked very well and were emptied of all water and stored in the garage over the winter. When hooking them up a few weeks ago, both leaked and the connections came away from the hoses. A total loss!!!!

  46. I got two 50’hoses and this is the first summer I have used them. First both adjustable nozzles leaked and had to be replaced. Today I wanted to use one and it developed a hole about half-way.

    The hoses are a grossley inferior product. I would not recommen them to my worst enemy. In my opinion,the ads for them borders on being a scam.

    Don’t buy these.

  47. I bought a twin paco of these hoses at Sam’s Club about3-4 weeks ago and was using them tonight when the end in my hand started to blow up. It got to be about 4 inches in diameter when I knew I had to get rid of it before it blew in my face, I was on a latter too. It blew striking the back of my leg and leaving a 1″ x 4″ well on the back of my leg just below my knee. I would say these hoses are dangerous. Would not let my wife or kids use them as they may not think about throwing it away and would panic.

  48. Bought 2 of these from the store, before the summer was out both of them blew and has holes in them. Complete junk, Do not buy one. They have to improve them quite a bit. Try to get your money back???? NOT Please do not buy one, they are trouble.


    • Like everyone else here I got ripped off with these hoses. Same story. At first they are great. But they are so poorly made they will ALWAYS EXPLODE. ALWAYS. Don’t be tricked by the “stronger” version. It’s all BS. AND THEY WONT REPLACE ANYMORE. THEY ARE MAKING SO MUCH MONEY OFF THIS SCAM….probably gathering our credit card info & addresses for a bigger scam.

      If someone could do this legitimately it would be super. But don’t trust ANY OF THESE DORKS! Scam artists. The poor fools who are paid to take the complaint calls are overwhelmed and numb.

      The company should be investigated.

  50. I have had to replace 3 hoses in the last 3 weeks. All of the developed leaks and then burst. I must that I am very impressed with hosed and wish that they had lasted muck longer. Two of them were purchased from Shopko and the first two online. I really nursed them to no avail. I have now resorted to replacing them with a normal hose which are not easy to use. I assure you if the hose improved on I would purchase them a pain.

    Good luck.
    Charles Ledward

  51. Good product when it works, but it is faulty.

    Mine “broke” after the first use. When I was using it, I was really happy because it was just like the infomercials, and then I was very disappointed when it broke. After I examined it, I saw that the inside tubing had detached from the nozzle. I took the time to thread it/snake it/push it back through the cloth lining, and then securely reattached the tubing to its nozzle fittings. Now it’s good as new again!

    If your issue is the same as mine, then it’s fixable, but if your tubing actually bursts/splits, then that’s a bigger problem.

    I hope my repair works, but just in case, I have my London Drugs ready to return it.

  52. When I saw this first advertise, I was immediately thrilled. Like many others, the larger hoses are cumbersome. I ordered two. Both ruptured after only a few uses. I called customer service and they replaced them. They ruptured, I called to complain and were replace. They ruptured and were replace. They arrived in November. There was no need for flexible hose use in Iowa from November until now. Guess what, both hose (those replaced in November) both rupture. I called this morning to talk to Mike and told me that i am out of my 60-day window. 60-days is all that this great concept/poor design hose is good for. I asked to speak to his supervisor (Jodi). She told me that same thing. I told her to read her file and the many problems I had. She finally told me that she will replace just one hose, but will have to pay shipping. I told her that I am very disappointed and that she can keep her faulty product. I the meantime, the back-ground noise was so loud, I have to think that they are fielding many other customer complaints. Also, note the time of may call. I called a few minutes after they opened. I saw their competitors hose at the Iowa State Fair last summer. I guess that Flexible Hose last me as a customer. I work in sales, I know what it takes to win a customer. Unfortunately for Flexible Hose, they know how to lose them too.

    • We first purchased two 75 ft hoses last year. Within a week one of them split wide open.
      It was replaced. Just used the 2nd hose and there was a loud pop and water everywhere, it too had split.
      I called the number ( overseas person hard to understand) explained what had happened, too bad your 60 days have expired. That’s it !!!!

  53. I bought this hose at Walmart and was thrilled how small it was, then it ripped right near the spigot. Total waste of money!

  54. I have purchased and replace now 4 of these hoses. Purchased the first one from Bed Bath and Beyond and after bursting in the middle, stupidly continued to keep taking the 2nd, 3rd and 4th one back to them for replacement. What a rip off…scam and piece of shit these are. I hope the State Attorney Generals Office will investigate this company. Scam artists. Keep them off of the air to continue advertising this piece of shit. I am really pissed as are the 100’s of other “happy Users”. Every review I have read explains the piece of shit this product is…and the company that promotes it. Please do not waste your time, effort and money on this piece of shit. Thank you

  55. My experience was not good with this hose. Had two and both sprung leaks after only a few uses. Do not recommend this hose. It’s a waste of money.

  56. My mother bought flexable hose and used it 2x… I was standing there watching it as the cheaply made plastic grew enormous and burst.. the fabric had split first…. thank goodness my Mother who was up on a ladder didn’t get too startled by the burst and loud pop it made….. what a waste of money for all those elderly people who have bought into this product. Many of her friends have had the same issue.

    • I have had the same experience. I bought 2 50ft ones and the second time of using them they popped. What a rip off!! I want my money back!!

      • Oh and the website says if any problems, please email the company. How do you email the company? They give you no email address.

  57. Bought 2 50 foot and 2 25 foot Flex Hose pros. One of the 50 footers and one 25 footer burst after the second or third use. They take about 10 minutes to drain and don’t retract like they show on TV. These hoses are not worth the time or money. Called about replacement and never did get to talk to a live person despite calling 4-5 times.

    Have now bought 2 regular hoses and waiting for the last 2 Flex hoses to break. They are a scam

  58. Don’t buy this hose! I can’t believe they are even still being sold. The profit they make off something that works nicely for a few watering is unbelievable. I have read others testimonies here but wish I had read them before wasting my money! They ought to be sued because they do not back their product and it’s still selling!

  59. This hose is the best invention ever for about three weeks and then the old saying comes into play, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY on this junk, I threw my other hoses away. So this morning I’m going back to the store and buy two more 100′ foot heavy, kinking, aggravating rubber hoses, but at least they will supply water where I need it.

  60. purchased a 75 ft. flex-able hose last year–tried to use this year and the hose split–called customer service 4 times–3 times I was disconnected when I requested a supervisor and one time I got told to call back because her system was down and she couldn’t transfer me– all I want is for this hose to be replaced–I can’t believe that you can only use this hose for 3 months and then it is no good–I will let everyone know not to purchase this hose as this company does not stand behind its product–what a piece of garbage this hose is–really disgusted and disappointed in this company and its product

  61. I bought this hose and got a 2nd for 29 bucks. I have had them about a month. Today, one of the hoses blew up like a water balloon and burst. It is trash(ed) and so is this product considering my experience.

  62. I purchased 2 of the rough terrain upgrade flkex-able hoses 75 ft. as was excited to replace my existing hoses. For the first 6 months, I had 4 hoses burst/split and it was a pain to replace. I have now gone through 3 more and when I called to complain again, I was told it was out of the 60 day warranty period. These are not heavy duty and they will break, so I can say the $159.82 I spent initially was like throwing it out the window, as they do not back upo their product!
    do NOT waste your money on these junk hoses; they look good, but are really a trash priduct if you expect them to last a year at least at this pricing model.

  63. Bought this hose last year and it ended up leaking all over everything except the plants. I had to pull out my regular hose to water my very large garden and yard! Very disappointed!

  64. I have had three when they first came out== all three blew at the end when I left the water on with the end closed have you upgraded this problem ?? if so they are great == please let me know === thanks == vic

  65. This is a scam. Liars. Ripoffs. Waste of money. CANT EVEN SPELL THE NAME OF THEIR PRODUCT RIGHT. Here you go, scammers; a spelling lesson for you.

    F L E X I B L E

    And here’s another one: THIEVES

  66. I bought the pocket hose to aid in the community watering of trees in our association. It burst after 2 weeks and I purchased a second one with brass fittings that was more expensive, hence, belief that it was a better product – NOT SO It also burst in two place along the seam of the hose and now have wasted money on two useless hoses. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT……… there is NO money back guarantee!!!!

  67. I placed a call today to customer service for our flexable hoses. Two that we bought last year have broken from the sprayer and cannot be reattached. I got an “I’m sorry” from the agent. I said “is that all you can do for me?” Her answer was “yes”. Wow! A lot of money spent for hoses that were barely used through one season. They were put away nicely for the winter, and lo and behold when we got them out for spring clean ups, we found them to be defective. I was hoping to prove my husband wrong when he said not to order because they’re probably junk. Well, he was right:( I would not recommend this product, simply because of their refusal to back up poor quality.

  68. The flexahose as seen on tv does not last. It is a worthless piece of trash. I purchased 2 in October of 2012 and took great care of them. I brought them back into the garage after after use. I only washed my car. They leaks all over in February. I used them only once a week for a short time. The sprayer they give you is a plastic piece of junk and the hose cuts down on your water pressure-because it does not have firmness of a rubber or vinyl hoe. They will not give you your money back-there is no warranty-only a short 60 day return policy. It dies after the 60 days for everyone.

    • I purchased my 2 hoses March 2013. They work fine, except the water pressure is not to good. Now starting Jan. 2014, the fabric is tearing & water squirts out of it. So far super glue works to seal the problem but new tears keep appearing. I’m going back to the old heavy rubber hose.

  69. Like everyone stated previously…the hose is a joke. Mine lasted about 4 uses and then burst. I called and the warranty is 60 days. I would not have another one even if it had brass fittings.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Bought mine at a store–lasted just beyond warranty period. They all are truly pieces of junk. Carry your ten pound hose (a good rubber one) that will last.

  70. Do NOT buy this piece of garbage. BOTH of mine have sprung leaks, and when I called to complain, I was asked to take a survey about the company, but instead of being given survey questions, they tried to get me to sign up for a marketing list with a bogus Wal-Mart gift card.

    Bad product, no warranty, and shifting call center.

  71. I bought two 75′ hoses from Flexablehose.com about six months ago. When I ordered them I added the extra cost rough terrain exterior feature even thought they would only be used occasionally. Our front and back yards have timed in-ground sprinklers and drip systems. I noticed that the one in the front yard that I use occasionally to wash the cars had begun to fray it’s “rough terrain” exterior. I had never used the one in the back yard and it had just hung on the faucet back there. I was cleaning up the dog’s yard and grabbed the back yard hose to use it for the first time. The thing began pouring water from the tap end through the green outer hose. On inspection, the expanding inner hose had separated from the faucet connecting flange. I tossed the hose. I just used the front 75′ one today and tried to take it into the back yard. I reached the end of the hose about 50′ into the yard. This isn’t a 75′ hose. I complained to the Flexablehose customer service today and they told me that, if I hadn’t trashed the one that was separated, they would have replaced it. Sure they would. Otherwise, they were very sorry I wasn’t satisfied with their product. Somebody aught to do something about these bandits!

  72. $150.77 and $107.86 for me and my dad mine had extra strength stuff added to it. within 2wks all of mine but 1 was busted…. I dont know what I was thinking but I was furious and before I knew it I was agreeing to PAY $127.82 to replace mine…. he was really good at finagling! and boy did he get to me! well within 1 week (some the very day) these were all busted including the last one from the first batch and some from dads. I boxed and sent them all back, of course, paying the shipping as in the past (the first guy the finagled me so bad, part of how he worked was to tell me NOT to send the product back, saving the shipping) now dads others are busted but now I have 2 shipping’s and NO working hoses and almost $400 in product gone and need to ship another load back. … so product with shipping and no product I am out close to $500. Now, I am a dog rescuer, I have NO money. These hoses were light weight and easy for my young volunteers to use and store. I also had to go invest money in heavy hoses. Its been over a month since I sent the last batch of hoses. I am so tired of getting taken. I want the TV crew that goes to the bad people and faces them and forces them to admit to things on air. These people owe me money. some popped right at the black end, some popped in half, some had holes developed suddenly, save yourself! save face! save your money! don’t buy!

  73. Flexible hoses are great while they last but they only last a few months before they rupture and are useless. Out of a total of 4 hoses, all have ruptured in less than 3 month of light use. The company only warrentys for 60 days and will not replace the ruptured ones even though they advertise that “this is the last hose you will ever need.”

  74. I bought 5 or 6 of the hoses. Each and every one of then leaked from the get go and they were given to different people so it was just not me. Nothing else to say, they don’t work.

  75. The hose split after using it one week. I got a free shower though. I boxed up the hose and mailed it back. Never heard a word. I would have liked my money back or at least a new hose, but after reading the reviews, I would have just wanted the money back. Rip off!!!!

  76. I bought this hose and within 2 months it split. I had the second one of the 2 for the price of one and I used that one – for another 2 months. The coupler to the spigot split on this one. I would NOT recommend this product to any one. It is a $60 rip off. Stay with the conventional hoses.

    • I purchased this hose. It was wonderful for all of three weeks, then it just exploded. I realized there was no telephone number to register a complaint. I feel they owe me a new Hose. 🙂

  77. I bought a green flexible hose for $19. It only lasted a few usage then it burst. The inner plastic lining made from cheap rubber like plastic couldn’t with stand the water pressure. It also leaks at the cheap plastic ends. Don’t buy this product, ain’t worth.

  78. ANY flex hose — even the more expensive ones — are absolute junk. I’ve tried 8 of them — 6 of the $19.95 ones and 2 of the $69 ones — and they have ALL exploded. We thought it had something to do with dragging the hose over the edge of our brick walkway, which can be sharp, but that was determined not to be the cause when we were careful to maneuver the heavier duty hose with the brass fittings ($69) away from the brick and it STILL exploded. We have lost a minimum of $200 on these things. Great concept — extremely poor execution. Back to the drawing board, y’all!!

  79. My son purchased 2 25 foot hoses, he recommended it to me, I purchased 1 25 foot and 1 50 foot hose. The following week after 1 month my son’s hose ruptured at the connection to the valve. I thought it was a fluke but mine ruptured at the 30 day mark as well and my water pressure is 60 PSI. Even at 19 dollars these are not worth the price. I am surprised that the states have not restricted the sale of these hoses.

  80. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THE FLEX-ABLE HOSE! THEY’RE JUNK. RUN!!! I have a back disorder which causes acute and chronic pain, so I purchased three flex-able hoses due to the light weight. I followed the instructions to the tee and filled them very slowly each time. One exploded on the first use and the other two ruptured within approximately 5 uses. $75 later, I have no hose because the limited warranty expired. Needless to say, I’m off to Walmart to pay $20 for a heavy one that will last for years.

  81. I bought two of the green expandable hoses. One broke the very first time I hooked it up and turned it on. I returned it and got another one. Those two didn’t last a month. If you don’t go back to the faucet and shut them off, the water pressure builds up and the inner part explodes. JUNK !! The only good thing about them is that they are lightweight and they don’t kink up, but they’re not worth the money when they only lasted about a month.

    • I bought my hoses at Walmart, so I was able to get refunds. The woman at the customer service in Walmart told me that they had gotten a lot of complaints about them. BUT, they are still selling them! One day when I was in the check out line at Walmart, the woman behind me had one in her cart. I told her how lousy they are and advised her not to buy it, but she looked at me like I was crazy. By now, she probably wishes she had listened to me. I bought the green hoses. Just wondering if the other colored ones are any better.

  82. Is there a class action lawsuit against them their hoses exploded tried calling and got nowhere since they seem to be based in a third world country where the workers claim they do understand what I was saying

  83. WASTE OF $$$$. USED ONCE & it has no pressure in putting out the water. I know it isn’t our water pressure because we us our rubber hose with more water pressure . They are not worth the S& H & then you have to pay again to send it home to where they come from.
    Don’t waste your time or Your hard earned $$$. These are worthless.

  84. How could you ever have sold this product without doing quality and safety checks? I could have been blinded when the hose separated from the spray nozzle and then flip wildly around and hit me in the eye. I first thought I was at fault and did not connect the hose and spray nozzle correctly. I checked again to insure the washer was in place and that it was screwed on correctly. The same thing happened three more times ( except I was careful not to get hit again).

    Who should I contact if there is any damage to my eye? My doctor said he will need to check me again after the swelling goes down. I now have to go around with a black eye which is very embarrassing.

