Is the DAP XHose PRO any better than X-hose? Find out here…

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If you have the luxury of having a garden around the house, you definitely want to make the most out of it. However at times that’s easier said than done because regular maintenance of gardens means having to water them frequently. And you just find that difficult to do with your regular hoses that are not only tricky to use but they can put a lot of strain on your wrists and hands. That’s why now you have XHose Pro, a revolutionary, expandable hose that will make your task of watering and even cleaning a lot easier.

How does DAP XHose PRO Work

DAP XHose Pro has many advantages over your regular garden hose; to begin with it is lightweight and can be carried around easily without any strain put on your hands. You will see that this hose expands when you turn on the water and when it is turned off; the hose will get back to its original size. Thus it can be stored away easily when you are done and you won’t have to deal with space constraints because of it. XHose Pro has a unique two in one multilayered design, which makes it a strong and powerful hose for you.

DAP XHose Pro is known for a thermoplastic rubber hose that’s on the inside and it’s quite tough to begin with. What’s more, it’s surrounded by durable super-strong webbing, which makes it a long lasting solution for you. While this hose is so strong it’s also quite lightweight, which makes it perfect for use by home owners and professionals alike. Another highlight of XHose Pro is its patented design and it is guaranteed to not twist or kink at any point in time. Thus you will be able to get over another problem related to garden hoses as well.

The XHose Pro, from DAP, is a ¾” in diameter and it ensures that you get a powerful spray; thus it can be used to wash cars, your outdoor spaces like patios and driveways and it makes sense for professional use too. You can bring XHose Pro home and look after your garden with ease.


What do I get?

  • 25′ XHOSE Pro for just $29.95 plus $7.95 s/h
  • 50′ XHOSE Pro for just $49.95 plus $8.95 s/h
  • 75′ XHOSE Pro for just $69.95 plus $9.95 s/h

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DAP XHose PRO Video

Compare DAP X Hose Pro with Gorilla Hose

101 thoughts on “Is the DAP XHose PRO any better than X-hose? Find out here…

  1. Second x hose we bought, blew two holes at once while washing car. $60.00 down the drain. So disappointed in Canadian tire, once sold decent products. No more.

  2. Just found out they changed their lifetime warranty, now a one year warranty. Got to give them credit, if you’re going to sell junk a lifetime warranty might not be the brightest idea. Probably a lot cheaper to sell junk with a one year warranty than improve the product….Bravo !!!

  3. THIS IS A CHEATERS COMPANY BOUGHT 2 ea. 75 ft. hoses just junk waste of money just a company of liars
    Completely blew up the hose lines they have had thousands of failures and do nothing for consumer I am so pissed of over a company pulling this in todays market

    XHOSE are liars and make a piece of junk

  4. I purchased the 75ft one that was on the clearance shelf at very reduced price. So i thought it was better than $70 I was excited to get it at this reduced price but when i got home and connected it and turned water on it had a hole in it. So all the so called advertisements saying it’s a durable well made product is a lie. i HAVE TRIED ALOT OF DIFFERENT AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS but this is the worst product i have i ever purchased. Just cheaply made.

  5. Piece of JUNK. Used it twice within the 90 days and then not until the next summer and leaked, no it gushed, no it just flowed,,,, well it still is a piece of junk not to be purchased.

  6. I hope that the maker of the xhose has made their millions. I have bought well over $200.00 worth of the xhose & I do have to say this is the worst hose I have ever used. It only last 1 or 2 watering outings & then it pops. Weather it be in the middle or at the fitting, it can’t even last 3 waterings. I have now resorted back to the heavy hoses that lasts. This needs to be perfected & I wouldn’t even put my name behind a product like this. God help your sales & your hose.

  7. Got the kinda/sorta two for one deal in the spring. I say that because of the outrageous shipping and handling charges.

