EZ Glass Cloth Review

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Do you do your best to keep your home spic and span because you know it says a lot about you? You want it to be just perfect when you have guests at home and do everything possible to ensure that. However you realize that those fingerprints, stains, dust and grime on glass surfaces in your house can be hard to get rid of. That’s why you need EZ Glass a smart way of removing grime, dust etc from glass in your house and ensure that it is lint and streak free.

How does EZ Glass Cloth Work

Yes, EZ Glass gives you a shine that is free of any streaking, which is why the results are impeccable. It’s the first super microfiber cloth in the world that is used for cleaning glass surfaces in the house. You can use it on glass tables, mirrors, your appliances, TV sets and of course tablets and computers. At the same time EZ Glass can be used to clean those glass windows in the house that not only start looking grubby over time but they can have that yellowish tint as well, which takes away from their overall look.

The secret of EZ Glass is the polyamide formation that has thousands of gentle cleaning fibres. They are responsible for not only cleaning the dust and grime from glass surfaces but getting rid of the streaks as well. Thus you get perfect cleaning results every single time something you can’t expect with regular microfibers or paper towels for that matter. Supercharging your EZ Glass is also so easy and you can simply do that by dabbing on some water. It will help get rid of those stubborn cakey messes too.

Now you have a respite from paper towels, which are expensive and lead to their own mess and harsh chemicals, which you want to avoid as much as you can. You can use EZ Glass over and over again by simply rinsing and washing it. That’s it; you are set to get that sparkly finish on glass surfaces in your house without worrying about lint or streaking.



What do I get?

  • 6 Large EZ Glass Cloths
  • 6 Small EZ Glass Cloths

All this for just $10 plus $15.90 p&h. Official website GetEZGlass.com



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