  85. I was very happy to receive my 100′ flexable hose in mid June. Today it popped right in the middle. I called Flexablehose and they said the guarantee is only good for 60 days and therefore tuff. Well it lasted twice as long as they said so I guess I should be happy!

  86. At beginning I bought 3 of your flexhose ; 2 ea, 25 and 1 ea, 50 foot; they have all three busted within 3 months. I say they work the way you say but they are not worth $19/ I thought they were a life savior for Senior citizens but mine did not last long. Are you making them with a different material now.

    Mrs. Joyce Buckalew
    251 239 8067

  87. This hose doesn’t last long, you are lucky if you get 3 months out of it. My hoses which took forever to get here, lasted only 7 weeks. I called the 800 number and was told that I had to purchase new ones. Are they kidding? The warranty is only good for 30 days and the product is made in China. That says it all. We are screwed if it breaks after 30 days. They don’t care because they know it’s an inferior product, just like most items sold on TV.

  88. Over the summer I bought two ( didn’t get one free) and absolutely love it. It is an incredible product. But today I went out to water and both hoses have holes I tried using electrical tape but it was just as bad. Very disappointed. I have recommended your product to all my friends and family hope it doesn’t happen to them

  89. Flex hose does not hold up. It will burst a hole in the tubing. Its a great concept and wish it did work, and it did for a short while. Now it is useless and company will not stand behind the product because I purchased it at walmart at double the price. No nice Flex Hose. Warning to all customers this product is cheap and will not hold up for long term use. Mine was only 3 months old.

  90. I purchased two hoses 7/15/13. I have the charge for $45.42. They never sent my order. I can’t get through the customer service number. There is no email on the website.

    This is what I get when I go to the customer service link and put in my information: We’re sorry!! We were unable to locate your order. Please review the search criteria and reenter your information exactly as you did when you placed your order.

  91. I bought two 50′ flexible hoses in March of this year. One was a present for my dad. His came lose from the plastic end piece and might got a hole and blew up. I wish I had read these reviews before I purchased these for 65 dollars by the time they added shipping and handling and taxes. When I called the company, only 60 days refund and its been longer than that. This product stinks and I would not recommend to anyone.

  92. I ordered the flexible hose as seen on TV to assist in Autumn overseeding of the lawn. By time my hose arrived in December, it was Winter, and the outside water was turned off and blown dry, and needless to say, overseeding was long over. I didn’t get to use the hoses till overseeding the following autumn, and on the second use, the hose detached from the ending. I called the company, and they said the warranty had expired and the company did nothing about my broken hose.

  93. Bought this about three months ago. My daughter used it today and it exploded all over her. Even the plastic stuff inside that was “unbreakable” split. $10 was not a good deal. A cent would be worth it. DO NOT BUY!!!

  94. What a piece of junk! Bought two hoses, first one broke on the first use, and the second one broke two months later! I wish I would have read these reviews before wasting my money!

  95. Inferior product! Bought two 25′ hoses and they both split within days of using them. What a waste of product. Do not buy…will not recommend this product!

  96. Go buy a good quality hose instead of this toy Flexible hose. My first flex hose burst at the male connection in less than 2 weeks (It takes me 15 minutes to water my plants). The second lasted 5 days longer then it burst on the opposite end. The replacement hose (yes they sent me another) lasted a whole month then it burst at the male connection.

    The flexible hose is as described on TV and is quite easy to use. However, I did not request another replacement hose when the third one failed – what’s the point -would only last a week or so.

    • Piece of junk! My hose detached from the inside the 4th time I used it! Save your money! My friend’s hose burst through the material the 2nd time she used it. JUNK JUNK JUNK.

  97. The idea is great and it does all it’s supposed to until it springs a leak and then finally burst in a shower of water. This all takes place within two weeks. We thought the first might be defective and tried another- the same thing happened. We have a very small yard- only have to stretch it out about 30 feet and we had a 50 footer. These are one of the biggest waste of money out there. Stay away- it is guaranteed to break on you.

  98. We were given the Flexable hose as a gift and it lasted about 4 months. I was using it this afternoon and it burst about 1 ft from the point of connection to the house. I believe the problem lies in the material which makes up the sleeve. I appears that direct sunlight may cause deterioration of the sleeve material which tears and allow the inner tube to expand to the point of rupture. This is my best guess.

  99. Ordered 2 of the 75 ft hoses in January and was pleased with their performance. Less than a year later both have leaks in the center of the hose. Called customer service and was informed they are guaranteed for 60 days only. The hoses were used maybe once a week and were properly maintained. It looks like the product is not as good as advertised and the company is not willing to stand behind its product. A lesson well learned.

    • I bought 2 of these for my daughters boyfriend last Christmas. She called me today and said that both have just fallen apart. What a piece of junk they are!! And I see on their website that they are only guaranteed for 60 days. And of course they will not stand behind their product and replace them. Yes, a lesson well learned.

  100. We have been waiting for a return label for 2 months. The last time I called I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was put on hold and told the supervisor was still busy and they would send another return label. Still no label and now the phone is disconnected and the web sites won’t pull. up. We made a dumb mistake but believe me it won’t happen again.

  101. I bought one of these hoses due to having fibromyalgia so I would not have to pull on a regular water hose, used it once, put it up neatly, and when I went back to use it a second time it was already split. please do not buy this product, it will be a waste of money and time.

  102. So many bad reviews about the hose bursting…I never got that far, mine leaks so badly at both ends no water goes through it! Even tried to buy new connectors but the leak is at the fabric so nothing will help.

    They need to remove this product and fix the problems before selling any more.

  103. The green hose is useless. I got for of them and three of the four blew up within a couple of weeks – and this was with the “Rough Terrain Upgrade”. I returned hem and got a refund – less the $19.95 for the “Rough Terrain Upgrade” and less the $40.00 shipping. Stay away!!!

    Then I ordered he XHose Pro. You know, the one that says it’s the original with brass fittings. Supposed to last a lifetime. That one lasted all the way to its second use before it blew up. (btw – I didn’t get to use it a second time as it blew up immediately after expanding). Thank goodness for the 90-day no questions return, but it’s still going to cost me shipping. My recommendation – stay with your heavy hoses, unless you can afford to buy one a week of any flexible hose.

  104. Whew!!! So glad I read these reviews tonight. I am an 80 y/o woman who loves gardening, but am too weak to drag heavy hoses around. Saw the ad on TV, by the guy who claims to be the inventor of this product, claiming that his are much higher quality than the imitators. I live on Social Security, and although I’m disappointed that these hoses got such horrible reviews, I’m so relieved that I didn’t spend my $$ on them. I was going to order two 50′ hoses that seemed like the perfect solution to my physical problems. These reviews really saved me money and unneeded aggravation. I’m disappointed that my dream hose has tuned into a nightmare for so many, so there’s not way I’ll waste my limited money on any of these. I do hate the way the conventional hoses seem to become discolored and are so hard to me to wind them up, but appreciative of being saved the $$$ and heartache of buying one of these hoses……

    • Collage707, you took the words right out of my mouth. Thank you EVERYONE for taking time out of your day to help others. Bravo! I get to save my money because you cared. Thanks again!

  105. Flex hose engineers; I had 4, mind you {four}, of your so-called flex hose, and I’ve never had a hose that was a lack of durability, in 5 {Five} month’s I had your hoses {Pop} like a balloon, and got me all wet, when it pop!

    I’m not a engineer, but the enter expanding hose, and the outer sheet need’s to be re-enforced, so it doesn’t weaken, and burst like a balloon!! END OF STORY!!

    Sincerely, unhappy customer !!
    A. Kayo

    • P.S. My use of your flex hose’s were normal, and not abused!!

      Your idea of this hose is great, but still need’s testing!! The hose’s I had all {Burst} like a balloon in different area’s on the hose, so the hose isn’t prefect for public sale!! Test some are advised!!

      A. Kayo

    • Same experience. Popped hose. Sent them back and got screwed for $27 shipping and processing charge. This company stinks. Cost me money and now I have nothing!

      They should be shut down.

  106. After contacting their customer svc. phone to confirm my order was accepted, I was shipped 2 sets before I received their e-mail confirmations ! One of the web sites noted the 25′ was “Contracted” Obviously it was not. (My fault I suppose) I echo the “S&H” charges. But all TV companies use the same practice “Caveat Emptor” !

  107. Try and get into the habit of reading reviews and product feedback before buying stuff off the Internet as well as from stores too. Could save a lot of frustration, heartache and $$$ too.

  108. Who’s up for a class action lawsuit against this Phony ripoff company? Any attorneys out there that purchased any of these shit hoses? Their making a fortune off of a whole lot of people and another fortune off of over inflated shipping charges.

  109. I’ll add my comment to the rest. These hoses are crap. I’ve gone thru 3-50 footers. All burst after a couple of uses. If you want to try one don’t buy it off of TV commercials having to pay twice the shipping costs as what it really cost to ship. Their making a fortune off of the people that don’t bother returning them. Buy it from Walmart so when it bursts, (not if it bursts), you can return it with ease.

  110. This is one of the worst purchases ever. Total rip off. Does not coil back up as shown on TV and after about 6 uses it pops and is totally useless. Big scam. They are laughing while counting their money.

  111. I bought a 75 foot hose in April. Only used it a few times. The hose blew out below the nozzle end. There is not any way to contact flex-able hose on their website except by phone. I assume that will be a waste of time. DON’T BUY.

  112. I have purchased 4 hose’s and all 4 have sprung a leak. The first one developed a pin hole right above the nozzle. I tried to replace it with a repair kit I purchased. But it did not work. The other three developed holes and leaked like a sieve. I tried to repair the holes but could not. A total rip off, cheap plastic nozzles and even cheaper hoses.

  113. This hose is a piece of crap. I purchased one and after using it about five times it popped a hole right in the middle of the 50 foot length. I thought that was just an annomoly but when i purchased another the same thing happened. Probably a made in China item otherwise they couldn’t sell it so cheap. DO NOT BUY THIS.

  114. CAUTION : hose was good right up to the end of the warranty (according to customer service warranty had ended) hose split along half the length of the hose which makes it useless. Customer Service attitude was “Tough”. Very expensive when you consider it’s only good for a very short time. Warranty not explained in product information. Suggestion: go to the store and buy a real hose that has lifetime warranty !!!!!

  115. This was the best thing that ever happened to outdoor gardening, I told everyone I knew how great these were. Two weeks later I was telling everyone, I knew how sorry I was. I hoped no one had purchased one. It popped. This is the worst best invention I ever bought.

    • Customer service stinks. Tried to talk to them when my order was messed up. No one spoke understable English. Raved to everyone how great the hose was and before the summer was over, hose sprung leaks. It was not overused. Save your money. I agree, a class action suit would be appropriate.

  116. I bought the 30 ft and 75 ft hoses and they both split at the connection to the sprayer. They were both replaced and both split again. I was told when I called to tell the Flex-ible Hose people about the latest burst that my warranty time had expired, but they would send me one hose if I paid the shipping and handling (about $5.000. I told them to keep their defective hose and I would write a review. This probably won’t do anything, but it sure makes me feel better!

    It is truly a major Rip-Off………!

  117. I purchased 2 hoses – 1 burst right away the other lasted a couple of weeks. I loved the idea of it being very light weight and curls up nicely for storage – but that the only good thing about it. These hoses are not durable at all!!! I’m not even going to try and get a refund from the company after reading all the reviews/complaints – I’ll just cut my losses and never buy another one!

    • Joanna, Re: Flex Hose. Not returning the crappy products they peddle on TV infomercials is exactly how they make a fortune, plus charging double the cost of shipping for extra profit. Most of the stuff they push on TV eventually winds up at Walmart. I always wait for that so I can return it with no problem and no over inflated shipping charges.

  118. My husband purchased two flexable hoses for me for Christmas. We didn’t start using them until May, so they were already out of warranty. Terrible product. They both split on the inside within 45 days of mild use. The company will not stand behind this awful product.

  119. Bought two 75′ hoses. Within two or three uses, one BURST soaking my clothes and shoes before I could turn it off. Hundreds of complaints online from scambook.com to amazon.com show the same complaint. Company accepts returns, but KEEPS the shipping/handling fees. Disreputable.

  120. This product is a piece of garbage! I was stupid enough to order the “rough terrain upgrade”, which is absolutely worthless! Not to mention the spray nozzle attachment sent with the hose, leaks like a sieve! I’ve used one of the hoses MAYBE half a dozen times. The last time I used it, the nozzle end shot off the end of the hose WHILE I was using it! When I called customer service to request a replacement, I was told my 60 day warranty period had passed and they would do nothing! Even though it is clear the product is extremely defective! I could have went to Walmart, bought a hose the same length for half the price and it would have at least lasted the season!

    I would not recommend this product at all. Might as well throw your money in the toilet.

  121. I bought the flex hose. This past Friday, it sprung a leak. I taped it up and continued to use it. Today, it developed a split. I plan to take it back tomorrow to where I bought. I do not plan to buy another one. Supposedly, you can run over it with a car, and it won’t burst. Yeah, right.

  122. Took 2 months to receive 2 75′ hoses. Both burst at the end within 90 days. Called customer service, and was told warrantee expired, but made an offer for us to buy the “upgraded” hose. What a rip off!

  123. This is the worst product I have ever bought. Used it about 6 times and they broke. I bought four of these hoses. Two 25 foot hoses and two 75 foot hoses. All of them broke within ten uses. The two 25 foot hoses snapped off at the end ( 4 times each) and it takes about an hour to repair and reconnect. Both 75 foot hoses split inside the outer covering and had to be thrown away. Paid $135.00 for them and did not get ay relief/refund from the company. You are a fool if you buy this product!!!

  124. This company is a SCAM! I cancelled my order less than an hour after I placed it and they told me it was too soon to cancel! It wasn’t in the system. Then when I called first thing the following day, they said it already shipped!! They charged me 39.96 for shipping for an item I never wanted!! While I got the refund for the hose, I still haven’t been refunded the shipping!! What a SCAM! I am reporting you to the better business bureau!!!

  125. Got four 100 footers, two for each home. They are even better than we hoped. They are so light and easy to handle we can’t believe it. We used to dread trying to deal with our heavy hoses and reels. Now we don’t need reels. Have had no problems. We bought the heavier duty model just to be on the safe side. I am telling all my friends about them.

    • You will be embarrassed to encourage others. Every person in my neighborhood that bought on my recommendation had the hose burst…mine burst last week, just barely after a 3 month usage of using it extremely carefully and following all their instructions. Good luck!

      • Rhonda is right. Fabulous concept, very short durability. It’s possible you got a better than average one, but that just means it will last a little longer than the warranty.

  126. This hose keeps breaking about every 3 months & they won’t replace it after 60 days. I went through 2 hoses about every 60 days so they won’t even replace them now. Thats why they want you to buy 2!!

    • I wish we would each go to our local new stations and make it known that this company is literally stealing. Out of 4 neighbors I convinced to buy, all of the hoses broke…mine broke last week and again, they won’t replace their product. I’m going to my local news station to try and get them to run a newsfeed on them. I wondered why Lowes didn’t carry them…Lowes stands behind their products they sell. Obviously they knew these people are thieves

  127. This hose is nothing but garbage, second one didnt even last 1 mins, just exploded with water gushing out of all kind of holes

    • Please report this company to your local news station. It is unbelievable the amount of people being ripped off. If we can help by getting the information on the news stations maybe we can shut them down.

  128. I purchased 75′ of flexable hose in Dec 2012 and didn’t receive this till Feb 2013,it is now Aug 2013 and the hose sprung a leak. I live on the West Coast so no severe weather and it was kept in a hose caddy all the time. This is a rip off. I wasted $80 on this hose, will never buy one again and the company will not compensate or replace.

    I wanted a hose like this because I don’t have the strength to manage a regular hose, but do not buy this hose!!

    • I waited over 6 weeks to receive mine…recommended it to all my neighbors and they also bought. Every single one of us have had the hoses burst…even though we all did the water pressure procedures and drainage and every instruction given them. I would like to see or hear from someone that has had success with the hoses.

  129. My 4 hoses exploded violently within 4 days of use… The projectile end nearly killed my cat who will no longer go out on the deck. THIS HOSE IS FRAUD. At best it is a disposable product for a boat to use 3-4 times in an emergency.