    I’ve used one about 10 times tops, Other than a leaky gasket on one end, it still works so far. The second hose I hooked to another faucet last weekend. Used it for the first time last Sunday. Turned the faucet on again with this Incredible Xhose Pro on Saturday. It lasted about a minute! I was watering ground cover and I lost pressure and the hose started shrinking. I turned around thinking my wife had turned the faucet off only to see water pouring from the inside of the faucet end of the hose. While the outside still looks good, the interior has blown apart. Yes, after only one use.

    If you are thinking about buying the 50′ hose as I did, I would strongly suggest you take that $50 and donate it to your local food pantry, animal shelter, or some other local non-profit of your choice. You will get as much good out of your money, and the non-profit will get a whole lot more use out of it.

    • I did the kinda/sorta thing too. Both hoses were junk, I called and was sent two more pieces of junk. I returned all four for a credit. The shipping was at my expense but I figured I would get a small credit which is better than nothing. WRONG….the hoses were delivered at 10:55AM on August 18 and was told yesterday on the phone that the credit process had not yet begun because I didn’t do the paperwork correctly. I called and told them I was returning them, wrote on the return slip all of the necessary information to process my credit. I was totally RIPPED OFF.

  8. I was going to order a couple of the 75′ XhosePro’s, thinking they looked very handy for the barns. Very glad I saw these reviews before I made the error of placing an order. I believe we will go back to the heavy duty rubber hoses. Takes more time to drain and coil but they last for years. If you do get a leak or a split, splice it & with a couple of clamps and its good as new.
    Thanks for the helpful reviews.

    • Hoses are terrible. I had one last only 2 times. The only good thing I can say is that they have replaced them at least a half a dozen times no questions asked. First time they ask me to return the old ones (and incur the cost) I’m done.

  9. I received the xhose pro in November, did not use it until January, then maybe once a week until today when it exploded. It has always been stored disconnected and indoors, never abused. Lifetime warranty? The hose is not worth the shipping fees for a replacement or the anguish of having to deal with this company again. Doesn’t Connecticut have a State Attorney General?

  10. Dap XHOSE PRO is truly a piece of crap that will burst within 10 minutes of its’ first use! It is extremely maddening! The quality of materials and workmanship on these hoses is despicable !
    Do NOT buy any of them as they won’t last long enough to even get them out the door! They are absolutely the worst! The idea is fabulous and you would think, with the popularity of them, that a company would jump on the idea of making a quality product! It boggles my mind to think a company would want to get back hundreds of horrible feedback and deal with every item sold, only to be returned or issue refunds! Not very intelligent people running this company!! A very bad company with a bad product!

  11. I’m anxiously awaiting a class action suit. It seems inevitable considering how so many people (myself included) have been duped into believing the X-Hose Pro was a quality product. My experience has been essentially the same as everyone else’s. Unfortunately, I purchased the hoses in 2103 but did not use them until this Spring so mine are well out of warranty. I’ve already had one replaced (grudgingly I might add) and today 2 more split making 3 of the 4 I purchased faulty. I’m not going to bother requesting replacements since one of the sections that ruptured today was a replacement. Stick with conventional hoses. They way take up a lot of storage space but they last forever.

    • The DAP x-hose has a “lifetime” warranty; however, what the warranty means is that you must send the damaged hoses back and pay for the shipping, and you must include $9.95 for shipping a replacement hose. I was stuck with 4 of these that do not even last 2 months. I finally went to Home Depot and purchased a “pocket hose” and if it breaks, at least I can return it to the store and get my money back. DAP X-Hose Pro should be sued!!!

  12. ABSOLUTELY THE WORST PRODUCT I HAVE EVER PURCHASED!!! I saw DAP’s infomercial on their XHOSE PRO offering-buy one get one for free. I called the number to order one (was not able to talk with a person) only automated service. During the transaction it asked if I was ordering (2). I thought it was, the one I purchased plus the free one. As it turns out, when I went to check out I was being charged for two hoses and a free one. I still was excited because it looked like they were well made.

