Dirty Jobs Cleaner Reviews and Complaints

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Are you tired of scrubbing and washing dirty clothes and carpets without any success? Have you ever had to give up on your favorite clothing because it was stained? There are so many products in the market that are dedicated to removing certain kinds of stains and dirt. But buying each of them can be very costly. You might wonder if you could have the power of all these solutions into one. Well, now there is a product called Dirty Jobs to make that dream come true.


Dirty Jobs Cleaner

Dirty Jobs, an all-in-one power cleaner which can remove any kind of dirt, grime or stain, is designed by Mike Rowe who knows more about dirt and its effects than anyone else. It was designed to be a universal solution for any type of dirt or stain which can occur on a daily basis. This includes removal of stains made by grease, coffee, dirty sock bottoms, wine, etc from clothes and even from carpets. Such cleaning is possible using the oxygen-powered enzymes and non-chlorine oxygen bleach, which form Dirty Jobs main ingredients. Oxygen forms bubbles that are hard on dirt and stains and soft on fabrics. It also contains Lipase Enzyme which fights Grease and Oil. Its Protease Enzyme is effective in removing grass and blood along with removal of sauces and gravy using the Amylase Enzyme. Its Mannanase Enzyme removes Ketchup and mustard stains easily. The addition of Sodium Percarbonate helps in cleaning stains from tea, coffee and wine without any fuss. Its additional Cellulase Enzyme helps renew and brighten the fabric.

Dirty Jobs Cleaner Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dirty Jobs Cleaner all about?
It’s a stain remover that can get rid of stubborn stains from fabrics and clothes thanks to enzymes and oxygen in it.

Does it work well with colours?
Yes, it’s safe on colour clothes and fabrics.

Is it a laundry detergent?
It’s a stain remover and laundry additive that removes stains while boosting capability of detergents.

Does DJC contain perfume?
It is fragrance-free.

Can DHC be used on different surfaces?
Yes; on several indoor and outdoor surfaces and you can go through mixing instructions before using it.

Is there a temperature requirement to use DJC?
Oxygen agents get activated in warm and hot water but DJC works well in cold water too.

Is there a risk of green crystals dying fabrics?
These crystals dissolve in water and don’t harm fabrics.

Can it be used for septic tanks safely?
Yes, most definitely.

How should DJC be stored?
It should be stored in a cool dry place. Once it’s mixed with water you need to use it within four hours.

Can DJC be added to laundry?
It’s a good laundry additive.

Is it HE compatible?
It certainly is.

Can it be used with front-load laundry machine?
It can be although it’s a good idea to dissolve the powder in water before using.

Can DJC clean tiles and grout?
Yes it can; in the form of liquid or paste.

Does it fade clothes?
Not at all.

Is it normal to see bubbles when DJC is added?
It’s absolutely normal due to oxygen action that removes stains.

Dirty Jobs does this amazing job of stain and dirt removal without affecting the quality of the cloth. This means it is completely safe to use on colors unlike other detergents that can cause decolorization of the fabric. Plus it can be used as a laundry additive to boost the detergent’s capability to remove stains. It is suited not just for use on fabrics but also on carpets, tiles and for other indoor and outdoor cleaning purposes.

On purchase of one 52 oz pitcher of Dirty Jobs, the company provides with some attractive free bonus gifts. These include 1 52 oz load refill pack for extra usage, one Dirty Jobs Spray Bottle to target stain hotspots and clean them with ease, one Dirty Jobs Shammy for gentle cleaning and three Dirty Jobs sponges with no extra cost.



What do I get?

  • 2 52-Load Pitchers of Dirty Jobs Complete.
  • 1 Dirty Jobs spray bottle
  • 1 Dirty Jobs Shammy
  • 3 Dirty Jobs sponges

All this for only $19.95 and $11.95. P&H

Taxes may apply. Continental U.S., AK, HI, PR, VI Orders only. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Allow additional 2 weeks for orders outside of the Continental U.S. $20 surcharge for orders shipping outside of the Continental U.S.

My Dirty Jobs, LLC
7582 Las Vegas Blvd South, Ste 444
Las Vegas, NV 89123-1060

Email: Customerservice@mydirtyjobs.com
Phone: 1-855-347-8956

Official website: MyDirtyJobs.com | GetDirtyJobs.com

Customer service is available Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 10:00pm Eastern Time. You can also check your order status 24 hours a day at www.customerstatus.com.



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11 thoughts on “Dirty Jobs Cleaner Reviews and Complaints

  1. I was very pleased with the Dirty Jobs Complete purchased at WalMart but can no longer find it. Was it discontinued? If not, where can it be purchased now?

    • I have not found Dirty Jobs at Walmart as well, nor Lowes as the had it on website but not at neither of the stores. This is a very good product as it removes juice stsins from kool-aid on counter tops and more.

      I guess it would put a lot of products off the shelf.

  2. Love this product but I can’t find it anymore why? I bought it a walmart but they don’t carry it anymore. Where can I buy it?

  3. This spot & stain remover is great and I used to by it all the time but my Walmart stopped caring it. Talked to the store and they said they aren’t caring it anymore and didn’t know why. To bad I used a lot of it and it had a great price. Like to know where I can get it without going out of town to find it. Thanks, Jim

  4. I absoluteely LOVE Dirty Jobs Laundry Spray but I CAN NOT FIND IT anywhere. WHAT IS GOING ON???? Please tell me where I can find and buy the Dirty Jobs Laundry Spray. It is fantastic and has spoiled me to using any other spray. Nothing that I have tried holds a candle to Dirty Jobs Laundry Spray. Please , please send me word on how I can order some.

  5. I use to b able 2 purchase this @ Walmart now I can’t even get it on their website Where can I purchase it?

  6. Review Dirty Jobs

    Does Dirty Jobs really remove stains easily?

    Can Dirty Jobs be used to remove grease and oil stains?

    Is Dirty Jobs good for cleaning tiles?

    Is Dirty Jobs safe to use on any type of fabrics and keeps the color intact?

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