  130. I purchased 2 hoses. Loved the concept also. One broke after about a month. Burst from the middle. The other is still working. When I spoke to a customer service person for a replacement I was told I would receive an e-mail for the shipping label for me to return the hose at no charge to me. Well, needless to say I’m still waiting for the contact. Oh well, I guess I chalk this one up to “sucker”. Too bad, I wish the product was sturdier. I do like the light weight handling.

  131. The Flex-Able hose by Tristar is garbage. Bought and used it one time for less than 15 minutes and it blew up! And the warranty is useless.

    • Used hose one time kept count on fingers of one hand still got three fingers and a thumb left Thank goodness fire hoses are not made this way the whole country would be ashes by now these hoses are a scam and con company should lose license forever..

      • Please be a voice and contact your local news station to run a report they need shut down. it takes time to take a stand…maybe this is the reason our country is in such a shape. Please contact the BBB and your local news media. These people must be stopped.

  132. I bought one hose from eBay. It sprayed water at the tap connection as soon as I tried to use it. I contacted seller and he shipped me another one at no charge. It worked awesome and I was in love, until I took the shut off coupling off and accidentally unscrewed the piece just under the hose connection. Since then it has leaked like crazy, tried Teflon tape, bought special fusing silicone tape…nothing works. It seems to be impossible to try and fit the outer webbing up over the connection.

    Anyway, thought maybe I should go for the “brand name” one. After reading all these reviews, I think I will save my money and wait for better quality.

    These hoses are an awesome idea, just need to be made better.

  133. The Flex-Hose offered on TV as well as the POCKET HOSE sold in all the major retailers is a Rip-Off. The TV offer indicated the hose has an inner lining but that is not true unless you get the upgraded hose. Went to the returns dept of Home Depot, Lowes and Bed BAth and Beyomnd and each had 10 to 15 returns per day. Most of the complaints were for split hoses.

    • Please contact your news media to run a segment on them. STOP these people who are ripping thousands and thousands of people off!

  134. Love the concept and how the hose worked for thirty days and then started leaking..From the reviews I have read it is an inferior rip off product.

  135. Bought two flexible hoses. The plastic parts (open and close valve) broke within a week of use. Now the hose has actually broken open and is trash.

  136. They are very nice in concept, but extremely unreliable, Two of my 4 hoses burst within 2 weeks of use. I am now waiting for the other two to burst.

    Stronger material needs to be used. If they will hold together, they will be very popular. They are lightweight and easy to maneuver.

  137. Not only did it take 6 month’s to finally get both of my 100 ft Flex hoses, but they both blew out within the first month of having them. I followed their instructions to the tee and drained them fully and stored them inside my house….The Flex hose is total crap and a huge waste of money, and I don’t expect to receive a refund, for I don’t want to waste more money shipping it back to them….

  138. I bought 4 of these hoses. First one broke within a week. The company replaced it. After the two month warranty, two more broke and the company would not replace them. I liked the hose but its not worth the money. Will not every recommend this hose to anybody.

  139. I purchased from the website, took two months and they were all broken witin 30 days. Complete ripoff. Need to file a class action lawsuit and put these guys out of business.

  140. I purchased around 8 of these before Christmas and spent over $275. I started using them last month. Two that I opened and started using pulled apart at the seams and burst. I called the manufacturer, and they said they only had a 60-day warranty.

    Do NOT purchase these hoses. A total waste of money!

  141. I purchased 6 of your hoses, 3 for me & 3 for gifts. With very light use, my 92 year old mother’s just sprung a leak & quit transporting water. I bought her another one–same thing happened. The one I bought for my daughter, same thing and same, hand water the plants light use. The other 3 I purchased for myself & got rid of all my heavy hoses. One just sprung a leak while I was filling the pool with water and I have 2 of the 6 still working. Unfortunately I did not save receipts–but I am telling my story and telling all to save their receipts!

    I loved this product–and hope they can reconfigure and find a way of reinforcing the inside and making it a great invention.


  142. I used this product for about 2 weeks, maybe 3 times a week, before it developed a major leak at the connection with the water outlet. Poor construction of connector.

    Back to old reliable hose.

  143. Problem worked great for first month, then multiple holes started showing up. Sprayed like a watering soaking hose. NOTE another hose purchased at a different time is still operating OK.

    I CAN NOT GET A PHONE NUMBER TO CONTACT for Warranty Coverage. Hose is neat but 50% failure rate with no possible resolution is NOT GOOD.

    • this product is A COMPLETE Joke. As for a phone number to contact for a Warranty , that’s NOT gonna happen because there is none. After reading ALL these reviews I sure wish I would have done it BEFORE purchasing mine.

  144. I tried to order the flexable hose and after waiting 2 months I was told that it could not be shipped to my address. I live in a normal Canadian city with a normal mailing address and they could not tell me why they can’t mail it to me. I give up!!!

      • I purchased the twin pack two months ago at WalMart; one is still working, the other had two small leaks about 7 and 9 feet from the end and the nozzle turned all the way around. I used it anyway and then last week while I was watering with it, it just exploded. Was going to send it back to the company, but guess what? No street address on the box. Sent an email to the website on the box, but guess what? Undeliverable. Took it back to WalMart, they couldn’t do anything because I only bought the one back. RIP OFF!!!

    • I’ve had 2 hoses burst. One 50 ft sprung a leak & then burst after a few usages. I purchase 2 25ft to replace it & yesterday the other 50 ft one burst while my adult daughter was holding it almost bursting her ear drum. It was that loud. Thank goodness neither of my grandsons were playing with it. I now have just two 25 ft ones left & I won’t be buying any more.

  145. I bought the 2 for 1-75′ hose, had the end come off one, had 2 malfunctioning nozzles and had another hose develop a leak mid hose. Argued with customer service many times as the original purchase was in the middle of winter & didn’t use it till June due to a wet late spring. Have since had hoses replaced but don’t expect much for life expectency. Keep the hose off hard surfaces as outer shell wears out easily.

  146. Really like the function of the hose but quality is bad…really bad. The first one I purchased developed a leak a couple of days of light use. Returned it to the store and got another.

    This one had a leak from the plastic end, a crack I failed to see at first. Hooked it up, turned on the water and got an unexpected shower. Thats it for me, back to the old fashioned hose for me. A real piece of junk as far as I am concerned.

  147. This hose is unbelievably easy to use and put away. Unfortunately for me they apparently are not very durable. Mine exploded after about 7 or 8 uses. The hose inside the fabric just broke in half. Light and Easy to use but really is just a cheap piece of junk.

  148. I waited four months to get my Flex hoses. (2- 100 feet long). First one exploded after a few weeks; the other one is still working.

    The idea is great but it doesn’t work. Wouldn’t buy again and feel like I wasted a lot of money, since I bought the sprayer and on-off valve for both.

    Boo! Don’t think I’ll bother sending it back. Cutting my losses and moving on.

  149. DON’T buy this product. I did and one of them blew a hole in it after very little use & of course it ONLY has a 60 day limited warranty. I called in and they would not do anything except sell me another one!!

  150. I purchased 2 x 25′ hoses in April, first time use one hose ruptured at nozzle and with sufficient force to place a mark on my face, lucky it did not hit my eye. I sent the hose back and was sent two additional hose, used the return hoses and both eventually broke under normal use. Called and am receiving a return shipping address to send 2 hoses back.

    Looked at comments (426) and the majority were not favorable. There are some real quality control and manufacturing issues with this product and to the point that the company may have some future damages and litigation from the force of water and the pressure when it does break.

    The company has been good about returning the hoses but I would rather pay more for a quality product and not have to go through all the calls and return shipping orders and continue to have only one hose that works.

    Certainly would not recommend allowing children to use the hose.

  151. We purchased to 25ft. Hose; both blew out this week after only a few times using it. We still have one 75 ft. Hose intact, but I have only used it once. This company seems to be ripping off the public by selling a very defective product and most likely making millions….and these hose could also be dangerous as the hose EXPLODES when simply holding it to water plants. Anyone report them to the Better Business Bureau? I will fie a complaint.

  152. I purchased two 75 ft. flexible hoses about 3 months ago. They have BOTH blown holes in them. I took very good care and followed all instructions. IT IS A SCAM AND NOT WORTH A DAMN!!!

  153. I read many of the reviews and have to agree about the hole at the connector. I found there are several types of male end of these hoses. The one with the shut off handle is the one that splits and leaks and even on the first use of hose. I took mine back to store and found same hose without shut off handle and these do not seem to have that problem. So far so good the hose that has not shut off end. I will put in a new review if I spoke to soon.

    • I agree, I purchased 4x 50″ at Home Depot and all leaked at the connection. I order 2x 100″ hoses from Flexable hose website. 1 Hose had 2 female connections. The other hose just leaked. Very disappointed. Feel like the use cheap connections to attached to the hose. Idea was great, hopefully someone will make better improvements to the idea.

  154. We bought 2 to start with. One got a hole in it about 3 weeks later. No biggy. Stuff happens. Bought another to replace the one that was bad. That next day the second one started leaking a lot at the connector and hose. # days later the newest one started leaking at 2 spots. I was SOOO careful with the last two hoses. Carried them not letting them touch the ground or anything else. The last hose started leaking the 3rd or 4th time we used it!!!! We only use them to water out flower bed and pots. an area about 10 x 24!!! Very disappointed and won’t buy any more!!!

  155. I bought two Flex Hoses. One of them was fine the other never allowed water to come out. I call the company and they said I needed to mail the faulty one back and pay for the shipping myself! BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE…WILL NOT PURCHASE ONE AGAIN.

  156. Absolutely loved the hose. Coiled it up and hung it on a J hook and moved my big reel from the garage to the back yard. BUT WAIT!!! It served me well for over a month…maybe two. It then exploded. It’s a great idea, but unfortunately, the quality is not there. Tomorrow I will haul my big hose reel back to the garage and consider the flexible hose a lost cause. Hopefully someone will come up with a flexible hose that holds up. Based on all of these reviews, that time has not yet come.

  157. Bought two hoses, one burst the other one the spicket attachment tore off. Trying to find customer service no. Piece of CRAP.

  158. I liked the compactness of the hose but the joints that allow one to hook the hose to the home are made of plastic. Within a week these plastic pieces had cracked and leaked. For this reason I would not purchase this hose again.

  159. We had purchased a Flexable hose from TV commercial, buy one, get on free. Bought it in Feb. and started using it a little over 60 days ago. One of the hoses sprung a leak last night, so I called customer care…. They would not give a new one due to the 50 day warranty. Who knows when the other hose will go bad. Same thing happened to one we purchased from Bed Bath and beyond. Only this one blew up, sounded like a large fire cracker. The inner lining is what blew up, outer cloth kept rubber in.

    Neither hoses where subject to sun or abrasive abuse. Nor were they run over by vehicles. For all the ease of use, I could not afford to keep buying this style of hose…. Might as well put in a watering system, for in the long run it would be cheaper.

  160. Both of the flexable hoses I bought, the rough terrain) became defective.. One bursted yesterday right behind me while hosing my bushes.

    The first one I bought bursted also down the side.. both rough terrain both defective.. Then I had to fight to get them replaced (which I really don’t want) but it’s too late for a refund and they were just over the warranty.

    DO NOT BUY.. It a hassle and waste of time and money… I’m now trying X Hose pro which is suppose to be better and more enhanced…the look-a-likes are despicable..

  161. Same story, I bought the 2 hoses. one spray nozzle broke the first week. 2 months later, one get any pressure on it and it spits in the middle. So POOR quality product. DO NOT BUY THIS HOSE.

  162. My mother in law bought me these hoses. It took over 2 months to receive them. I was extremely happy how they worked and actually enjoyed watering…..until it exploded in my face and scared me and my dog half to death. I brought out the other hose to use thinking that it was just a freak happening and the other one exploded too. I only had the hoses for 2 months when this happened.

  163. I purchased two 75 foot and one 50 foot flexable hose via phone order. The first hose began leaking in three spots after 6 days of use. The second lasted about 10 days and sprung at least four leaks. I’m trying to decide if I even want to use the third hose; I might as well try it – maybe I’ll get a few days of use from it.

    Either I was very unlucky or this is a really cheap-O-product.

  164. I purchased this product earlier this year, then saved it as a gift for Mother’s Day. The first hose exploded within 2 weeks of initial use. The second one leaked immediately when used the first time. Since I had bought in advance of giving this gift, I was out of luck on a refund. Avoid this product at all costs!!!

  165. I purchased 2 of these and my mom purchased 1, all three exploded after only a couple of uses. The company will refund your purchase price but not the shipping. I paid $50.00 in shipping( $25 to receive and $25.00 to return). They have now dropped the price to $19.95. It will still cost you more than the price of the hose to find out that it is junk.

  166. Bought two 75′ hoses 4 mo ago, one came apart at the female connection, I fixed it, which I should not have to do, But after trying to send it back for a replacement, (which was with-in the 60 warranty) I found it would cost me $27- to ups it back. Two weeks later the Hose Broke in the middle, so Now I am left with One piece of Crap Hose, and At $89. for two units This is Nothing but a RIP OFF. DON’T BUY this hose. save your Money and Go to Home depot, as they Will Stand behind the Warranty.

  167. I bought one of the flex hoses approximately 3 weeks ago and thought it was great. I changed my mind on it when I was watering my plants outside last night. I layed the hose down so I could move some planted pots. I was about to reach down and pick up the hose and I heard this loud pop. Wouldn’t you know it the side of the hose blew out spraying water everywhere. So much for everything that is advertised.

    • Yes had the same thing happen, you could not pay me to buy them again, was so sad I loved it when it works.

  168. These hoses are a waste. We have had three of them burst at the connection within the last in two months. We sent one back and had it replaced and it broke within a couple of days. This product is not what the ads make it out to be. we will not purchase this item again until the company makes a lasting modification to eliminate this manufacturing defect.

  169. We went through three of them, I think the longest one lasted about a week. We gave one to my father in law as a Father’s Day gift and his exploded the second time he used it. So embarrassing! Fortunately we bought them at Lowes and were able to return two of them. I have reported this scam with the BBB. You can report using this link – cbbb.wufoo.com/forms/report-a-scam/

    Great idea, poorly executed! Please don’t waste your money!!

  170. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY. I bought two 50 foot flexible hoses at Home Depot. The second time I used one it developed a hole. I took it back and was refunded my money. The following week the second hose also developed a hole. I took this one back as well and received my money back also. I was told many customers are returning their flexible hoses due to leaks. This was the a total waste of my time trying this product. If you still insist on buying this cheap made hose then buy it at Home Depot where they will refund your money.

  171. I had the Flexable hose a couple of weeks….it split in half. Quality is terrible and I want my money back.

  172. It is working great for me but I will no longer use it. I read on here that you are not suppose to drink from the hose. I was using it to water the outside kittys. It does actually say in the warnings that the water could get contaminated. Gotta love a hose you are not suppose to drink from.

  173. I am disappointed in the Flex Hose. Used about a week then the end that connects to house spigot leaked. Not much use . Went back to the old one. Can I return?

  174. TOTAL SCAM! 6 + weeks after ordering I have no hoses. Lots of BS over the last month about backorders. Just canceled the order but I suspect it is not quite that easy!

  175. This product lasts about two weeks before it splits, took it back and got another one, which did the same thing in two weeks.

  176. I ordered 2 75 ft hoses. These things were great ……while they lasted. S light and easy to store. After about 2 weeks the hose broke apart where it joined to the nozzle that they provided. I called customer care and they said they would no replace because I ordered more than 60 days ago. Well, we have had a lot of rain and it wasn’t necessary to use it.

    Do not buy!

  177. I bought 2 of these 50 footers because they looked so awesome on TV. Used the first one for a couple of weeks before the hose tore open at the nozzle. Started using the second one and a couple days later it blew open and left a 3 foot rip in the hose. I loved the hose, it retracted as shown but not totally, easy to use and put away….but apparently another piece of Chinese junk. Very disappointed and won’t buy any more. Buyers beware!

  178. Bought a 50′ flexible hose and leaked from the start, even though it has washers in the connection end. Only lasted about a month then broke. Good hose, but poorly made.

  179. It is a piece of junk….however when I am skeptical I buy from local Home Depot etc. Mine broke in a week also was able to return to Home Depot no problem. As long as within 90 days they will refund money. I am trying out my second one but I did hold on to receipt and box…because I do not have a lot of faith in the product. Love the idea..they should invest in better materials and the would have a hit.

