Fizz Clean Tablets

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What are Fizz Clean Tablets?

They are all natural, biodegradable tablets that clean bottles, mugs and other hard to clean drinking containers. They work without scrubbing or rubbing when simply dropped into containers filled with water.

No more smelly cups and bottles

Fizz Clean Tablets could be the solution you need to get rid of the coating, stains and odor that come up in any drinking container you use. It’s important to use cups that are devoid of the unclean and unsightly build up as it can affect your health besides putting you off. These tablets promise they clean all the bottles, cups, thermoses you use perfectly naturally, safely and easily.

Versatile, quick and dependable

Soaps and ordinary cleaning instruments like brushes don’t clean the hard to reach crevices of your containers completely. What you need is a formula like Fizz Clean, which claims it goes beyond everything you have used but never yielded satisfactory results. The tablets aim to relieve you of that uneasy feeling of using not-very-clean drinking containers without demanding any slogging on your part.


Easy to use

Fizz Clean Tablets guarantee that they clean all your containers without any hassles. You are instructed to first fill up your mug or bottle with water and drop one Fizz Clean tablet inside. You don’t have to do any scrubbing or brushing but just throw off the water. Your container will come out sparkling clean with no trace of odor or grime inside and look brand new.

Attacks harmful bacteria too

The Fizz Clean formula states that it not only cleans the film and smell on surfaces of your containers but also the kills the harmful bacteria breeding inside. The tablets can effortlessly access and cleanse every corner that you physically can’t naturally.

All natural and safe

Fizz Clean Tablets are promoted as wholly natural, chlorine-free and biodegradable so you can count on them completely even while you’re traveling. You can’t place a number of containers you use to drink in the dishwasher but these tablets can clean them all so you can enjoy your favorite beverages even outside.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get Two pack of twenty Fizz Clean Tablets for only $10 plus $12.90 P&H.
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