efbe-Schott Steam Mop Junior

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What is efbe-Schott Steam Mop Junior:

It is a steam mop that claims to be lightweight and yet powerful for your cleaning needs.
efbe-Schott Steam Mop Junior promises to offer respite to all home owners who like to keep their homes spic and span but struggle because of want of the right cleaning tool. You understand the benefits of steam cleaning, which not only offers you professional quality results but eliminates the need for harsh chemicals as well. And now efbe-Schott Steam Mop Junior claims that you can clean your homes conveniently without additional strain on your hands too.

efbe-Schott Steam Mop Junior is powerful and effective

efbe-Schott Steam Mop Junior is known for its pumped delivery system, which is responsible for effective cleaning, according to its claims. It is also said to be quite powerful because it makes the most out of 1380W of power it has. That’s almost professional power cleaning right at your fingertips. At the same time, efbe-Schott Steam Mop Junior emphasizes on the fact that it is lightweight. Hence you can manoeuvre it around your house easily and without straining your back or worrying about aches carrying a heavy duty cleaner.


efbe-Schott Steam Mop Junior has features for your convenience

efbe-Schott Steam Mop Junior promises to have two in one capability, which makes it versatile for your regular use at home. You can use it well to clean around the corners because it has a triangle head. Moreover the universal joint it has ensures that you can use it to clean in those otherwise hard to reach areas as well. efbe-Schott Steam Mop Junior has two drawstring fastening cloth mops and 1 carpet glider. As a result you can do steam cleaning on floor tiles and low pile carpets too.

efbe-Schott Steam Mop Junior is sleek looking

efbe-Schott Steam Mop Junior guarantees you good value for your money because of its performance. But its white/orange body is quite stylish to look at too. That makes it a handsome addition to your home appliances while it being an effective one too.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive efbe-Schott Steam Mop Junior for £59.99
  • Official website: efbeschott.com
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