  180. I tried to send this JOKE of a hose back and there is no phone number and no address to send it to .It has a hole in it and no gasket in one end. They have a phone # to buy. Nothing came with it.

  181. In Asia we experienced how mainland China do business within their own people : cheat, corrupt, no-morale , brutal, careless about life safety. If you want to buy the goods for your money look for Made in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Singapore…….BUT NOT CHINA.

  182. Bought 2 at different times. One from PCH and other from Kroger. Used each one no more than 3 times and they developed leaks. One had split green outer covering with hole in small plastic tube and the other looks to have pin hole leaks. They both are ruined and I’m out over 40 bucks. This is not a well built product and no way to fix.

  183. Purchased two 75′ hoses. they lasted 7 days, got two more Flexible hoses, they lasted 5 days. Company refunded purchase price, did not refund shipping and handling. I contacted the Better Business Bureau. To my surprise I was refunded the shipping and handling. The hose is a terrific idea, the quality is horrible.

    Those who are reading these reviews and purchase any way, you will get what you deserve.

  184. Mine lasted 3 weeks and the plastic nozzle cracked and BLEW off! When I tried to affix a brass fixture the hose had become a multi-porous soaker hose and was totally useless.

  185. While using one of these hoses the hose “blew up”. I hadn’t released the pressure for a few minutes but it blew a hole in the hose (right next to where I was standing) Scared the beegeebees out of me!

  186. I’ve had the Flexable hose for a couple of months but with the large amount of rain in the Northeast I’ve only used the hose twice. I turned the faucet on tonight and the hose exploded sending the nozzle into my forehead. Not really hurt but stunned. Ruined a pair of my shoes before I could figure out what happened and turned the water off. I will be contacting this company. Don’t buy this product under any circumstance.

  187. So we got the buy 1 get 1 free ad as seen on TV. After one week, the 100′ green hose exploded at the nozzle end. We called the company for instructions on returning this hose, which I really liked at first. That was two weeks ago… and still haven’t heard from them. Guess I’ll just have to take a loss on this one.

    • Should be cited with false advertising. I bought 2 and both blew within 10 days of purchase and minimal usage.

  188. I should have read all of the Flexable Hose reviews before I bought the pocket hose. Not a single good review. I cannot believe they are still selling this foreign made crap. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!

  189. I was watering my plants this morning and POP!!!! This supposedly unbeatable hose burst. I have only used it for two weeks. Would not recommend.

  190. Purchased 2 – 50ft and 1 25ft. Can not return the 2-50f. ALL WERE ABSOLUTELY TRASH

    Used 1 to 3 time before hoses would rupture. Patched with rubber electrical tape. After several uses and 13 ruptures. I lost over $40.00.

  191. Order Flexable Hose from TV adv. Ordered 1 get 1 free 50 ft and 75 ft was ordered. 1st three hose I took out of box and tried; where the hose connects at the facet, the black plastic piece behind the screw on connecting piece LEAKED on all three hose, “I never took out the 4th hose. What an ordeal to dry them out and put back in the box. tomorrow I will have to take them to the UPS store and mail back. I can only hope I don’t have to pay to mail them back. I paid a total of $117.00 all inclusive, for 2 hose and 2 free hose, this included an UPGRADE hose and shipping. The TV ad was for $20.00 and a free hose, for 25 foot. The flow of the water thru the hose was not the same as thru a regular hose. I would not purchase another.

  192. I purchased 5 of these Flexable hoses in various sizes just one month ago as I had 5 different locations that they would serve well in.

    I have one left. Every single hose has exploded at one end or the other, the one in the green house exploded in the middle.

    One exploded just one day after I bought them, thought it was just a fluke.

    I do not understand how people can get away with selling such crap! And the people advertising this crap should be ashamed!!

    Guess they are all making their almighty dollar… and that ultimately is all that is important to them!!!

  193. I find the pocket hose to be a piece of crap. Everyone on my block had to throw them away. A total waste of my money. Purchased six of them and none of them held up, totally pissed off, lost money.

  194. Do not buy this hose. mine lasted one week and blew apart. the inside is surgical tubing in a cloth covering. no wonder they expand. it can’t take 45 lb water pressure even in a covering to hold it back. it’s already expanded and the walls are thin when you turn the water on…….useless…useless….useless. we should get a class action law suite and sue these people…..triple our money back.


  195. I purchased a total of 5 hoses. I think it is a good idea. However all 5 hoses soon as turned on the water all 5 hoses leaked immediately. I purchased all 5 hoses at Wal-Mart therefore I could buy and take them back. The other thing when I turned off the water the hose did not retraced. So when I see the commercials how the hose retracts to its original seize. No way. Also seeing a fireman in front of with his truck claiming a truck can drive over it, garbage. I called customer service he told me it must be bad batch (I immediately know that is their standard answer). I usually do not write reviews however this was so deceptive that had to write this review.

  196. I ordered a flex-able hose and received it on 3-26-13. My fault for not reviewing. 60 day warranty and now I know why. I had the hose under pressure and a sprayer on it for maybe an hour.. This was on June 12. the end of the hose blew off at the coupling.! Cheap piece of junk. when I called, of course I got someone from Pakistan who said yeah that was company policy. I guess he already knew he had another bad e-mail coming.

    I had also ordered an Xhose and when I had a problem with it they replaced it right away. I wanted to put a plug in for them! Make sure you get the right company not the green flex-able hose junk salesmen

  197. I thought I was the only one with “BAD LUCK”. I purchased my 2 hoses on April 24/13 for $59.93. I received the 2 about 4 weeks later. Thought that it was the greatest invention. I used the hose 4 times and it sprung a leak and also water started shooting from the black adapter attached to the water nozzle on the house. I called the company and they replaced the hose.They also provided me with a prepaid label. The second replacement hose arrived and broke after one use. It scared the heck out of me. I thought I was just shot. I heard a bang and a piece of the blue “balloon” inside the green hose hit my back. Called the company again and they said they would replace the hose but i had to send this one back. I opened up the second of the original hoses 3 days ago and today while watering my flowers, I felt the pressure stop and realized that the seam broke in the middle of the hose. I once again called and was provided a free mailing slip. The mailman just took it. I was going to order the “upgraded” model. Has anyone tried the BETTER hose yet???? I also contacted VISA to put my charge in dispute. I will be lugging the big heavy hoses again unless someone tells me that the upgraded hose is GREAT!

  198. 10 year warranty my foot, how can they advertise that when they have nowhere to report a claim? Gov’ts need to step in here…look at all the money these crooks have collected from us idiots. Yes, I bought one in May, loved it to start with, good concept, but yes again, china merchandise made cheap for other countries to get sucked in as usual. Mine leaks from all ends now.

    The only answer? STOP Buying ANYTHING MADE IN CHINA, or any other thing or letters they are using that represents CHINA, because they know we are catching on to their crap for cheap pay to workers.

  199. My hose has sprung a leak after only using about a month. Do I have any recourse.? I used gorilla glue and tape but it still seeps.

  200. I had my flex hose for two months during which time I used it sparingly, kept it in my garage and was careful not to stretch it or snag it. Today I attempted to use it and it sprung a leak. I attempted to reach customer service to see what recourse I had but there is no availability. Does anyone have an email address for customer service? The phone is just computer operated and set up for ordering only.

    With what I have experienced I would not recommend this product.

  201. Horrible. Leaked at both connections. First time using it, set it down on the ground to go and turn off the water and the open and close valve broke right off. Cheap plastic connectors. Don’t buy. There are better quality ones available for just a little more money.

  202. I just came in from trying to water the plants and while doing so I heard a rip. Turned to see the clear rubber part expanding outwards. By the time I got to the faucet to turn it off, the hose exploded. Piece of crap. Do not waste your money on this. Back to the old fashion hose.

  203. I purchased a flex hose at Wal Mart approximately 30 days ago. Yesterday when hosing of my walk it ruptured. So’ buyer beware.

  204. Purchased 4 hoses. 3 have sprung a leak after minimal use. Would not recommend this product to anyone.

  205. Garbage……hooked up the hose, turned on the water and the valve at the end of the hose (which is plastic) popped right off the hose. Don’t waste your money.

  206. Same story here. Loved the hose. Bought two 75’ers. After about 7 weeks and not a lot of usage, boom both exploded, doa.

    Here’s where it gets better. Contacted them, they were very supportive and ensured me they would send a (one time) mailing slip so I could return the hoses and then they would send me 2 more at their cost.

    After waiting 2 weeks for the mailing slip I called them again and they gave me an authorization number and said this time I had to pay for the returning. 1 day later the mailing slip arrives. The post office sent it out with no cost to me.

    Now the wait for the new ones to show up begins. It took 7 weeks with the first order. Very shaky and good luck getting anybody on the phone with clear English. Great concept, I fear just too good to be true.

    Black dawgs

  207. WARNING …!!!! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. After buying one about 4 weeks ago….. 5 to 8 holes burst at the same time…

  208. I purchased 2- 75 ft section of the hose the 14th of April 2013. Just opened them to June 3 , and tried to use one section. It had a leak and wouldn’t work. The other section does work . But wondering for how long. HOW can I get it replaced? Try finding a phone number But couldn’t find that.

  209. Well I bought the flex hose and I would say its completely garbage. On the commercials shows a steady stream but as soon as the pressure is built up the plastic connectors(spigot, head attachment) split. Yes the weight was awesome, didn’t kink just cheaply made had mine for a week or two before it completely crapped out on me.

  210. This product was an absolute failure. The first hose didn’t work because the coupling at the connection to the faucet was loose and the water came out there instead of the other end.

    The second hose was worse. The water dame out of the middle when I turned it on because something broke inside and the water came out of the cloth cover.
    I feel ripped off by this product and I think it should be investigated.

  211. A total waste of $19.95. It worked well for about a week and then leaked like a sieve. I would say purchase one if you can afford to buy one once a week.

  212. We bought one of these at our local Bed, Bath & Beyond (yes, the As-Seen-On-TV one, and while the hose itself was neat, the end plastic parts did not last. Our hose is already broke after about 2-3 weeks of use and has been dumped and the old standby is again being used. I wonder if there is a money-back guarantee on this?

  213. I bought two 50’sections and after two weeks use they would make good soakers. Leaks all along the seam. Where is the warranty??

  214. WOW. I keep reading the same thing from all these people. We had used our 1st hose about 3-4 times when it exploded. Husband had his back turned and thought he had been shot at. I usually read reviews b/4 being taken for over $95 but I sure missed on this one. just contacted my credit card to see if there’s anything I can do through them. Had the hoses for awhile before using them so 60 days is long gone. Just connected the 2nd one and will hold my breath everytime I use it. The other 2 short ones are still in the box.

    • I bought my hoses and didn’t even use them one week and one busted… RIP OFF!! is what I have to say. They would not replace anything back. Let this be a warning to you. Don’t buy!!

  215. I purchases a several of these hoses gave them to my kids I had mine for just one month and I only used it three times and it blew out where you hook it up to the hose bibb I think this product was never tested properly
    I will never buy another thing off the tv ever again

    • I bought a hose and as I was watering the plants I heard a loud pop like something has busted!!! I got the receipt out to call, they told me that there wasn’t any way they could replace them!! They were two 75 ft hose at $48. They should do what they say and they just won’t.

    • This is a joke they claim that you can do anything to that hose and it wont break. That’s funny, I laid mine down and it blew a hole out the side. And can you believe that I paid over $50 for my hose and they would not replace them and haven’t had them 30 days.

    • I bought a hose and as I was watering the plants I heard a loud pop like something has busted!!! and I got the receipt out to call they told me that there wasn’t any way they could replace them!! they were two 75 ft hose at $48. They should do what they say and they just wont.

  216. Bought 1 50Ft Flexable Hose in March 2013 at K-mart in New York for $24.00, took it to Jamaica followed all instructions in the package, as I screwed it on my pipe turned on the water, the inner tube burst before I had a chance to used it, lost my money because I only got a 90 day warranty and I wont be going back to New York until September 2013. I will never buy another one.

  217. BUY A WATERING CAN INSTEAD! I bought two of these hoses. One sprung a leak out of the box, the other within one week of use. The only good thing about this hose is you can eventually use it as a drip system in the garden. It would be such a great product if it could survive longer than hours.

  218. I ordered the 100 foot and 50 foot hose each was offered to receive a free one of each. Ordered on March 28th, I received a card saying the order would be shipped on May 29th. I hope it’s worth waiting for!

  219. Buyer beware. I have purchased 3 hoses (2/50′ and 1/75′). The 75′ and one 50′ have blown-up when the nozzle was released into the off position. The 50′ hose blew off the fitting at the nozzle and hit me in the arm causing a minor contusion. The 75′ hose also blew at the nozzle and the hose split approximately 10 feet down the hose. So buyer beware.

  220. This hose is the biggest piece of junk!! I was so excited when I bought two of them, and after three weeks , they leak on both ends and it leaks when you put a sprayer on it. I would d rather struggle with a regular hose. Of course I have to wait to buy new hoses because I spent almost 45 dollars of my hard earned money on these crappy hoses. Now I see that their down to $14.99. Maybe the store is trying to get rid of them so they won’t have to eat em!!

  221. Thanks for the reviews. I was going to order a couple to use at my cabin, but with not even one positive review, I will go with a regular rubber hose from my local home improvement retailer. thanks everyone for your input and sorry for the wasted money you’ve had to deal with this piece of shit product.

  222. Well’ I only had my 75′ one month and it has sprang leaks. My husband was watering when it explored. When i seem the tv commercial I though it would have the stuff in it to protect like the fire truck running over it and no damage. I’m unhappy but I would like it replaced with the size I purchased. I also purchase the 50′ and have no problem.Please advise how to return and you replace it free. Thank you

  223. I bought the Flex-Able Hose 2-for-1 at 75 ft. Started using one of them about a month ago. Followed directions meticulously. After about a week I noted the hose had sprung a leak about 3 ft from the spray nozzle. used it daily for another week but got tired of being sprayed by the enlarging leak.

    Switched to the other 75 ft hose. I believe it was not more than a week of use when it snapped in half in my hand as I was gently repositioning the hose. the fracture was about 18 ft from the sprayer. Out of necessity I went back to using the hose with the leak. Not only did that leak continue to enlarge, the hose sprung a second leak farther down the length.

    These hoses were traversing concrete, not rough or jagged terrain. What a waste of money!

  224. Just read others reviews I bought the FLEX HOSE brand off the tv ad. Mine doesn’t leak and if you leave the sprayer open after turning water off mine drains all the way as I wrap it on the holder. Maybe the ones at Walmart are not the same hose.

  225. I bought a 50 foot flex hose and I love it. It expands and retracts just as shown. No more moving hoses to mow now. I am going to order two more!!

  226. THANK YOU!!! Thank you all for taking the time to write. We are on a severely limited income, and I had been literally saving pennies in a jar to get this and for my husband. We are retired and his garden is his pride and joy (next to me and the grand-kids lol.) You have no idea what your comments mean to someone who literally can’t afford to buy junk at this point in their lives.

    May all your gardens grow!!

  227. They do sell them in stores!! I bought mine at Walmart in Pennsylvania. I don’t have a Walmart close to me here in Michigan. I was so excited when I saw them at Walmart when I was on vacation. I bought one. I used it twice and it leaks terribly. Piece of junk. Do not buy!!

  228. I ordered (2) 75 ft Flexable Hoses. By the time I added the “extra strong” upgrade, and the “ship it faster” upgrade, I spent $74.90. A lot of money. However, I had high hopes for this hose as we just landscaped our yard and I was going to do a lot of hand watering. I received the hoses within about 2 weeks and have used the hoses now for less than 3 weeks. One of the hoses broke today…the “extra strong” hose simply pulled apart from the nozzle. I would’ve hoped that by spending so much money I’d get more than 3 weeks of use. It is lightweight, and does recoil (though not really all the way…but I was pleased) but clearly, the quality is crap. Do not waste your money.

  229. Bought two of the 75 footers (one supposedly free). By the time “Shipping and Handling” were added, I could have bought the best hoses in the world instead of these pieces of Junk. Sprayer is worth maybe $.25 cents. First hose worked OK, but second hose exploded the minute pressure built up. Scared the crap out of me: sounded like a gun shot. Ever try to catch a hose writhing its death throes on the ground? Save your money and get good hoses. Worthless and expensive.