    The first one lasted about 2 weeks before the inner tube kinked and burst about 2 days later. I was very upset and phoned the company stating my disappointment. They said they would be happy to send me a replacement, but I would have to pay the shipping & handling fee ( which was outrageous). I finally convinced them to send a replacement without the S/H fee. I did receive it and it lasted about 1 week before it broke. I hooked up a brand new one today and the inner tube was defective WITHOUT EVER HAVING USED IT. PLEASE DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON SUCH A WORTHLESS PRODUCT!!!

  13. I bought several of the X-hose pro units early in the summer of 2013. I now have 1 (one) that does not leak, 1 (one) that does leak and several that are totally blown. The first one broke when I dropped it. My shipment did not come with any return info or customer service phone numbers.
    I highly recommend that you avoid this product and save your money.

  14. Bought a group of 4 of these in the spring. Gave 1 away, and now have 3 in a pail to be disposed of. 1st. one when the water was turned on blew a large blue bubble like a water balloon and exploded. Sounded like a gun going off. The second sprayed water out all along the valve end which was the supposedly improved brass style, and after a few weeks the third tore open and failed. Now checking on how to send back, it seems each hose will cost at least half the cost of a new one. A complete rip-off. Don’t waste your time or money on this junk. All are going in the garbage!

  15. I purchased a 50 foot x-Hose Pro three days ago, used it the same day, drained and stored it per the instructions, and then tried to use it yesterday. After turning on the water and allowing the hose to expand it exploded about in the center of the hose with a sound like a 22 Caliber pistol had been shot. The outer nylon had a rip in it about 10 inches long and there was a 4 inch piece of hose laying six feet away and it was sliced its entire length.

    Taking it back to the store today for a refund. Nice idea but after 2 hoses lasting no more than a week each the product quality needs serious attention. Entirely to expensive for a one time use product.

  16. I ordered two 50′ XHose Pro hoses via their TV site in the summer of 2013 and FINALLY received them that fall. I put them to use immediately upon receipt and both ruptured with first use. Contact with DAP about my problem led to the replacement of both hoses. Of the two replacement hoses, one ruptured at initial use, the second still functioning as advertised, although I have good reason to doubt its continued usefulness.

    The concept behind these hoses is a good one but it is poorly executed, leaving me to wonder how DAP could associate its name with such an obviously defective product. This is my first purchase from a TV commercial – and it will be my last. Buyer beware!

  17. WHAT THE HECK !! how many bad reviews do they have to receive before they improve this piece of crap.. I’m surprised, DAP, who has such a good reputation for product hasn’t done something to resolve this problem. Why don’t they just accept the concept is great, but it doesn’t work. GO BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD !!

  18. Bought 4 of the xhose pro 75′. First one broke in the middle (rubber inside) on the second day. Second had to be placed just so at the male end, or no water would come out. Third one was stretched out and inner rubber broke after about 10 seconds.
    We are out in the country with relatively low water pressure. None of these hoses has been abused or stretched remotely close to their limit.
    The product is a total scam and I wish I had done more research before I bought it. Don’t get sucked in by the flashy infomercial, they edit out the parts with the catastrophic hose failures.
    Garbage, Garbage, Garbage!!!!!!

  19. I have purchased four of these hoses. The first two (green) failed immediately, so I ordered the X-Hose Pro plus. They lasted a little longer, but also leaked. I was very careful with all of these hoses,ie not pulling them over rough surfaces, emptying water from hose when through and keeping them out of the sun when not in use. I am within the warranty period on the plus hoses, so would like to know what to do now. I really like this product but they need to last longer than one month.

    Sally Shoop

  20. Bought two XHOSE pro hoses, 25 ft and 50 ft. Used both the 50 ft burst after the second 10 minute use just like the cheaper one right at the brass connection. Am returning both for a refund.

  21. Real crap like most of the complaints. I bought four hoses and have leaks/splits in three of them. I am looking for a way to get a refund.

