EcoZash Review

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We live in stressful times where demands are made on our time and of course we have to take care of our financial resources as well. You know the kind of money you end up spending on laundry detergents over time and what’s worse is you are also worried about the chemicals they contain. But now there’s a revolutionary laundry wash ball, EcoZash, which takes things to a whole new level altogether and makes a phenomenal change to your regular laundry chore. To begin with it works as good as any other detergent and it lasts for about 1000 washes.

How does EcoZash Work

Yes that’s the startling fact about this laundry ball, which will thus help you get your worth of three years supply of detergent. Now you don’t have to spend those huge amounts buying detergents ever so often when you have this amazing laundry ball that will help you save a lot of money. You can put that saved up money to good use and also ensure that your clothes are washed smartly every single time.
This laundry ball is simple to use as well and all you have to do is put the laundry you need to be washed in the machine. You can then put this brilliant ball into the washer and make sure it does the cleaning job for you effectively. Tiny ceramic balls are filled into this ball and it’s these balls that get agitated with the motion of the washing machine. These balls then release negative ions, which are responsible for reducing the surface tension of the water. That’s what makes it softer like detergents do giving you great results.
But that’s not all, this effect along with the action of the washing machine means water gets into the fabric a lot deeper and removes dirt and gives you a thorough wash without the need for detergents. Thus your clothes don’t have to go through the damages of harsh chemicals that detergents subject them to. Your clothes won’t be discoloured either and they will be spotless clean while you save huge amounts on a regular basis.



What do I get?

  • 2 Ball
  • Fast fold

All this for £9.95 + Free P. & H.
Official website



EcoZash Video

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