Dust Daddy REVIEW | Micro Tubes That Suck Dirt

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What is Dust Daddy?

Dust Daddy claims to be a new cleaning tool that attaches to any standard vacuum cleaner and claims to clean in all the nooks and crannies that regular cleaning accessories cannot reach. The official Dust Daddy website claims it to be a unique cleaning tool that you haven’t come across but we did a little research and found that Dust Daddy in fact copied from the much popular Dusty-Brush.


Dust Daddy Claims

The main advantage the Dust Daddy cleaning tool claims to offer is that because it is made up of dozens of individual tiny suction tubes, it can reach into any cracks and crevices. With the Dust Daddy you can supposedly dust around tiny objects without having to remove them. The Dust Daddy infomercial claims that the individual tiny tubes are flexible and can reach tight spaces and spots. The Dust Daddy combines the cleaning power of a brush and vacuum, with a brush you can clean any uneven surfaces and can be used anywhere. If the claims made by BuyDustDaddy.com are to be believed then combining the cleaning power of a brush with a Vacuum significantly reduces the fine dust pollution and can be a good choice for Asthma sufferers. The Dusty Daddy tubes are small enough so that only dust and dirt get sucked in and not the items that are being cleaned.

Universal Vacuum Attachment – The Dust Daddy comes with an Universal Vacuum Attachment which the manufacturer claims lets you connect to any vacuum.

What is the Material? – The official Dust Daddy site does not mention what material is used in the flexible tubes, but we presume it is thermoplastic polymer.

What is the Diameter of the flexible tubes? – Not sure but it may range from 2 mm to 3 mm approx.

Can Dust Daddy be used on pets? – You can try but serious we don’t think it would do any meaningful cleaning.

Will Dust Daddy scratch my delicate furniture? – Yes we think, the flexible tubes are made from plastic and may have rough edges which may damage delicate furniture.

How do I clean the Dust Daddy if it gets clogged? – Just rinse it under running warm water.

Being made of plastic does Dust Daddy create static electricity? – Yes it will create static electricity and they do not provide a grounding cable with it.


What can you clean with the Dust Daddy?

  • Indoor Plants (LMAO)
  • Cluttered Drawers full of toys, small parts, needles, nuts and bolts etc.
  • Car A/c vents
  • Car Dashboards
  • Seat cushions rims and ridges
  • Ash trays
  • Glove Box
  • Furniture


Dust Daddy Don’ts

  • Do not use for Computer/Laptop Keyboard cleaning
  • Do not use for Computer/Laptop Motherboard and Fan
  • Do not use for Cleaning Fragile/Delicate Objects

Our Verdict

Dust Daddy is just a cheap imitation of the much acclaimed Dusty Brush and we do not recommend Dust Daddy. Remember one thing if such a concept of a cleaning tool was to work then the Vacuum companies would have launched them much earlier. There is nothing branded like this cleaning tool we could find. So if you combine an un-tested cleaning method with a cheap “as seen on tv” cleaning tool that gives you a gimmicky Dust Daddy cleaning product that is bound to fail. If you really think this method might work for you and such a tool might be of some use then we would suggest trying the Dusty Brush and not the Dust Daddy.


What do I get?
1 Dust Daddy for just $19.95 + FREE shipping and handling at the Official website: BuyDustDaddy.com

8 thoughts on “Dust Daddy REVIEW | Micro Tubes That Suck Dirt

  1. Watch for the upgraded double offer. The advertised cost at the dust daddy website for a single unit is $20.00 plus $9.00 for an extra unit for a total of about $29.00. The website poses one last question if you would like to upgrade the two purchased units to those which have 33% more tubes. They do not identify the extra cost but one may figure it would not be that much extra money. The cost for two upgraded units increases from $29 to $98.80. Be careful of this hoax.

  2. I received mine no problem, it fits ok, glad they sent the universal attachment, but I do have to use tape to keep it on there without falling off, works pretty good I’m a house keepeer, dosnt come with that rubberband but I have some

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