  22. The x-hose pro didn’t last two days watering my flowers. Bought the 50′ & the seam on the outside sheath came undone & the hose came popping out like a balloon & popped. Live & learn I had a pocket hose last year & it didn’t last more than a week. Got ahold of customer service 800-554-5925 & they sent me an email as to where to return it for refund. I’ll still be out for the shipping & handling probably both directions.

    • Bought two hose , one leaked from fitting the other burst like a balloon after second use! Both were the ultra versions.

  23. Same as most previous reviews, X hose 50 ft. with brass fittings blew up within 15 min. of 1st.use. Was going to ask for replacement from Bed,Bath and Beyond but after reading reviews will get refund. Can’t believe they can still be sold with the record of failure. Agree, more China junk…..

  24. Purchased the50 foot X Hose Pro from a local Bed, Bath & Beyond. I had already tried the Pocket Hose and the supposedly high quality pocket hose sold in the WalMart automotive section. The Pocket Hose failed after a few months and the WalMart product failed on the second use. Followed the instruction to the letter when hooking up the new X hose Pro and installed a quality spray nozzle onto it. Within 15 minutes the outer skinning disintegrated for an estimated length of 10 or more feet and the inner tubing expanded to it’s maximum. I was able to shut of the water supply prior to the inevitable failure but I was completely disappointed in what had been touted to be a superior product. I have since given numerous tries to contact their customer service only to be given another number to call or an email reply that basically does not answer my questions. It is obvious to me that they are well aware that they are selling an inferior product and may be avoiding as much contact as possible from the irate consumer. I will return the hose to B,B&B and get my money back. I will not purchase another expandable hose anytime soon. Yes, they are convenient and easy to use and store but the failure rate and subsequent aftermath is getting to be too much.

  25. I bought 1 and then another 2…all regular X-Hose. First one is still okay after a year. 2nd one exploded after 2 months…maybe the dog chew it. I left the 3rd one closed at the nozzle but with the water turned on for about a hour…the hose blew and it was the 2nd time using this hose. Do it seems it works but is very fragile. You can never leave the faucet running with the nozzle close except when trying to expand the hose. I’m hesitant to try the pro but I need something that light and there is nothing else on the market. I will probably buy it if it becomes available at some major chain but I’m not going to buy it online.

  26. I bought the DAP XHose pro, 75ft., on the buy one get one free for $69.95 ($70), making the cost of each hose $35, a healthy price for any hose. The one I have used so far, sprung a leak on the 3rd use. It was not kinked, not caught on anything, just lying on the concete patio extended and full of water. The thing about it is, I bought them last Sept and had not used. They were stored insided the house and still in box delivered in. However, looks like there is only a 90 day warrenty.

  27. I ordered four 75 foot hoses. I received them about 10 days ago. The first one I connected kinked, contrary to advertisement, and immediately burst. I contacted customer support who told me they would send a replacement. I then connected a second hose up. I stretched most of it out and turned on the water. It kinked, and when I reached to unkink it, it burst and sprayed me. I would not recommend this product to anyone at any price. If I could give it zero stars, I would.

  28. I love the idea but it looks like the failure rate is 4/year in light duty use of the XHose Pro. I would continue to continue to purchase or exchange the product but their customer support people need to go to charm school. I told them that I was not interested in sending my warranty claim into a warehouse with my credit card number attached, due to all the credit card fraud. Their response was that I could include a check in the box, I do not understand the logic behind that suggestion. I simply suggested that they need to have a different means to (i.e. paypal) recipe the shipping fees for the hoses.
    I guess I return to the heavy FLEXION hoses at least their people have it together.

  29. purchased two….brass fittings……one broken……one waiting to be used a second time….no way to contact company for adjustment…..ready to join in a class action.

  30. I was thinking of buying the brass fitting model and started looking on the internet for them instead of calling the TV number. After coming across this site I have second thoughts but both ACE HARDWARE and BED BATH & BEYOND carry these products so that is where I will purchase them and if there is a problem they will take them back for exchange or refund. No need to deal with the DAP company warranty if there is a problem.

    • Lol if you buy them online the processing charge is as much as the hose itself so if you can, buy it in the store!

