Dirt Devil Lift & Go

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What is Dirt Devil Lift & Go

It is a vacuum cleaner that claims to help you vacuum, dust and pick up dirt while you are at it to ensure that your surroundings are spotless clean.
Dirt Devil Lift & Go promises to offer respite to all home owners who want to make sure their homes are spic and span. You want to do that because you are proud of your interior spaces and want to make an impression with them. You are also concerned about the hygiene levels in your house. Dirt Devil Lift & Go maintains that it can help you in this regard making cleaning a breeze for you.

Dirt Devil Lift & Go can be a solution for all your cleaning needs

Dirt Devil Lift & Go claims to be an effective solution for your different tasks like vacuuming and dusting. It also boasts of a powerful pickup system, which means dirt can be easily lifted from different surfaces in your homes. Dirt Devil Lift & Go emphasizes on the fact that it can be used just about anywhere from stairs to floors and couches. Its performance is boosted by Carry Canister Mode and On-Demand Cleaning Wand. The hard floor cleaning on the other hand can be done with Vac+Dust Floor Tool with SWIPES, making it quite versatile.

Dirt Devil Lift & Go claims to have an advantage over other cleaning systems

That’s mainly because of Vac+Dust Floor Tool with SWIPES it has. These washable swipes are made out of microfiber dusting pad and they are bolstered by DirtLock technology, according to its claims. As a result, Dirt Devil Lift & Go captures all the dust that is left behind by the disposable pads. The washable microfiber pad that’s present in Dirt Devil Lift & Go can not only lift dirt off surfaces easily but eliminate it from your homes too.


Dirt Devil Lift & Go has several features that make it convenient for use

Dirt Devil Lift & Go offers you a Carry Canister Mode, which promises to be of great help for you when it comes to above floor cleaning. With a simple push of the button you can pop off the canister and get the job done. Dirt Devil Lift & Go is also powered by Dual Cyclonic Filtration, which offers you powerful suction that claims to cut through hardest of messes at homes. Direct Path technology on the other hand lets you capture dust with strong suction across the whole cleaning path.

Dirt Devil Lift & Go has many other benefits for you

Quick-Rinse Filter made with HEPA Media promises to trap 99.97% dust and pollens down to 0.3 microns. Dirt Devil Lift & Go is also known for its 30 ft cord, which means you can clean from one room to another without having to unplug over and over again. Air-Powered Turbo Tool and 2 in1 Combo Tool that you get with your Dirt Devil Lift & Go guarantee you perfect cleaning on any kind of surface in the house. It also comes with a 3 year Limited Warranty, which speaks highly of its dependable quality.

What do I get?

You get one Dirt Devil Lift & Go plus Accessories

  • Extension Wand
  • Vac+Dust Floor Tool with SWIPES
  • Air-Powered Turbo Tool
  • 2-in-1 Combo Too
  • l

All this for $119.99.Official website dirtdevil.com/products/details/ud70300b/lift-go/.


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