Drain Wig Review & Product Info | Does Drain Wig really work?

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What is Drain Wig?

Drain Wig is a simple contraption for your shower and bathtub that promises to keep it unclogged by hairballs, soap scum and more. Drain Wig asserts that you do not have to touch or even look at all the mess if you use this and you will save time and effort dredging or using a pressure pump, save money on calling a plumber, and save the environment by avoiding the use of harmful chemical-based solutions and powders.

How Does Drain Wig work?

To prevent clogging in your bathroom, Drain Wig assures that you just need to drop it down the drain and forget about it for about 3-5 months. When you shower, water and your hair spin down the drain. While spinning, Drain Wig assures to catch the hair, soap scum and other debris with the help of its stainless steel and tiny rubber whiskers. After a few months, you can easily remove the Drain Wig and dispose it off into the bin and replace with another piece.


No more clogged bathroom drains
We all face a clogged drain in the shower or bathtub all the time. It is so cumbersome to keep cleaning it again and again. But Drain Wig promises to keep your drain unclogged for months without having to look at or touch the yucky blob of hair, soap and other things. Drain Wig convinces that you won’t have to worry about your drain clogging again and will never have to touch hairballs clogging your shower ever again with this contraption. Just drop it down the drain and have a mess-free bathroom for 3-5 months. Drain Wig asserts to take just a few seconds to pull out and chuck it into the dustbin since it is disposable and you do not have to touch the blob of hair or even look at it when you are getting rid of it. Replace with another piece of Drain Wig and be stress-free for another 3-5 months.


Goodbye dredging and harmful solutions
Traditionally to unclog your drain, you need to get down on the bathroom floor and dredge it or use a pressure pump and both the methods are so tiring and frustrating. But Drain Wig maintains that you just need to drop it into the drain and after a few months pull it out and throw into the dustbin. That’s all the work you need to do. Drain Wig declares that you wouldn’t have to use solutions and powders with harmful chemicals to dissolve the clogging hairballs, thus saving the environment and your pipes from corrosion, too. Another way of getting rid of the clog is calling a plumber who will charge at least $80 for a visit. But Drain Wig proclaims to cost just a fraction of the price to unclog.


For showers and bathtubs
Not just your standing shower, Drain Wig emphasizes that you can use in to keep your bathtub unclogged, too. In spite of installing Drain Wig, it convinces that you can still seal the outlet shut with stopper to prevent the water from leaking when you bathe. Drain Wig asserts to be the most convenient solution for anyone who suffers from the problem of constant clogging in their bathroom, and it can be easily used by anyone, including kids and seniors without depending on anyone for help.


What do I get?
Get 2 Shower + 2 Bathtub Drain Wigs + 1 Unclogit for $19.95 + Free S/h. Official website: BuyDrainWig.com


One thought on “Drain Wig Review & Product Info | Does Drain Wig really work?

  1. I don’t know if drain wig works or not. I ordered a bunch for Christmas for my family, and they have not arrived yet, and it is Dec 28th. When I checked the tracking status, they were “stuck” in transit to the carrier. Then, as soon as I called Customer Service, they got “unstuck” but too late. Now, I am trying to call their customer service again, because they have no email system apparently, and I have been on hold for 15 mins. The first time I called, although their website says they have friendly customer service, and I got someone very UNfriendly, and unhelpful. I would not ever do business with this company again.

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