Dirt Devil Whiskers SV Review

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Does your Bathroom floor or your kitchen flooring get dirty with frequent use? Are you driven nuts by cleaning such areas again and again? Well, to solve your problems a new vacuum cleaner known as Dirt Devil Whiskers SV has arrived in the market.


Dirt Devil Whiskers SV
The Dirt Devil Whiskers SV is a not a regular vacuum cleaner that needs handling and moving around manually but is a unique Robotic Vacuum Cleaner designed to provide the best cleaning automatically. It is a very compact product yet powerful enough to clean bathroom, kitchen tiles and hard wooden floors with excellent results. All it needs is to be kept in an enclosed area, push the simple start button and leave it for its three way powerful cleaning patterns. The cleaning patterns are automatic and continuous giving different cycles to provide cleaning in open areas as well as around the corners and edges of walls. 

It runs on a nickel cadmium battery charge to provide a high 50 minute run time for cleaning with very less noise. It also comes with an intelligent sensor which helps it to detect collision objects and even stops it from falling off stairs. The powerful straight channel suction provides superior cleaning than any other product out there. Made out of a long lasting material, it also comes with filters that can be opened up and rinsed for long term usage.

This easy to use Robotic Vacuum will change the way one perceives cleaning. Switch it on, relax and watch this unique product do the needful. It comes with a warranty of one year for parts and its motor.



What do I get?
Buy Whiskers SV at www.DirtDevil.com for just $129.99 + Shipping.



Dirt Devil Whiskers SV Video


3 thoughts on “Dirt Devil Whiskers SV Review

  1. Dirt Devil Whiskers. Battery dies quickly. Cannot obtain a replacement. Product in the bin.

  2. Review Dirt Devil Whiskers SV

    Is Dirt Devil Whiskers SV powerful enough to clean bathroom floors?

    Can Dirt Devil Whiskers SV really detect stairs and stop itself from falling?

    Is Dirt Devil Whiskers SV durable for a long term use?

    Does Dirt Devil Whiskers SV clean for over 50 minutes in one charge?

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