  31. Total piece of garbage. DO NOT purchase the XHose, OR the XHose Pro!! I have had XHose Pro’s 3 now, each one exploded after 2 or 3 uses, just on the pressure from a regular garden spigot. The “free replacement” is bullshit as well, they make you ship the broken one back to them (at a cost of about $10 bucks) THEN charge you a $12 shipping and handling fee to return it to you. So $22 bucks for the “free replacement. And you will havwe to do this about once a month, because they break after 2 or 3 uses. DON’T BOTHER!! Don”t buy one!!

  32. I bought 2 25ft. DapXhose. They arrived as promised. one lasted 1 week. The second one blew after 2 weeks. The company said they will replace them, but after reading these reviews I should ask for a refund. They are junk.

  33. Tired of wrestling a garden hose so tried a 25 foot chose w/plastic fittings. This hose worked so well I bought a 75 foot xhose. Used both hoses all spring and summer. Both operate at full volume with a 65 psi supply. I never strain either hose by pulling to their full length and the nozzle is set to our desired spray and never shut off while supply is on.

    I was about to order two 75 foot Xpro w/brass fittings until I read all the reviews. I’ll just install my two xhoses this spring and see if I get another trouble free season before deciding whether another xhose is worth the gamble or the wait.

  34. I bought my XHose Pro yesterday(1/4/2014) and used it for the first time the very next day. It lasted for half an hour and the rubber inside snapped and speed water all over the place. Took it back and got a refund. Will NEVER buy one again! RUBBISH…….

  35. It seems the verdict is in, don’t wonder if it will fail but when, two minutes or two weeks. I will keep my heavy commercial hose, left outdoors for 28 years and still going strong. Cost $22.00 in 1985, cost per year 79 cents.

  36. You would think that with a name like DAP that it would be quality products, that they are selling. These are far from it ! What a waste of hard earned money. Seem to me a class action law suit is in order here !!!!

  37. For those of you that were ripped off and can’t get your money back…contact your credit card company and tell them you want to do a charge back. They require that you first attempt to get a refund…then they will investigate and you will get your money back…after enough charge backs come in, they will lose their ability to accept credit cards and then more people will be protected from them and their feeble merchandise.

  38. I ordered 2, 75′ X-Hose Pro’s on June 4th directly from the X-Hose website. The cost was $69.95 plus tax and $19.90 shipping, for a total of $96.79. Sometime in late July I received a postcard from them saying the order was delayed longer than expected. The hoses showed up sometime around the beginning of August, so basically 9 weeks later.

    At first, I loved them. Beautiful brass fittings and quality s/o valves. Super lightweight. Great flow, considering. Easy to fill, use, drain, transport, and store. I kept them out of the sun and babied my hoses, never dragging them over rocks or letting them bang on the concrete. I have filled one of them maybe 4 times and the other maybe twice. The majority of these uses were just demonstrations for friends and neighbors, where I would fill the hose up and then drain it a few minutes later, so there was literally almost no wear or tear on them.

    The other day, I was washing my truck and I heard a big rip. I looked down and 4′ of cover was torn and a 4′ long water balloon was poking out the side. I ran to shut off the faucet and drain the hose, but before I could get all the water out, the inside hose burst. The hose had been pressurized for maybe 25 minutes at a not very intimidating 55 psi.

    When I bought the X-Hose Pro’s, the X-Hose website advertised a lifetime warranty. I remember it specifically, because that was what steered my purchase decision past the standard model. Tonight, I couldn’t find anything about any lifetime warranty on the website, so I started digging around the Internet for contact info. That’s when I found this website.

    After reading about everyone else’s experiences, and seeing that I’m not alone, I will not attempt to get a replacement hose under warranty. I will probably contact X-Hose for a refund, and pending the outcome of that conversation, I might contact the BBB. It’s really too bad that these hoses are continuing to be produced and purchased.