  230. Don’t buy this hose, I made the mistake of buying 4 of them and one broke in my face and soaked me and the company says they do not sell them at the stores only online so no refund unless I take it back to the store. I am very disappointed they are supposed to be as tough as a fire hose as the commercial says but it sure isn’t. I guess I will keep taking it back and swapping it out for a new one so I have a lightweight hose to water with.

  231. Great hose as long as you don’t have too much water pressure according to the gal at Bed Bath and Beyond. If you think you might don’t turn the pressure on all the way. The hose has some great features.

    • Make sure you buy it at a nearby store in case you have to return it . Don’t but it on line . I recommend Bed Bath and Beyond because of their good return policy.

      • Have to agree with the Bed Bath and Beyond comment. If it doesn’t work they have a wonderful replacement policy. Also you ca see what you buying and the staff is wonderful. As Seen On TV, is another great store. That said I’ve only seen one at the Mall of American which I live by.

  232. Thanks to all the customers who gave their results using the flexible hose–Amazing I did not read one review giving a positive rating–I will continue to use my regular heavy hose & be happy I did not buy this piece of junk–

  233. Never got back to the original size after once used!!! After less than a months use sprang leaks all over the hose. Will never buy again……..

  234. I am also one of those who were excited about the flexible hose and I ordered four of different sizes. I liked the light weight but found it annoying that the hose has to be emptied after use. But most disturbing was the fact that two of my hoses have already exploded (in my face!) and they cannot be repaired like conventional hoses. The idea of the flexable hose was excellent but technically flawed. Didn’t the makers test them? For me, it is a ripoff in the true American tradition: money, money, money. How can I get my money back? I saw another of their commercials on TV yesterday. Great!

  235. I bought 2 hoses at Bed Bath Beyond after about 2 weeks one popped a hole , then about another 2 weeks the other one popped a hole. great idea but poor quality and you can’t get in touch with company.

  236. Don’t order Flexable Hose from this web site, they claim 3-4 weeks delivery, it took 9 weeks and one was broke.. I was disappointed with this web site.

  237. This Flexible Hose broke after a few uses. very disappointed. I didn’t use it right way when I received it. Less than ten uses before the outside and inside portion of the hose separated.

  238. The deal shown on TV is a scam. When I tried to place an order I didn’t talk to a real person. After listening through all the special deals I ended up having $217.00 taken twice from my checking account. I thought that I had it all taken care of but today my account was hit for another $217.00.

    Put the money back in my account now or my bank will do it for me!!

  239. I bought the Flex Able hose and the broke black plastic connector before the second use. Did not abuse the hose at all. For another dime in construction of that connector, it probably is a good product, but will never know since I returned the hose.

    • Doug, I just experienced the same problem you have mentioned. I got my on line, try to get replacement, can’t find where to contact the company. Please help

  240. 5/19/13

    I am joining the club, I was happy as well with the hose, until I had the end of my hose blow off too. We were cleaning some drywall equipment kept the water on, set the hose down to grab one of the pans to clean squeezed the handle and it blew off. Called this morning to see what they could do, and of coarse I was past my 60 days to get any kind of refund. Let alone it took a couple of months to even get the hose after I placed the order!!!

  241. After reading these reviews, it all makes sense. This is a good idea, so I could not understand why the infomercial is so insulting to my intelligence. Now I know why. Somebody could make a lot of money if they reverse engineered this and made one properly.

  242. Bought a 75′ hose and got one free. Not even two months old and today it peeled back by the nozzle and looked like a blue balloon and immediately blew up (sounded like a shot gun). Bruised wrist and leg. If a child had been holding it probably they would have suffered a broken bone. Wish I had my money back. Bought it with the idea that it would be light weight and easy to handle.

    • Piece of Crap. Lasted 2 weeks. Plastic couplings broke at the faucet after little use and movement of hose. DO NOT BUY THIS MISTAKE.

  243. I was given my flexable hose from my son about a little e less than a month ago.I love it and it helps so much rather than those big heavy hoses.Today I went out to water my flowers and the clip that turns it off and on broke.Now water goes everywhere!!I have left my number with cust service to find out if I can get a replacement…hope so.I have talked 4 of my neighbors into buying this and so far they also love theres.Wish me luck I hope I can get another one..it has made my life so much easier when it comes to my yard watering.

  244. I have purchased 3 of these hoses at Bed, Bath and Beyond…..two blew out second use and the 3rd one leaks around fittings. Plastic fittings are a problem and should be brass. Sorry scam item, but would be wonderful if they actually were perfected. Will be taking hoses back to store, where they are immediately replaced or refunded.

    I never order anything on TV ads…

  245. Bad Experience-Defective couplings & poor quality

    The hose itself is great. I was very pleased at how well it coiled back up and was so light. But here is the problem……the couplings at both ends of the hose leaked. At first I thought it was just not tight enough. This was not the case. After using the hose for a week or so the leaks became so bad I had to do something. Unfortunately I had too much confidence in the item and threw away the invoice ans receipt. I jury-rigged a repair which is holding but now the connector at the other end is spewing more water than the nozzle. This connection is not repairable so now the hose is useless. I tried to find repair parts but they are not available. So I guess I’m screwed. My advice is NOT to waste your money.

  246. Might want to check with B.B.B. before you order. SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD DEAL,until they fall a part and you can’t get your money back. CHEAP PIECE OF SHIT

  247. Bought a 50ft.hose,SECOND time it had water in it the END BLEW OFF. I had it stretched out NO kinks and turned water on and the CHEAPLY made end just popped off.

  248. I was going to purchase the flexable hose, but after reading all of the above, I guess I won’t waste my money. Thanks for the complaints.

  249. I was excited to finally see the hose in the stores. So I bought two Glad I did. The first hose after two uses came apart at he plastic end where the hose is attached. you can’t put it back on. So I cut the plastic that surrounds the hose and attached the hose after cutting off about two foot of the outer cover. and clamped it back on. seems to work ok. So I added the other hose to the coupling and after one use it leaked where the hose is attached. So I cut that coupler out and attached a barbed connector with clamps. make sure before you cut you use hemostats to hold the inside and outside cover together. otherwise the rubber hose will shrink back inside and you will have to remove the outer cover to where the inside rubber meets. What a pain. So I did all that turned on the water no leaks at the couplings, but then it sprang a leak in the middle of the hose for no reason. So I cut that part out and placed a barbed hose coupling with clamps and tapped the S–t out of it. no leaks as of yet but give it time. Good Idea but use better quality materials. I would like to see them make the hose in a larger diameter. Good Luck!!

  250. So excited could not wait to get it out of the box and I told my friend about it last week who just happened to be at my house when it arrived, so I connected it to my tape turned it on only to find it leaked really bad round the swivel neck part, boxed it up and went straight on to eBay onto the sight where I bought it told them it leaked really bad and within 5 minutes got a full refund no problem so all I can say is he must of had that many complaints he was just refunding without any question and when I asked him whether he wanted me to return it he just replied “Put it in the bin” and I think that is the best place for it very disappointed as the idea behind it is great.

  251. I have had my hose about 6 weeks it started leaking from hose bib, then it burst. I thought it was great at first but now I do not.

  252. I was ready to purchase two hoses, then looked at reviews and complaints, thank heavens I didn’t buy them. I love the internet.

  253. At first, I loved this hose as It was so light weight and did not kink. However, after only a short time 2 out of the 3 hoses leaked profusely. I am glad I waited until I could get one from a local store so now I can return them. I wish they would perfect them as it is a great idea. I would be willing to pay more for a longer lasting hose that doesn’t leak.

  254. Last winter, I purchased two 50′ Flex-Able hoses from 129 Worthington Ridge, Berlin, Ct. This spring, I took one out of the box and started using it. Loved it! That is, until after about 2 weeks of use, it blew a hole in the middle of the hose and became worthless. I always left the hose without any water pressure, coiled up for the next time. So I am now using the 2nd hose. Hope it will last. But in the meantime, I would like you to replace the first, blown hose. I’m sure it was just a manufacturing defect.

    Please let me know how you intend to replace this product at


    James P. Morgan
    Sandy, UT

    • same for me ! can’t find phone number to complain or return for refund, anyone know how please advise. Thanks. AND DAMIT MADE IN CHINA

  255. This hose is a complete waste of money. It is quite simply poorly designed and of inferior quality. After one day of owning mine the ball valve broke. After only 3 weeks it had developed 4 holes. I finally threw the hose out and went back to my good ole rubber hose. I will never buy a Flexable Hose again.


  257. I have purchased 5 hoses and have given up on trying to make them last more than a month. All of the hoses have had the same problem, the ends keep coming off. Once the little hose on the inside comes off it’s over. I did notice nothing is ever said about a warrant. They seem to last about a month no matter how careful you are with them. One thing on the bright side, the little hose on the inside does make a good rubber for a sling shot. At least my grandson likes them.

  258. Don’t buy this hose! I spent the extra $10 on an a rugged version and it ruptured after only 5 months of usage. I called customer service and they literally told me that is why they only have a 2 month warranty. In essence, they don’t stand by the quality if the product. Also, the customer service rep didn’t want to hear anything except say 60 day warranty. What a scam!!!!! Don’t buy this hose!!

  259. Crappy quality and when you call customer service, they give you the runaround. I bought the upgraded version and it only lasted 5 months! Do not purchase this product; company doesn’t stand by its quality. You will be thoroughly disappointed. You’re better off buying a cheap hose at the local hardware store.

  260. Very disappointed that this hose just “blew Up” today after less than 6 months and probably less than 10 uses. When I called I was informed it only has a 60 day warranty. REALLY! Now I will make it my mission to inform people what a scam this is! Poor product, poor follow up, no one standing behind the product, told that no one will help me after the warranty period.

    Do not purchase this product…they do not stand behind it and it will not last….

  261. I will just enjoy Marissa’s look of total sexual satisfaction as she turns on her hose and watches it grow by the boat . all the while laughing at the guy in the background who keeps yelling “Tug Big Jim……..Tug!:…………what a waste of money on a POS hose. I would suggests purchasing a nice red Farm hose.

  262. Thanks for the reviews – saved me $19.99 PLUS! It sounds like a wonderful hose but the reviews sound like it doesn’t work.

  263. Love the idea, but agree with the others that the product is poorly made. Be prepared to get soaked! The nozzle couplings on both of mine leaked like a sieve despite trying several different nozzles. The shut-off coupling popped off on both. So far, have had no leaks in the hose itself, but have yet to stop the leaks at the coupling at the nozzle. To the good, it is light weight and doesn’t kink. The hose drains quickly and quick to store after use.

  264. I paid extra to receive the heavy duty hose. The hoses just arrived. There is absolutely no indication of the type of hose I received. It makes me believe that there is only one strength hose and it is a scam asking you to order the heavy duty hose. I agree that the business practices are a type of “bait and switch”

    For those of you that are dissatisfied, you can report the company to the Federal Trade Commission for deceptive practices.

  265. The premise of this hose is wonderful 2 for the price of 1! Unfortunately, shortly after I received my hoses It sprung a leak. Ok, then I used the 2nd one, I’m sitting at my computer soaked to the skin because the second hose had an aneurism, blew up and the nozzle blew off. Not getting another one of these until they use better materials in them

  266. My husband & I bought 100 foot hoses at Beall’s on the same day not knowing the other already bought one. Well just to let you know both of them have burst. Not happy about paying 24.99 for each one and now they are both worthless.

  267. Good concept that works well – for about 5 uses. Then the hose loosens from the plastic coupling and water leaks around the side.

    Good concept + cheap plastic parts + poor assembly = Bad Quality

  268. I have a question–I accidently ordered a double order and would like to return the doubles–how do I go about that??

  269. Best idea ever. I loved this–no more dragging that heavy hose-That lasted 2 days before it sprung leaks at the connections–it has happened to most of the folks we know who got one. Improve this and you have a winner.

  270. What a piece of junk,save your money. They fall apart, have no return policy that they stand behind.

  271. First hose worked great second hose was broke interally.I didnt get second out of box until third month so they wouldnt replace after 60 days.So check both when you get them to avoid what happened to me.

  272. I am getting older and have had several, neck and back surgeries, but I like to work in the yard and gardens, despite the fact that each year I am able to do less and less and the pain continues to go up and up…..So, when I saw this product, I truly thought that I would be able to do more because of all the claims, false claims, that the marketing folks portrayed in print, on tv, the web, etc.

    I bought eight (8) of these @ 50 feet each since we have about three (3O) acres to take care of. I was excited to get more yard work done!!


    Chinese PIECES OF crap! Guess what? The stores would not reimburse me!!!!! I had mangled hoses but no receipt. Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is!! And all along the way THE CONSUMERS…..WE THE PEOPLE……CONTINUE TO GET SCREWED AT THE BENEFIT OF MOSTLY……..FOREIGN COUNTRIES SUCH AS CHINA, AND CHINA, AND CHINA!!! You know, the real sad thing about this, and all of the other crappy products we get from overseas, such as CHINA, is that no matter how much we voice the FACTS about what we experience with these crappy products, it just doesn’t matter. It does not mean anything because nothing will ever be done by our representatives, our government, nothing will ever be done. IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER!!!!!IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER!!!! Pretty bloody sad isn’t it??????

    • Once you deal with China products like you deal with termite wood, look good outside but rotten inside. Let’s lift up slogan: Stop China’s Termites

  273. Was just looking at the sites to order this product. THANK YOU to the reviewers that helped me save my money.

  274. I ordered the 75′ hoses and they came without the shut-off valves which were shone on TV. I called to ask why they did not include them and they told me I could buy them at a hardware store. this is a case of false advertising. Also,the hoses seem to be very poorly made,I tried to use one of the hose and it appears to have a small leak in the center of the hose. It really dose not seem that it will last very long. By the way there seams that there is no warranty on the hoses.

  275. Do not buy this hose. You’ll get soaked at both ends. The reviews confirm my experience. The couplings at both ends leak profusely.

    • I agree with David I got mine for my shop and did not last 40 minutes and got soaked while washing the cars. The hose busted, got taken by the commercial. One thing they don’t tell you that the water can’t be on for a while or it will bust, so don’t waste your hard earn money on this junk and I did not get my money or another hose back.

  276. Ordered the 2 for 1 flexible hose, 100′. Stated it would be delivered in 7-10 days. Called and was old it was back ordered and wouldn’t arrive for close to 2 months. Asked why I didn’t receive an email telling me this, no response. Canceled order. Customer service rep was BARELY understandable.

  277. I bought 2 of the Flex hoses. The cheap plastic control popped off one when I hooked it up the first time. Then I went ahead and used it…and after about 5 watering the hose started to leak at the connection. So, I started trying to find out about the so called guarantee. Lots of luck! I am out over $40 for 2 of these.

  278. Just ANOTHER ‘THANK YOU’ from another person who thought it looks like a great idea and about to purchase-after reading the first handful of reviews AM NOT. Y’all saved me a bunch especially in wasted time!

    Still looks like a great idea, in need of more R & D before production..

  279. What a piece of junk. The water won’t flow past one foot from the spicket. When I called for a replacement they said it was over the refund period. I bought this in the winter to use this spring. Did they expect me to turn on my water in NH in February to test it. Needless to say they refused. These people are a big rip off. A legitimate place would have honored my request given my snow has just melted!

  280. Have bought 2 and both stated leaking in the same place after about a week. This hose is a sham. Its a good idea if it worked…. Burned twice and no more.


  282. Junk!!!!! Wonderful idea but absolute waste of money. After very light use in our small backyard greenhouse it looks more like a sprinkler. Sorry I got taken. I have other hoses that are still in use after years. This one didn’t make it 3 weeks – and they claim they drove trucks over it!!!!! Buy only at your own risk..

    • Don’t buy one of these, especially from anywhere except their site. We bought one from Home Depot, brought it home and the part by the connector was leaking due to a separation inside. Took it back, got another one. This seemed to work fine so we kept it, didn’t keep the receipt. 5 days later THIS one sprung a leak. Called the site due to not having the receipt, offered if they sent a shipping label to send it back for another one, they refused. I had heard they have a lifetime guarantee. They refused to help us because we didn’t buy it from their site. Way to stand behind your product Flexible Hose. So now unless Home Depot takes it without the receipt we’re out $20. Love the product, if it would last more than a few days.

