EZ Jet Power Washer Review

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You have all the right intentions of keeping the outdoors around your house clean but they are waylaid for the want of a top quality washer. You know what a struggle it can be with the regular power washers and using conventional means to clean high windows etc is ridden with risks. That’s why many home owners keep putting off these tasks, which reflects in their surroundings. But not anymore because you have a brilliant way of getting the cleaning jobs in your outdoor spaces done with the help of the revolutionary EZ Jet Power Washer .

How does EZ Jet Power Washer Work

EZ Jet Power Washer means you can turn your regular garden hose into a pressure washer. Thus you will be able to clean those high windows that you find difficult to get to with ease. You will also be able to wash debris and dirt on your doorways etc without any difficulty and ensure that the job is done with precision. Such is the might of the EZ Jet Power Washer system that no cleaning task around the house will seem like a chore anymore. You can use it to power wash the fence around the house to ensure that it looks as good as new.

What’s more, EZ Jet Power Washer is quite versatile and can be used for gardening as well, which is a huge bonus. It’s packed with many sensational features that make things convenient for you. To begin with EZ Jet Power Washer has a variable water pressure flow control, which keeps the power firmly in your hands so to speak. And the adjustable spray nozzle means there are eight customizable sprays that can be used for various purposes. Like the jet spray for example can be used to clean patio furniture while the fan spray can be used to get rid of mud from sidewalks.

EZ Jet Power Washer also gives you the power of the vertical spray, which can be used to clean your boats and RVs. Custom soap dispenser can also be added to your EZ Jet Power Washer to get rid of greasy mess.



What do I get?

  • 2 EZ Jet Power Washer
  • 2 12′ Flex~Able Hose

All this for just $19.99 + $15.98 P&H. Official website TryEZJet.com



EZ Jet Power Washer Video

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