    • X-Hose Pro Repair:

      I’ve decided to just keep both hoses and repair them as they break. To me, it’s not worth the trouble or expense to file a warranty claim on a product that will just keep breaking. Upon examination, the brass connectors have screw on back nuts. They are not crimped on, so they are easy to remove with with basic tools. Here is the process that I’ve had success with…

      My hose ruptured closest to the shut-off valve (male) end. That connector easily comes apart with two crescent wrenches, or channel locks, or a vice and a pair of pliers, or whatever you have on hand. Grip the back nut closest to the hose with one tool and unscrew the other half by gripping it where the handle is mounted (where the X-Hose logo is). Once you break the connection, it will unscrew the rest of the way by hand.

      The other connector (female end) unscrews the same way, but you will need a very large hex/Allen wrench to stick inside it. I don’t know the size, but it looks larger than 1/2″. I don’t have an Allen wrench that large, but fortunately for me, that’s not the end of my hose that ruptured… this time.

      Once you remove the back nut and slide it down, you will see that the hose casing is bunched up inside of it and pulls right out. There is a plastic collar/collet that retains the inner tubing onto a brass nipple, and that also applies pressure to the casing when the back nut is tightened down. Slide this collet off and then work the inner tubing off the nipple. Remove the length of tubing from the casing, but don’t throw it away yet.

      Here is what I feel is very important to understand. When pressurized, the inner tubing will expand to the diameter and length of the casing. If there is too much casing and not enough tubing, the inner tubing will expand to its full potential, uninhibited by the casing. This will result in stress to the tubing and premature rupture. If there is too much tubing and not enough casing, on the other hand, the casing should prevent the tubing from over expanding, minimizing the stress upon it.

      Here is another way to think about it. If your hose is pressurized and there are a bunch of wrinkles in the casing, it means that the inner tubing is expanded as far (lengthwise) as it can go, and all the stress is on the tubing itself. If there are no wrinkles in the casing, the tubing is expanding to the extant that the casing allows it, and the casing itself is taking up the stress between the brass connectors.

      So my opinion is that when trimming your hose, it is better to trim off too much casing (relative to the tubing) than not enough.

      X-Hose says their hoses expand by a factor of 3, and some preliminary measurements I took prior indicates that to be a good reference. On my hose, the part of the tubing that ruptured (that had split open and blown apart from the rest of the tubing) was around 10″ long. I mated it up to the portion that I removed from the connector, which was around 16″, for a total length of wasted tubing around 26″ long. That meant I’d need to cut off 3x that much casing, or at least 78″. So I cut off 96″ or 8′ to try to minimize stress on the tubing.

      The remaining inner tubing had already retracted back quite a few feet inside the casing, so I had to feed it back through by hand. I wasn’t sure how easy that would be, but if you find the end of the tubing and just work it forward an inch or so at a time, it’s not all that difficult. One thing you might want to do is singe the end of the casing after you cut it so the fibers don’t start to fray. It is made of nylon, or at least has nylon fibers in it, and melts easily with a lighter. Once the inner tubing is pulled out past the casing, you should trim the end of it square with some scissors.

      Now it is time to reinstall the brass connector. First slide the back nut on and work the casing into it. The casing shouldn’t protrude past the inner threads, and should be flared out evenly inside the back nut. I used a pair of tweezers to help position it. Next, slide the plastic collet onto the tubing, tapered end first. You can check the fit of the casing in the back nut by sliding the collet all the way down against it and applying pressure while you tug gently on the casing. Next, push the tubing onto the nipple up to where it flares slightly (around 1/2″). If you push it all the way up against the shoulder, it will bunch up when you slide up the collet. So leave 1/4″ or so of exposed nipple. Slide the collet up onto the nipple and against the shoulder of the shut-off valve, ensuring the keyed tabs line up properly. You will have to use some muscle, but if it is too difficult, wet the tubing with some saliva. If you do this, make sure you wait to pressurize the hose until the saliva has dried. Lastly, gently slide the backnut in place, being careful not to distrupt the casing, and screw it back on.