  283. I purchased one of these hoses, and it initially worked very well. After about three weeks of use, it started leaking at the end that connected to the faucet. It seems that the valve at the end of the hose that can be shut down, created too much pressure, and caused the connecting end to leak which became increasingly worse. I just tossed it in the garbage can this morning.

  284. We are curious, you say the product is good for RV’s and boats but our question/comment is this…

    Your product and idea is wonderful and YES! most all boat and RV owners use a hose to rinse and clean with but how about for refilling potable water tanks? Will the FlexAble Hose give off a bad odor or taste in the potable water system? None of the reviews I’ve read touch on the subject, only the fact the hose lasts a very short time.

    Thing is, we take great care in filling our tanks with good, clean, fresh water so if out and away from home port this hose caused us to have to do a complete flush of the system due to an offensive odor and/or bad taste, that would be a huge headache and not worth my time or the money to purchase. I’ll wait for a better “mousetrap” or until the product is cleared for potable water tank filling.

  285. Thanks for all of the reviews. I was just getting ready to order a 100 ft. hose but now I will run, not walk, away from FlexAbleHose! Thank you all once again for sharing the information.

  286. Thank you so much to everyone who wrote comments! Was just about to order this, but not now! Thank you for saving me the money and weeks of “I told you so”s from my hubby.

  287. I bought 2 of the hoses (BOGO) and both came apart at the connection between the hose and coupling at the handle. Very cheap! Won’t buy again.

  288. I bought a 50 feet hose about three weeks ago and now it is leaking. The advertisement saying this is a durable hose is a complete misrepresentation. Don’t buy this product.

  289. This hose came apart (hose from plastic end) on the 2nd use! I bought it at walmart and didnt save receipt so unable to return it! Do NOT buy this peice of crap product!

    • Most Walmart stores will accept returns without a receipt as long as they sell the product at least ours does. Worth the try.

  290. I bought the pocket hose, looks exactly the same and it is more made in China junk !Could not get the faucet end to stop leaking and could not get the other end to accept a nozzle with out leaking.

    • Ball cock broke after three uses….was leaking really bad….would be careful in ordering this hose. Finally, nozzel “broke off” and now hose is about useless.

  291. Thank you for all the reviews. Didn’t take me long to realize this was not the purchase for me. You saved me many $$.

  292. This hose is complete GARBAGE!! Connector leaks! Hose split upon 3rd use! How has government consumer department not closed these crooks and fined them out of business? Does the company that makes this hose make any other “useless product?

  293. I bought a hose from you about 1 month ago. Today the hose started to leak from middle. What can I do?

    Elton Landi

  294. Thank You everyone! You just saved me another customer relations headache. The hose sounds like a great concept. To bad the workmanship is outside of the USA.

  295. It’s a great idea but a poorly engineered product. After only 3 uses the seam split and the the end blew off. Don’t waste your money…

  296. I would comment on the pros and cons of this hose if I could actually get it shipped. I originally ordered this hose in February and now that it is April, I still have not seen it. They are trying to say its my “card” or it’s my “bank”. Even used the words “you have a bad bank”…really? Also, the “supervisor” was the rudest one of all. He even stated “why should I have to apologize to you? It’s not my fault your card doesn’t work.” WOW. Couldn’t believe it! Even after having multiple discussions with my so called “bad bank” we still cannot figure out as to why the transaction will not go through. It would be nice if the company cared enough about their customers to try and help but, doesn’t look like that is going to happen any time soon.

    • Besides being an obviously shoddy product, it seems the company behind it is the icing on a very bad cake! Thanks for saving me the money I was about to waste on this product!

      Jessica, I hope they didn’t ever get any money from your ‘bad bank’. Sounds to me like your bank, your card, maybe your ‘karma’…have saved you from buying a sub-par product!

  297. Bought a 50′ flex which lasted 30 minutes before springing 2 leaks. I am returning it to Walmart where I bought it 2 days ago. Nice marketing for the Telebrands company, but I hope it backfires by everyone to stop buying ANY products from this rip off company

  298. This hose is a piece of junk. We bought one, received the other free. Neither one has ever worked! Unfortunately, we had them awhile before trying to use them, so we can’t return them. We found out that the inside of the hose doesn’t even go all the way down. In other words, the cloth cover is all there is. Doesn’t being to hold water! What a joke! It leaks all the way down the hose. Please don’t buy from this company. Get one at WalMart where you can return it if it doesn’t work properly. This company is for the birds!

    • I bought the 50″ at Walmart for $19.95. I had not had the hose on for more than 5 minutes and it sprang a leak near the nozzle. Turned it off and did not use it again till the next day. Turned it on and now it was a soaker hose spray leaks everywhere. Sure glad I bought it at Walmart, today I return it. Also the main water valve from the house could not be left on like with a regular rubber hose. Each time I had to walk around the house to turn it on and then back to turn it off. Don’t buy from website or As Seen On TV you will be disappointed.

  299. Pure junk, my new 75 ft. flex able hose ruptured in two places in only its second use. It was never dragged over any rough terrain–just grass and walkway cement. The nozzle pressure is only 2/3 of a normal hose, because the walls of the flex able hose are so weak.

  300. I too bought into the whole idea of a lightweight flexable water hose for about a year. Within a year and two weeks of each other, one completely disintegrated and the other started springing leaks! Don’t be fooled !

  301. The hose worked as advertised for a couple of weeks then started leaking big time at the faucet connection making it unusable.

  302. College educated, successfull buisinessman, sucker. Oh yea I fell for this scam. I even paid $9.99 for priority processeng. One month later, still waiting. The Service Rep is very helpful too. Genius.

  303. Purchased hose recently. Hooked it to the water faucet for the first time. Turned water on and it leaked at the area where the green hose material connects to the plastic connector. Called customer service, presented my problem- they put me on hold, and never returned. It is a scam.

  304. Bad, bad. Received two of them, one busted immediately, could not get a hold of anyone and when I did they all lied to me about my replacement was on the way.

  305. I am disgusted! My poor elderly mother called to order the hoses and clearly told them she didn’t want anything OTHER than the hoses. She lives on a fixed income and when she checked her balance before purchasing her medications she realized she was short. After investigation, we found the flexable hose company added magazine subscriptions using her credit card! Now, thankfully, her credit card company is assisting in getting these cancelled and credited back to her. As far as I’m concerned this company are stealing from people and have no business operating!

  306. I purchased one of these, it began to leak after about a week. Was disappointed because I liked the idea and it didn’t knot up or twist so as a surprise my wife bought me another….. 2 weeks later… leaking to the point that it was unusable.

    Product is a good idea but obviously there was no product testing done. DO NOT BUY THIS…..

  307. Thanks for all the comments, I was considering buying 3 flex hoses, but after reading the comments I think I’ll just buy my hoses at Sears, at least they honor their warranty.

  308. I purchased the amazing Flexable hose at Wal-mart. One month later it has 3 leaks. When I contact the company they tell me ,they could not replace it or give me my Money back. I was amazed. I got ripped off.

  309. I was about to buy on their website.

    After reviewing all the comments there is no way I would buy from this outfit. I know I can find a similar product at various stores.

    My experience with buying many products online has often been unacceptable.

    Thank you for all the comments.

    Paul S


    SAVE YOUR MONEY. even if the guarantee it you are out the shipping and handling which comes to more then the hoses.

  311. This is such a scam..and should be a class action lawsuit..I wanted the $29.95 hose with a free hose and was charged $39.99 for two hoses..plus $54 in shipping and handling..plus having to put up with the fact that you never speak to a real person, and they try to sell you everything from magazines to cruises, and tours to islands. I called the number they gave to try to cancel after reading the reviews here, and again it tried to sell me something..I tried again and the number was no longer in service. I contacted Am. Ex. about this scam and they are assisting me, but I am worried about getting all the junk mail, and the fact that some people were signed up for tours and trips they didn’t authorize. In the meantime, my husband went out and bought a regular hose..the people who have gotten them are not satisfied, and there is no warranty that is honored…so why don’t you just buy your own hose?

    • The same happened to me today when I tried to order it. I only wanted the one 25 foot hose and it did not give me an option not to get just one I had to get the second one with the extra shipping cost, then after saying zero to the order of 75 foot hose it added it anyway, so my account got charged over 100 dollars. When I called them to cancel they told me that the order is not available. On top of everything else they ran my card as debit because I bet you they know that visa stands behind the orders placed as credit. Well they have an other thing coming, I’m contacting the BBB and I having my bank put the money back and go after them. I will never call one of those places again.

  312. I purchased these in November and just took it out of the box on Monday April 1st, it worked fine, then I went to use 6 days later and it is defective, the water squirts every where. I called to tell the company of this defect and was informed that there is a 60 day warranty only which I cannot find that listed anywhere. I do not recommend this product!

  313. Horrible product. If you paid with an AMEX you can dispute the charge and get a full refund. You can also use the purchase protection benefit (free of charge) for a refund if your purchase is over 90 days old. So glad my credit card company took care of me- I didn’t have to deal with the merchant at all.

  314. I have bought 3 of these hoses an had to carry all 3 back cause they bust as soon as you turn the water on,an you talk about disappointed I was very disappointed an I ended up getting a different kind of hose…I dont recommend this Flex hose at all,They need to be taken off the Shelves…

  315. I bought one of your FlexAble Hoses at Stage Dept. Store, in Springhill, LA, for Valentine’s Day for my husband.

    We are not happy with this hose as it does not do what your advertisements say it will do.

    I paid $19.95 plus tax and feel that my money was wasted, especially as this was a gift for my husband.

    I think you owe me a refund. This hose is a piece of junk.

  316. This place is a SCAM…When ordering, they kept trying to sell me on various cruise ships..vacation, magazines, you name it..and online there is no way to say no..or stop it. Then after reading the above I decided to cancel my order, and you can’t even get them on the phone..if you do, they try to sell you on a vacation order. I am going to tell my bank to cancel my order..or dispute the charge..!DON’T FALL FOR THIS!

    • Here is the phone number I got for customer service in case you need it. It will not get you very far, but at least you will have some record of speaking to a person. 1-973-287-5160 I hope that everyone on this list that had a problem made a complained at the BBB, I will.

      • Thank you to post this phone. I call up , they will replace it. How many time we learn MADE IN CHINA is piece of crap ?

        • I received the replacement , IT IS NEW but, yes BUT, IT BROKE IN HALF in first try. What is good in China ? How Chinese consumer took this ? Com- on Chinese People stand up and be counted.

  317. Thank you all for your comments. My wife just bought one at Wal-Mart and it is going back unopened. I didn’t even THINK of the impact the water in this could have on living things until one of you mentioned the warnings on the packaging. I have never seen such an overwhelmingly negative set of comments on ANY product I have researched before buying. WOW!

    • P.S.
      Hey Jerry A…… You MUST have some interest in the company/product since you are the only one who loves it, vs the hundreds who say… DO NOT go there.
      Come on Jerry!!!

  318. I ordered 2 (75) foot hoses and had one spring a leak. I complained to the company by phone, BIG TIME ! The company representative was very understanding and offered me the option of getting my money back AND THEY would email me or send me a return label OR send me a NEW 75′ Flex Hose. I chose the new hose because they are perfect watering my indoor plants ! !

    I just received my replacement hose (one week wait) and when I opened the box, I FOUND TWO 75′ HOSES INSTEAD OF JUST ONE REPLACEMENT ! ! ! !
    I’m very pleased with the outcome and thought I would let you know. Jerome Arasim

    How could ANYONE NOT ORDED a FLEX ABLE HOSE from this company ? ?


    • And when my 75 foot ($69.99) Flexable hose burst the company representative told me that the 90 days had passed, (by 8 days). So I got no refund, no replacement, just lip service. This company does not stand behind its product. Do Not Purchase this Flexable hose.

  319. DON’T BUY THIS HOSE!!!!

    I upgraded and bought 2 heavy duty hoses, which cost $80.00 with shipping. Loved it….but after 5-6 uses, one of the hoses exploded. The company was unwilling to help in anyway, other than replace it for $69.99!!!

    They have a 60 day return policy, and I had purchased the hose in Dec, but never used it until spring, so I was out of luck with the warranty.
    Great idea, HORRIBLE design!

  320. I had the identical experience as many, probably what bothered me most was the tremendous amount of junk email I immediately began to receive since buying this product.

  321. DO NOT BUY this sorry excuse for a product…nothing but a scam. Bought 2 hoses in November 2012. Waited until Christmas to open them. Both are worthless after 30 days…with maybe 3-4 uses each. Beyond my 60 day warranty period. What a piece of junk…wish I would have researched first.

  322. What a piece of garbage. My hose lasted 3 months and when I called, I was told the warranty is only good for 60 days and that they could not replace it. In other words, their product is made to work for 60 days only.

    • Thanks Chuck and everyone else. I was seriously considering getting these because of living on a corner lot, But see it isn’t worth the hassle. Thank you for your honesty.

  323. Thanks,

    After reading the review, I wouldn’t buy one of these until I saw the Pope advertising it, and then I’d wonder if it was a good product. Their TV commercial is very seductive.

  324. Ordered their so called , buy 1 get 1 free for $19.95 plus $7.99 shipping, was billed $205.00 and got 6 hoses. 2 at 25 feet, 2 at 50 and 2 at 75. Even if I wanted all them it would not add up to this as each size is supposed to be buy 1 get 1.
    Oh and the bigger the hose the higher the cost and the higher the shipping.

    25 footers 2 for $19.95 plus shipping of $7.99 plus $7.99
    50 footers 2 for $29.95 plus shipping of $8.99 plus $8.99
    75 footers 2 for $39.95 plus shipping of $9.99 plus $9.99

    Best I can come close to for their charges of $205.00 is I was charged for every hose except one 50 footer.
    So charged for 5 hoses and 6 shipping fees


  325. I ordered two 75 foot hoses in December as Christmas presents. We really loved them until one literally split about half way down the hose, approximately 62 days after we began using it. I called their customer service number (reaching some foreign country, of course) to be told that the 60-day money back guarantee is over. I told them I don’t want my money back, I want the hose replaced. Nope, beyond the 60 days, you are out of luck. Please let me speak to a supervisor – who read the exact same script, exact same wording in the exact same barely understandable accent. ARGH. So, I have told many friends and family how happy I was with the hoses, I am changing my stance. The product will literally last a few days beyond the warranty, then fail. Cheap garbage manufactured someplace outside of the states, with horrible customer service (visions of Dell computers???). I just decided I would find every website that asks for reviews and get the word out that these are not worth your time or money or frustration.

  326. What a rip off…the product is $19.95, BUT; s/h is $15.98 add priority for another $4.99…isn’t that more than the product. Just forget the 2 for 1 with that math. PLUS, the priority took 10 days.

  327. I was impressed with the ad due to its length and flexibility and easy storage. I have not used it as yet and after reading reviews I am discouraged to try. Have you read most importantly this hose may not be used for portable water use to supply drinking water and as a outdoor hose it may be exposed to conditions that can be hazardous to human health? That questions our reasons to order this hose! What about the bird baths and pet water bowls gardens for vegetables we consume? I believe a reimbursement is warranted for all of us and this faulty hose should be taken off the market I will be contacting Consumer Product Safety Commission and hopefully someone in authority will ban this item from being sold! Lets all make some phone calls!

    • Contacting the Product Safety Commission is a must with statements like that. Please keep this board updated with their review.


  328. This company scammed me by sending 6 times the hoses I ordered and charged my credit card $350.00. I have contacted them by phone and by letter since Jan. 2013 and have not received a refund.

    They also signed me up for clubs and services I did not request.

  329. I ordered this hose, buy one, get one free, and when I arrived at the final page instead of one set, there were two, plus of course all the extra S&H, so instead of $34.90 and I was charged double. I tried going back to the original page to correct this and it would not allow me to do that.

    I then tried calling the company to change the order, but it was after office hrs. approx. 10:00 PM EST. Not only that the website stated I COULD NOT CALL ABOUT THE ORDER FOR AT LEAST 6 hrs. after it was placed. I think this is purposeful, in that when I did call this morning it was “too late” to change the order.. The six hour time lapse would ALWAYS give them the opportunity to say “your order has been shipped”.

    First of all I feel the buyer should have the opportunity to return to the ordering page should the order have a mistake in it or, at the very least, be able to contact someone immediately about the problem. I feel this borders on a scam.

