Flex-Able Bungee Hose Review

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What is Flex-Able Bungee Hose?

Flex-Able Bungee Hose claims to be an expandable hose made of bungee cord fiber that is powerful and retractable. It emphasizes that it does not kink and gives you free flow of water. Flex-Able Bungee Hose guarantees to be so easy to store that it can be carried on boats and RVs or even fit into a drawer.


How does Flex-Able Bungee Hose work

The construction of Flex-Able Bungee Hose is alleged to be tough double-walled that does not kink at all. Flex-Able Bungee Hose asserts to be patent-designed to be like a fire hose so it’s strong, fast and stores easily. Flex-Able Bungee Hose proclaims to be high-performance, stretch and bend but not kink to give optimal flow of water. It also declares to have a double-wall polymer inner hose that is leak-resistant.


A water hose that does not kink

It’s difficult to deal with heavy water hoses that kink and fail to deliver a free flow of water. But Flex-Able Bungee Hose claims that it is an expanding hose that expands up to thrice its original size when you turn the water on. Flex-Able Bungee Hose asserts that it can be guided to wherever you need without tangling. It also assures that you do not have to go through the trouble of folding it back as it retracts automatically as soon as you turn the tap off and the water drains out of the hose. Flex-Able Bungee Hose maintains to have strong connectors that prevent leaks giving you ease and convenience while using it. It asserts to be made of double-wall construction so it lasts really long.


Retracts automatically and stores easily

Rubber hoses also break easily and are a mess to work with. But Flex-Able Bungee Hose maintains that it will make watering your plants or lawn mess free. The makers of Flex-Able Bungee Hose promise that all your chores that involve the use of a hose – like washing your windows or cleaning your gutters will be hassle-free. Flex-Able Bungee Hose declares that it does not need heavy devices to coil because it retracts within seconds automatically. Traditional rubber water hoses are heavy and weigh up to 20lbs but the Flex-Able Bungee Hose states to be 75 feet long and weigh less than a pound. Flex-Able Bungee Hose convinces to be so lightweight, compact and easy to carry that even a kid or a senior person can carry it easily. Flex-Able Bungee Hose assures to be so compact that event the 75-foot hose can fit into a bucket when in retracted form, and the 25-foot one can fit into a drawer. Flex-Able Bungee Hose promises to make for easy carrying on boats and even RVs.


Official website:  flexablebungeehose.com

8 thoughts on “Flex-Able Bungee Hose Review

  1. Save your money and buy a quality hose at your local hardware store. I found that these hoses do NOT expand to a full 25 foot length. AND when you use the hose it retracts half it’s length while using it. AND it costs almost as much as the hoses cost to return them. Not worth the aggravation..

    • I bought the 50′ Bungeee hose. I LOVED the light weight of the hose, so easy to use. BUT it does start to retract when you use it with a spray nozzle. Mine also leaked at the fitting to my water spicket. I tried to buy a hose washer but it was too big to use with my Bungee Hose. I called to see if I could buy the type of washer they had inside of the hose but they told me to return the hose because it was defective and they would replace it. Instead they did issue a refund.
      But even with it’s problems I still wanted the Bungee hose. I’ll just buy a longer size. I liked how light weight it was. So much easier to use then my kink free rubber hose I bought at Costco. That is a great hose but for me it is too heavy to pull out and use every day for watering.
      I also noticed that after using my Bungee hose for a few weeks the outside got snagged from it rubbing on my steps of my redwood deck.
      BUT I still want to use it because it’s so light weight and convenient. When I’m done using it, it fits into a small decorative planter instead of having to wind it up.

  2. I just purchased Flex-Able Bungee Hose 2 months ago. One of them ruptured internally becoming a soaker hose. I looked at the 60 day money back guaranty which says I have to box it, pay the shipping and give you another $ 7.99 to have my new hose. Then you decide to replace it or not. Man I wish I would have known how much of a piece of garbage the Flex-Able Bungee Hose was, I would have Never bought it!
    All of your glorified ads and online video don’t really tell the truth deceiving us as you rack in the money. I will be sure to blast this message all throughout Social Media. We can only hope that someone would sue anyone involve in making outrages claims. Don’t even think about sending a new hose. I’ll purchase one at my local Home Improvement or Amazon.

    A very dissatisfied buyer.

    • Thank you for your honest review. I am a skeptic bit was willing to give it a try once it hit the stores as a
      ” seen in tv ” item. Now I will save my money .
      Apparently the designer doesn’t understand why the hoses bust. It is the pressure of the water flowing thru it and it cannot take all that pressure in that plastic tube inside.,

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