Dirt Devil Whiskers DSV Reviews and Complaints

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Do you wish for a clean room, kitchen or your bathroom with minimal efforts? What if there was a way to clean everything in an optimum and yet an easy way? Well here is a product that will provide you both – the Dirt Devil Whiskers DSV.


Dirt Devil Whiskers DSV

Dirt Devil Whiskers DSV is a Robotic Vacuum cleaner which cleans and dusts all kind of surfaces without the need for actually handing and moving it manually. Dirt Devil Whiskers DSV is compact in size, easy to use and fully automated. To begin its operation, one has to simply put it in a room, turn on the push button on it and leave it to sweep the floor magically.  

The Dirt Devil Whiskers has settings of three automatic and continuous cleaning patterns which maximize the cleaning. It starts with a random movement, then it goes spiral to cover deeper ends and in the end along the wall pattern to reach to the corners with ease. It has sensors which will stop collisions and also detect and stops it from falling off from stairs. It is an ideal solution for tiles, linoleum and wood flooring.

The Dirt Devil Whiskers DSV has dual edge cleaning bristles, dusting cloth and holder. Its rinse-able filter makes it a long term use gadget and has a long term batter life with over 50 minutes of run time. The white colored Dirt Devil Whiskers DSV operates at a very less noise and is the most ideal vacuum cleaner in the market. It is available with a year’s warranty over its parts and motor.



What do I get?
Buy Whiskers DSV at www.DirtDevil.com for just $149.95 + Shipping. Official website www.DirtDevil.com



Dirt Devil Whiskers DSV Video


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