    • I had a very similar situation with the Forever Comfy seat pillow which I thought would be great and should have read the reviews first but didn’t – I immediately wanted to cancel as it order me 4 pillows with double the shipping etc etc – of course it couldn’t be stopped!! I was told to refuse the delivery which is what I did – do not open the package and take back to the PO – wants they receive it back they are legally required to credit me the purchase price – we’ll see.

      • Hi Shirley:
        Placed an order about l/2 hour ago and I should have gone to this site to see about complaints. Wow, this scares me. I called my credit card company but they can’t do anything except change my account number (which I did) but trying to call their number they advertise on TV is nil as I can’t get an operator or anyone. Just nothing but advertisements galore.

        Can I get the phone number from you on who to call? Maybe it will help. Meanwhile my credit card company will be sending me a dispute on this item and if it comes, I will send it back. Apparently, they have double charged me on the shipping and they don’t tell you that so instead of $38.97, I’m being charged $47.23! Man but companies like this scam you every which way they can.

        • Their phone number is: 973-287-5160. I spoke to RUBY M43, who said she was the supervisor of the entire company. I wish everyone would bombard her with calls!!

  330. I just received my two FLEX-ABLE 75 foot hoses in the mail yesterday. When I connected the first one it expanded like it was advertised and I was watering my inside house plants with it. AFTER using the hose for maybe five minutes my wife cried out to say the hose was coming apart and a blue colored “balloon like tube” suddenly appeared where the green mesh was joined in the middle of the hose length. It expanded to about 3 inches in diameter in that spot and exploded inside the house, before I could turn the water off! I will call the company to see if they will send me two replacements free? I’m afraid to try the second one I have. I will keep you posted on how the distributor handled my messy wet problem.

    • I purchased 3 Flex-Able Hoses in Dec 2012 which arrived under the name of X-Hose and they too have exploded. The idea is incredible but this product is terrible. I have called Customer Service at Flex-Able Hose on two different numbers and each time they refused to get their supervisor, take my complaint or have anyone call me back saying they are unable to do any of those requests.

      The best thing we all can do is to contact the Better Business Bureau because Flex-Able Hose seems to have different names at different times and does not back up their product. My fault I fell for the scam.

    • I will tell you how the distributor told me. He said the hoses are guaranteed for 60 days, and asked me if I wanted to place a new order. Yea, right.

  331. Glad I checked reviews I almost fell for it. I’ve bought the extension power surge protectors from TV and they are wonderful. A mistake was made on my order and when when I called they changed the order took it off of my card and told me to keep the 2 that I did not order at no cost. Seems these hoses are truly a scam and there is no way I would wait months for any product….thanks for everyone being clear on all aspects of this “product”

  332. I ordered 2 75′ hoses. At first I was told it would be 4 – 6 weeks, they did not come, I called and was told they were on back order because of the overwhelming orders. We finally did get them and was really excited to try them. The very first time we used one, we just dropped the nozzle and it broke. We got another one from a store in town. While we were on vacation and washing our camper (by this time we had used this one hose about 4 times), the hose busted right where there was a seam that we had not noticed before. I thought it was all one piece. I HIGHLY recommend NEVER to order anything from “AS SEEN ON TV”. We had a problem with another item we ordered. NEVER AGAIN!!!!

  333. I bought a flex hose and it came on time in perfect working condition. I love my hose, it works exactly as advertized. It’s the best buy I have ever made.

  334. I agree that this is a piece of junk. It leaks where it connects to the nozzle and after 1 use developed 2 holes. DO NOT BUY!

  335. I ordered a 50 foot hose from this Company over their web site in January.

    Buy one get 1 free was the offer.

    They stated it might take 4 to 6 weeks to get the hoses. OK no problem.

    By March 7th I began to wonder where my order was . I called the service center. Was told my order was shipped on the 28Th of February. By now they had charged my account.

    I called again and asked them to put a tracer on the order, and let me know via e-mail. they never did.

    I called again and told them to refund my money or send me the product again.

    I got my money back but would like to have received the hoses.

    They have a very poor service department. Promised to follow up and get back to me, never did. This was with two reps. a guy and a woman.

  336. I am wondering if all these reviews are for the Flexable hose Brand or just flexible hoses in general. There are several different names out there that sell this same type of hose.

    I know a few people who purchased this type of hose and love them. I am not sure what brand they purchased.
    Are we getting the reviews confused.

    Just wondering because I am very interested in this type of hose but want to be sure I purchase a good one.

    • Mine is Flexible Hose from Berlin, CT 06037. Not so happy with their Customer Service Dept. They promised to send me an invoice and a shipping label to return all the hoses I did not order.

      That was early Jan. and not yet.

  337. Hi,I purchased my flexables hoses on November 10th of 2012,my husband wanted me to purchase 2-50 ft hoses for our house and 1-50 ft hose for my mother who loves to work in her yard and she’s 88yrs old,so we felt this would help her because a regular hose is so heavy for her to reel back up.

    I received a notice in the mail,to please excuse the delay,but they expected to ship my order by December 27,2012,that they were temporarily out of stock and they expected them in,in about 30 days and if I did not want to wait I could send the card back and my order would be cancelled,but my husband said let’s go ahead and wait we’ve waited all this time,so we waited.

    I received a second notice in the mail stating that the hoses were still out of stock and it would be January 17,2013 when my order will ship and pretty much the same thing I may cancel my order,but again my husband said let’s just wait because we’ve waited thus far and we would not be using the hoses until early spring so we waited.

    On March 1,2013 we received our hoses but we only received 2,not 3.But We were charged for 2 and got 1 free but we had to pay the shipping for the free 1,so my credit card was charged $79 for the 3 hoses,so I called the 1-973-287-5160 number and spoke to Gary who told me that I would be getting a email confirmation in about 2 hours to let me know my order have been shipped but I never received an email,so I waited and called again on March 7,2013 and I spoke with And and he assured me that I would receive my 50 ft hose soon but he would have to speak with his supervisor and I told him that I’ll hold while he spoke with his supervisor,because I needed to know because if they were not going to send my hose that I paid shipping on that I was going to send the 2 that I have back and I wanted a full refund.

    I was on hold for about 2 or 3 minutes and he came back and said his supervisor said that my order was at the top of the list and it will be shipped in a week or two and they were sorry for the inconvenience.

    Today, March 21,2013 I called again to check the status of my hose and spoke with Monique#2015 and she stated that my hose was shipped on March 17,2013,So maybe I’ll be getting my third hose and I hope that they will last at least a year and I will never order stuff like this on line again.I’ll wait until they come to my local Walmart and Dollar General Store because even tho they state on tv that they are not sold in stores, they are always found in some stores so next time I am going to wait.

    • Not concerned about your order problems, but would much rather have a write up on the quality and actual benefits of having this hose and if there were any problems.

    • I checked the reviews first and am so glad I did! WOW way to many issues. I am sorry you guys had to go through all the bull to get this product just to have it break. I think I will just go down to home depot and buy a hose from there garden center. Thank you all for taking the time to warn us about this faulty product.


  338. I have found the hose for sale under five different names. All the same products. Even the Bed Bath and Beyond stores have bins for them. Shame.

    They sell from $19.99 to $49.99. Hmmmm?? Why many names? Why variety of prices. Hope the commercial stores have liberal no leak return policies especially since the snow is still on the ground and no one has attempted to use the hose. Funny though, it would appear the consumer is going to get’ hosed..

    • Yes, I suppose they change the name as they lose their credibility. Never will I order “AS SEEN ON TV.” THEY WILL JUST BE WASTING THEIR $$$$

  339. After calling a number of times, I finally reached someone in Jamaica and was told that my hose would shipped in two months. It has already been two months since my order and now they say two more months. I tried to cancel the order but was given a run around about back orders and it not being their problem. Called my credit card and had the card cancelled and a new one issued which the credit card company said was the best way to be sure you prevent fraud since they would not cancel my order. Do not deal with this company.

  340. My mother tried to place an order in October, 2011 for one hose. The representative kept trying to sell her product she did not want. She finally hung up and I called back to place the order for her. I specifically told the representative what had just occurred with my mother and specifically asked them to check to make sure an order did not go through. They assured me it did not. Our order for one hose was delivered. Several weeks later we received three boxes of hoses (25′, 50′, 75′) which we did not order. I have been on the phone with this company since December, have spoken with 5 supervisors and they have still not credited our account for the full charge. They have withheld $54 for shipping. Shipping charges for something we did not order.

  341. Guess the joke’s on us. We all should know better than to buy this stuff “as seen on TV”. It’s all CHEAP. MADE in CHINA. JUNK!

  342. This hose is a piece of junk. Read the reviews and don’t buy it. My first hose lasted one day and my second hose sprung a leak the next day.

  343. I happened to catch the flexable hose infomercial this am. So immediately I looked for more info. It is a shame that folks don’t mind victimizing consumers by getting expectations up (on a product that supposedly resolves an issue), and taking us for suckers.

    May they experience a thousand times the disappointment that they have caused and may they know that it is payback they are experiencing.

    Thank you all for communicating your experiences with the company and it’s product. They won’t be disappointing any of us who respect your comments.

  344. Thanks everyone for your reviews. I was suspect about getting 2 hoses for the price of one at $19.95. The old adage If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is still works. I’ll be buying the old rubber hose; heavy but durable. Thanks again for sharing your experiences.

  345. What a piece of crap this turned out to be. I bought it from Walmart. Lasted less than 60 days. Leaks at the faucet. No way to repair. I feel suckered!!!!!

  346. I am a home refurbisher, real estate agent, and business man. No one I will will ever speak to (and I will make a point of it) will be directed to this website. Sucks to be ya’ll.

      • Walt, didn’t you know Bob’s a big deal? Thanks for the reviews all, was considering the house but not now.

    • Your hose is junk and worthless but you know that you are just a sorry s o b running a scam stealing money and one step ahead of the law hopefully not for much longer.

  347. Today, after reading these letters, I called my bank and asked them to refuse the charge to my Visa card. The charge went through on Feb. 28, 2013 and as of today, March 15, 2013, I have received nothing. On top of that, when I checked the status of my order at their website, it said “shipped 2/28/13”! The invoice gives a phone number to call to discuss the order, so when I called, they put me on hold. The recorded number kept saying “3 more minutes” then “2 more minutes” then disconnected! That happened over and over. That is when I determined I had been scammed and called my bank and refused the charge. Walmart has plenty of these things in stock, don’t know why I did not just buy one there!

  348. After 2 months of waiting I give up on them. I get a lot of magazines in the mail. Everyone has one of those flexable hoses in there for sale’. I just received a 100 foot hose ,exactly like the flexable hose. It took just about 2 weeks to get it. Shame on you.

  349. Why is it taking so long for me to recieve this product. It’s been 2 months now since I put my order in. I’ve bought another hose, the same as I ordered from you

  350. Hose sprung a leak after 120 days (and not even using it every day). Found out it was past the 60 day return and no way to patch the hose. Very poor customer service.

  351. I ordered 4 hoses from FlexableHoseOffer.com. That was Feb. 21, 2013, Today is March 14, 2013. So, I called to find out where my shipment is and they said they are back ordered. I asked when can I receive my order and they said they were expecting a shipment in 3 weeks. I then asked when after that can I expect to receive my shipment, their response was another 10 working days (2 weeks). Walgreens down the street from my home has them in stock right now. So, you know what I recommend. Do not buy on line, go to your local store and pick one up.

  352. I ordered the “buy one get one free” deal on these. That was back on January 10th, 2013, and today they are still not here. I am beginning to think I’ve been scammed. They charged my debit card already of course. I think this may be a good class action lawsuit. I am lawyer and may just look into this soon if I don’t get some results pronto. If the hoses are crap, that could be a good class action lawsuit too. Does anyone know the actual manufacturer (I’m assuming China), as well as the main distributor in the USA? If I ran my business this way I would be broke within 30 days.

    • I think the slow shipping is do to Walmart and Walgreens having a great inventory of this product.

      Go to walmart and get one…..or two….with what you save on shipping it is about the same price. You can purchase a 50 foot, that all they carry for $19.95.

      It is an awesome product……especially if you have any kind of hand or back pain and the weight of a standard rubber hose is hard to deal with.

    • I agree I think this should become a class action lawsuit.

      I get tired of these companies getting away with this stuff.

      I had to order a part for my G.E. Microwave. A plastic Grill piece.

      G.E. wanted $125.00 plus shipping for the part. I only paid about $160.00 for the unit.

      I did find one for about $72.00 including shipping. But this is the type of problems we as consumers are having with many companies with there replacement parts. A BIG RIPOFF

  353. I ordered two hoses put them on the facette and sprayed, but then when I reeled them back in one broke and shot water everywhere. This is a cheap product. How do I get my money back. Lousy deal.

    • I had one of my hoses break the first day. I believe it is a cheaply made product but there’s no warranty so it’s $$$ down the drain.

  354. For heaven sake people….STOP buying these things on the phone or on the web. Like everything else, you will find them in the stores in quick order. That way if its a total piece of crap you take it back! Save yourself all of this turmoil and keep the buyer protection on your side.

  355. Thank you all for the honest Flex-able hose reviews, almost just spent 74 dollars that will be better spent on a real hose that will last. Thanks again.

  356. The fittings all leak and the plastic shutoff valve blew apart in my hands. Your customer service lady showed no empathy regarding this, and never even asked if I was injured. I like the concept of the hose, but I need one that doesn’t leak. I asked if brass fittings from the hardware store would fit – she told me I could try that. So far my impression is that the item as a whole is junk.

  357. The idea is awesome BUT BEWARE the hose is terrible. One hose broke right away – waiting 4 months for the replacement and they will not refund you.

  358. I bought flexable Hose from Indiana at The Covered Bridge Festival, it only worked 4 times then started leaking around the nozzle and unlike a regular hose I could not change the nozzle. I had the 100 ft hose. I figured what a rip off and just thrown it away.My advice don’t buy it but if you did don’t throw it away,return it and get some of your money back.

  359. I received my hose 2 days ago and it works perfectly as advertised, in fact I love it so much that I am now going to order the 75″ hose for my lawn and garden

  360. I ordered a flexable hose 30 days ago, I called to check on the order and received no satisfaction. I was told it will be shipped when the product comes into them – no date-no time frame. At the same time I ordered the “pocket hose” and received it within 3 weeks. I would not recommend doing business with flexable hose if you ever want to get your product!

  361. Right this minute I would tell everyone that this is a scam and to stay away. I have waited patiently for the delivery of my hoses. When they didn’t come, I contacted the only site available for status, and after the agent put me on hold twice while looking for my information, she finally told me that she was told that I would receive my order on March 3, 2013.

    That was three days ago. I, today, called again, and this time I was transferred to India and spoke with “Walter” who told me that my order is now back-ordered. He could not give me a delivery date. He assured me that he has placed my order at the “top of the list” at no additional charge, and he is sure it will be shipped in three or four weeks.

    Now tell me, is this a scam or not? Local stores around here seem to have no problem in getting them and have them on their shelves. I wouldn’t buy one, because I already have my order in. If I had bought theirs, I would be using them now. Again, is this a scam? I feel that I will not get a reply, that this is probably a stalling tactic, but I will wait to see if anything shows up in my inbox. Very Dissatisfied!

  362. My wife ordered 2 75ft. Flex-able Hoses on 12/19. We received them in time for Christmas, the price was 59.97, half was Shipping and Handling. Now on 2/25, another company, Pocket Hose has charged my 70.97 for the same order. We never ordered a Pocket hose. That company bought Flexable hose. They sent the hoses, but I don’t want the double order. Now I have to pay to ship them back. They were not very easy to work with at all.

    However, what I will be doing is lodging a complaint against the company and getting my bank to reverse the charges on a fraud charge.

    • Jim, if a company sends you merchandise that you did not order, you are not required to send it back nor are you required to pay for it.

      Take a look a this article of the Federal Trade Commission


  363. Purchased this product about a year and a half ago. 1st problem I had with it was the coupling cracked. They did replace it because it was within the 50 day warranty window. I’ve only used it 4 or 5 times total. Today when I used it it split the seam about 5 ft long along the hose. If its as strong as they claim, this should never have happened. When I stored the hose I always dried it out and stored it in a covered container. Would I recommend this product, the answer is NO! The money I paid for the hose doesn’t really matter, its the claims the company makes for this product that bothers me. Again a product advertised on tv has failed its claims. Finally I did call the company and complained about the products longevity, but was told product was out of warranty and there was nothing they could do. So much for a company backing up there product. Finally buyer beware.

    K I Keehn

    • I sure am glad I have read the reviews before ordering…almost ordered last week until I saw the process & handling charges…almost as much as the hose. Sure looks good in the commercials..but apparently is junk…thanks for the reviews.

    • JIm, if a company sends you merchandise that you did not order, you are not required to send it back nor are you required to pay for it.

      Take a look a this article of the Federal Trade Commission


  364. Originally ordered the hose in December 2012. USPS lost it for 30 days and returned it. The company gave me credit for the hose but not the freight. I called and am waiting for a credit to appear on my account.

    I ordered again in January, and received them today March 5, 60 days after the hose.

    Opened one of the two packages, followed the instructions and the hose has two large leaks in it. I did not bother to open the second package and will pack them up and return.

    There is definitely something wrong with this product/company.

  365. I bought this hose and am underwhelmed to say the least! It broke on me a few months after I got it and used it only 3 times! I asked for a replacement and got the runaround! It is light weight and is flexible. The cost is much more than intimated and quality is poor! I will never recommend this to anyone! The only people that answer the “customer service” phone are from other countries and read from a card or something as they keep repeating everything. Don’t buy this junk, spend a little more and learn to roll your real hose up, you’ll be better off!

  366. I ordered the two 75 foot hoses on 12/19/2012 and received them on 12/28/2012. within 30 days the first hose broke at the point of connection and the second hose did the same about 30 days later. After i finally found the phone number I called on 3/5/2013 and of course the 60 day guarantee had expired. I do not recommend this product, It performs as advertised but it only works for s short time. If you do order it remember the date and phone number as you will need it.

  367. My girlfriend bought a 75′ Flex-Able Hose and the second time she used it the hose developed several leaks. This hose is junk!!

  368. It’s not a scam, it was just real cheap material used and they have an influx of returns.The company just sold on Friday to another company that buys lots that can’t handle immediate flow.

    They are discontinuing the hose til Oct. 2013 ( not yet confirmed on the date) once the courts okay the purchase. 80% they will file out and you loose your money. I’m right along with you. Wall Street on line article March 1, 2013.

  369. I bought two hose’s about 2 months ago, they did arrive right on time as promised and they worked great. But the first one broke right where it goes into the sprayer about one month later and the second one broke about 1 month after the first one broke at the same spot. Darn, the idea is great but had to go back to my old one for now.

  370. I ordered the Flex-able hose on Jan 28 and still have not received the order. They said 2-3 weeks and I am concerned this may be a scam. They have a status page, but it does not update, just says in process, this status has not changed in over a month.

    • Thanks all for the honest reviews. I could really use something like this hose but obviously this is a scams so I won’t bother ordering. I hope somebody will come up with one of these that really works and isn’t a scam.

      Suggestion: use PayPal and get shipping charges BEFORE you submit your order on any of these TV promotions.

  371. I ordered 2 Flex-able hoses 75′ rough terrain on Feb. 17 and just got an email telling me that supply is low, demand is high, and it will be at least 6-8 weeks before I see them. Worst part is that this gave me time to read 123 reviews, 121 of which were negative, everything from “I never received the hoses I ordered and paid for” to “the hose broke in half after 63 days.” I am in the process of trying to cancel my order before it is shipped. Wish me luck. I have learned my lesson…always read reviews before ordering ANYTHING. I agree with the person who commented that if a product is really good, it will sell in stores where customers can see and touch it before ordering!

  372. I ordered flex-able hose rough terrain 75′ last Feb 4, 2013 my order number 9524588. I am wait for them and nothing. I am disappointed.

  373. Thanks for all the reviews, they saved me from wasting time, money, and frustration having to deal with these scammers…maybe they should call it a DISPOSE-ABLE Flexi-hose—-never mind—it sounds like it doesn’t last THAT long.

  374. no -reply@flexablehoseoffer.com, tried to cancel my order because of shipping chargers, they charge you $7.99 for each hose which came to $37.96. The woman told me it takes 24 hrs. to get an email because its automated. They don’t give you a return address. When talking to a man & explained the shipping charges he then wanted to give me $30.00 off shipping. When I said send me to that affect, he said I would wait until I received the items. No Thanks

  375. Ordered my hoses on 1/16/2013 and as of 2/26/13 have not received my hoses. Credit card was debited and customer care tells me it will be another two weeks. Not happy!!

  376. My order has not been received but has been shipped (Feb 21st). I think this is a HUGE SCAM AKA A RIP OFF AS YOU CHARGED $53.94 P&H for my order of 3 hoses and nozzles. When I ordered, I noticed there was $20.00 off the order but I failed to click that box before I submitted. I have tried many times to call your customer service phone number 1-973-287-5160 and am informed that is not a good number. MY ORDER #: 21524-2013-05262-113

    I will not be passing information to friends as this is abominable…AND, I cannot even get through to get a Return #. Thanks for nothing.

    Genevieve Mason

    • Everyone that ordered one of these and had problems, take my advice and call your credit card company or contact paypal and contest the charge. You will have no problem getting your money back. This is a rip off!!

  377. Don’t you lemmings see why there are scams out there? It’s because you all are so dumb!! You fell for it, shame on you! You should all be asking yourselves why you are so dumb! Why do you believe in things so easily?? You must all have way too much money…like you really needed another piece of junk in your lives…

    • Patrick K…This is not a gossip/chat board. You are certainly a miserable coward to actually insult people on an Internet review board. I’m sure you have some issues, but stop wasting people’s time and get some help. Wow!

      • After reading every post on this board there were only 2 positive reviews! I think the lesson here is that if a product is so great it would not be sold primarily or entirely via TV or Internet. When buying anything over the phone be sure to get all of the sale tech’s info. If you are charged to much or the product is not up to your expectations cancel the order through your credit card company(never make a like purchase w/o a major CC).

        Again, a legitimate good idea for a product such as this would be patented, manufactured, distributed, and sold at department stores. These “scams” use A.S.O.T.V. and Internet sales to make $ quick, and get out. If you have been ripped off, do not give up easily. These companies also give money back guarantees in the hopes that customers will not take the time to get small amount of money back. Keep complaining(the squeaky wheel gets the greasing). “As seen on TV” should be replaced with “poorly made”. One should know that these infomercials pray on the lower class. I noticed a lot of reviews that showed concern with having wasted or spent SO MUCH money. If losing $50-$100 is going to truly affect you, for god sake, stop buying things on TV or the Internet. There’s really no need for me to potentially insult anyone, but too many spend $ irresponsibly and it cost all of us.

  378. Hose broke in half 63 days after purchase. You can guess the response. They are well aware that all hoses last between 60 and 90 days. SCAM!!!!!

  379. Thanks for posting these reviews. I was just about to click the order button when I decided to check the reviews. These reviews just saved me a lot of money and headache.

  380. Don’t waste your money. The idea is great but the hose is so poorly made it was only two weeks before it started leaking. Junk!!!

  381. I bought two 75 foot hoses (1 free) a few months ago. First, I yanked on the hose and the connector broke off the end. The second hose, both connectors leak. I tried new washers but it did no good, they still leak. Also, the shipping cost was way too high. At first, I thought the hoses were great. I ran them to my barn for the horse and brought them in every night to keep them from freezing. It was a complete waste of money!!

  382. I just called 1-973-287-5160 and cancelled my $111.09 order. Will call my credit card company to make sure it has been canceled. This company is a fraud. DO NOT ORDER.

  383. Thanks for posting the reviews. I always check before I buy something like this and the reviews really help make my decision NOT to but this.

  384. Thanks for the Flexable Hose reviews. I plan to cancel my order. I ordered once and they charged my card, and indicated the order was refused (it wasn’t). They did issue a credit, shock!!! I ordered again, without reading reviews, and it has been 4 weeks. After reading the reviews, I plan to cancel and block the charges.

  385. Ordered hoses two months ago. Money was drafted out of account and I have not received hoses nor can I contact for refund the number given on web site does not connect. I think this is a scam and rip off apparently I’m not the only one this has happen to. Wish I had read the reviews before ordering. IF I COULD FIND THE COMPANY RESPONSIBLE THEFT CHARGES WOULD FOLLOW. ADD UP ALL THAT HAVE BEEN CHEATED AND IT COMES UP QUITE A SUM OF MONEY. FRAUD FRAUD

  386. I see this hose for sale in NJ at a department store (Boscovs) for 20.00 for 50 ft. I was going to buy it and save the outrageous s&h and delayed delivery, but after reading the reviews of the hose breaking in a short period of time, I will stick with the traditional 3/4″ contractor grade hose. At least you can re-couple it if it should break and all is not lost. Thanks for the other reviews.

  387. Ordered the hoses two times….both times they drafted my checking account….have never received a hose yet! How long can a scam like keep running? Maybe Obama should look into this…LOL

    Don’t order these hoses!

    I still get emails every few days to order….some agency should look into this company. You will also notice there is no phone number where you can call and speak with someone! Live and learn….

  388. I got screwed on the shipping and still do not have the hoses. I paid half off to priority shipping. It was supposed to be $4.95, it was $5.95. I hope I get two hoses since the shipping was for two hoses. I hope it works, but after reading these reviews I doubt it will.

  389. I ordered a Flexable Hose on this TV commercial some eight weeks and did not get it yet. Is this a scam on a TV commercial…??? I am still waiting.


    I ordered this product for $290.00 without checking on reviews. After waited several weeks they finally had arrived. It’s been a month that i have them and 3 already busted! The “friendly” costumer service it’s a LIE.

    We are making this company rich for their bogus product’s instead to report them to Better Business Bureau…

  391. Used the hose for 45 days and the hose split about a foot down the side. My wife bought the hose in 9/12 for me to use in our camper so we didn’t use it until 1/13. It has a 60 warranty so I guess we are out of luck.

  392. It has been many weeks since I ordered 2 each of your flexible hoses. My order is 9349441 in the amount of $57.91. Please ship to me as soon as possible or refund my money.

    Thank You

  393. I was one step away from placing my order but somehow decided to check review. Thanks for saving me from wasting money. I feel the pain of people who got scammed into buying this product, and appreciate your comments and helping out other potential buyers.

    • I cautiously notice’d this company (step #1) obtains customers credit card info, name & address, (hit submit button) BEFORE disclosing all final cost calculations on a second page. Why not gather payment info AFTER customer agrees to total order cost. So glad I questioned this indiscretion and searched these reviews first.

  394. Thank you for all the reviews. You just saved me a ton of money! I agree that you should NEVER buy anything from As Seen on TV. I bought a product from them by phone. I wanted two of them, plus the two free, a total of 4. They sent me 4 packages of 4 each, and charged me accordingly. After several calls, I got them to reduce the price to what I had intended to order. Now I have 16 items, none of which work. Again, AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE!

    • I too, ordered this hose under the bogo offer. I received and paid for the order of 2 25′ @19.95. and 2 50′ @ 29.95 the total was. $119.00 exorbitant. s&h !! Now today I see another charge for $ 142.00 on my credit card. !!!!! I called them… And after much difficulty understanding “Tim” he informed they had just shipped today Feb 15 2013. My original and paid-for order was placed on Nov 19 2012. So now they think I should pay for something I did not order. I will not accept the deliver and ask my credit card folks to not pay the charge. What bunch of crooks!

  395. I ordered the flex-able hose in October 2012, it is now February 2013, no hose delivery. Are they kidding, they say they are back order due to high demand, but they keep advertizing??

  396. I bought the 25′ blue expanding hose last year used it about 3 times and it split. I sent email and never heard anything from this company. I would suggest do not buy anything as seen on tv. Or from this company, it is all garbage. I am very displeased with this company and their so called guarantee.

    Ernest Moulton
    Timmins ON. Canada

  397. DO NOT BUY.
    Purchsed 2 hoses and both ruptured with in 3 months. Can not locate phone number or information on warranty. Nice idea for hose but waste of money.

  398. Not sure how this works, ordered Dec. 31 2012 now Feb. 7 2013 have not received. Told might ship sometime in March maybe. Site still says 3 to 4 week shpping.

  399. 01-06-13 I ordered the FlexAble Hose (2 for the price of 1) back on December 15, 2012. I still have not received them. When I try to track my order all is says is ‘Processing’ – Please allow 2 – 3 weeks for delivery. It has been 7 weeks already. There is no email address to contact them, only a phone number which would mean making a long distance call. What kind of scam is this company running? Very Pissed Off here.

  400. Well I ordered the 50 foot hose as well with the BOGO free offer, just paying extra shipping and then at check out upgraded to the rough terrain model. All the pricing was correct but the only issue I have right now is that I placed the order 12/24 and still no hoses. I did check on the status of the order with the order number provided and it said that it still had not shipped and that it could take anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks for delivery. I’m going to give it a couple more weeks then start raising hell.

  401. I had ordered this product on their website, before looking at the reviews. I call back 1-2 hours after placing the order and was told I would have to wait 24 hours before they could cancel the order. After speaking to a customer service rep today, he did cancel my order. Now we will see if the money is credited back to my account.

    • I also purchased the 75′ hose and used it maybe six times when it started to leak. I cannot get on their web site to file for a replacement. When I log on to their site, it redirects me to another site which my fire wall blocks due to possible viruses. Have you been able to contact them for a replacement? If so, what web site or phone number?

  402. Aside from the issues mentioned already, apparently they are using an address of 500 Returns Road in Wallingford, CT 06495. This address does not exist. From what I can tell the company that sells this hose, Tristar Products is out of New Jersey. The numbers provided also have a prefix from New Jersey. Big Scam!!

  403. Flexable hose they sold these at all the water parks about three feet long but it would even last till the end of day at water park they always broke at the connections. Don’t buy!!

  404. I placed an order for the 75 ft Flexable hose on the computer and indicated that I wanted the second same size hose for only shipping and handling. I only received one hose, so I phoned Flexable Hose about not receiving the .second free hose and was told that they would not send the free hose per the offer, but would reimburse me $7.05. I think this is a sham and that they are a fraud and should honor their advertisements.

  405. Hose worked great for 2 weeks, then hose bib end cracked and blew off of hose bib. Bought at as seen on tv location. They had no interest in helping me. Called hose company, they also had no interest in helping me. Do not buy this product, doesn’t work and no customer support.

  406. I have ordered a couple of As seen on TV items and encountered trouble as described above, so when I saw the flexible hose, I was curious to see if, like all the other items I’ve checked on, it too was poorly manufactured and falsely advertised. Thank you to all those who confirmed my suspicions. I will never again purchase from a tv ad.

  407. Thanks to all that posted regarding the Flexible Hose. Maybe should post on Facebook too to get the info out. I really appreciate that all of you posted..Thanks so much!!

  408. This Flexable Hose is a huge scam. Clicked buy one get one free but only received one. Called customer service and they said it was my mistake. I know I clicked for the second free!! Got absolutely no where with customer service. They said I would have to return the one I got at my expense, reorder again, and wait the another 10 weeks to receive a new one! DO NOT ORDER from this place!!

  409. I too was told, I didn’t click the buy one get one option on the order form.. To bad I didn’t take a screen shot.. I know I did click the box.. I would recommend to everyone to take a scree shot of the order form prior to submitting the order as a precaution .. It seems way to convenient to say the box was not checked since they are having supply issues.

  410. It sounded like such a great idea, that I succumbed to the temptation and ordered one on line. It was a scam . . . I ordered the two for the price of one (just add an additional S&H, the ad said). The final tab: close to a hundred bucks. I immediately called AmExpress (who confirmed it was a scam), and put a stop on payment. After reading the product reports on this site, I’ve given up on buying one! Thanks, all of you, for the input. . .

  411. We ordered the Flexable Hose in Oct. 2012 and ordered both a 50′ and a 75′ hose with 1 of each included free. The hoses were not delivered until late Dec.

    About 3 weeks after they were delivered my wife was spraying down the pool deck with one of the 50′ hoses when the hose literally exploded just behind the spray connection leaving a large red bruise on her thigh. I found an approximately 2″ piece of a sold rubber hose core that was torn at both ends and split right down the middle from end to end floating in the pool. This piece matched the core of the exploded hose.

    I called Flexable Hose and they agreed to replace the defective hose. I am unsure if I will return it to them or not. I don’t believe my wife will ever be comfortable using this product again. The rep from Flexable Hose stated “they had never hear