      This repair method worked fine for me, and hopefully it will help somebody else who doesn’t want to deal with the warranty/exchange/return process. This does not address the inherent problem with this hose, which is that the casing is not durable enough, so it is bound to break again.

  39. I ordered a dozen XHOSE PROs. They were supposed to have brass fittings.
    The ones I received had plastic fittings. I sent them back three onths ago asking them to send me the ones with Brass fittings as advertised or
    else send me a refund. I have not received the ones with brass fittings as ordered and paid for. Also, I have not received a reund.

  40. Ordered our hoses in August, took a few weeks to get it. Looked real good compared to the pocket hose I had before that didn’t last more than a month or so. Thought the brass fittings were strong and hose seemed thicker and stronger. BUT, after only a few (less than 10) uses, the hose failed at the fitting connection. WOW, what a waste of time. Save your time and your money here folks. Great concept, but obviously by all the complaints there is something wrong here. Shipping our back now, minus shipping and HANDLING/ what ever that means, as it does not state anywhere we can find exactly what the handling charges are. So I will try to do an update once we see the handling charges.

  41. I bought 4 – 75 ft hoses. I kept 2, one for our Phoenix home, one for a Beach Condo, and gave the other 2 to friends. All 4 came apart spraying water everywhere. These hoses expand because of the pressure and when they come apart, all of that pressure continues to spew water everywhere.

    I thought I had simply bad luck until I talked to the friends I gave the other 2 hoses to. It was the same story. I called about the warranty, forget it!

  42. Read Jim’s comment ” if you would have read, you would have seen your hose was on back order, be smart and be patient” what kind of customer service is this? Jim if you worked for my company I would fire you in a second! I will be canceling my order Monday morning. DAP X-Hose pro – it appears that all you have changed are the fittings.

  43. I ordered the 75 ft X-Pro House in May 2013 , but didn’t receive until mid August. Used it for the first time this weekend and after about 10 minutes it split down the side with the inner tubing piping through the wrenching and then exploding leading to my getting soaking wet. I strongly recommend not purchasing this product. Yes it was lite weight but Based on my experience and what I have just learned fr easing others reviews I do not believe they have perfected this product. In addition it is not easy to obtain contact information for speaking with a customer service representative for obtaining information for returning defective XPro Hoses, and when you do finally reach a customer service Rep. You are informed they do not cover the return postage. Therefore in my case it cost me $20.00 offstage fees for initially me the order (which included the additional postage for the 2nd house “free” offer) and now it is going to me another $20.00 to return the defective hose so that I may obtain a refund. I would strongly recommend that you read what other reviewers wrote, as I wish I had done prior to my making this purchase, as I know I would have saved myself a lot of aggregation and money spent on postage and defective hoses.

    • Sorry for the typos above, but I believe one can still understand what I was saying. The technology for the X Pro hose in my opinion and based on my personal experience has not been perfected, which leads to the exterior webbing tearing and allowing the interior tubing to pop through the webbing. e Then the tubing expands beyond its capacity and burst spraying whomever happens to be in the area and using the X Pro Hose. I would not recommend making this purchase.

  44. Don’t waste your money! I got the BOGO and one of the hoses blew up the first time I turned on the water! They say they’ll replace it free, but you have to pay the S&H twice: to send it back, and pay them to send you a new one! That’s another $20 for a defective product!!! “Made in China” If I’d known, I wouldn’t have bought it!!!

  45. Xhose PRO..hahahaha what a piece of JUNK! What a SUCKER I am waiting 2 months for my hose and used it twice and WHAM! it blew out. It was suppose to have some kinda hose with in the hose or something to this effect. Unfortunately who ever made this hose FORGOT to add all the components and therefore it held up.. NO BETTER than any of the other crap ones I bought before it..PROFESSIONAL WHAT I wanna KNOW. This IS ONE BIG RIP OFF MADE IN CHINA!!! DON’T BE A SUCKER and BUY ANY HOSE MADE IN CHINA!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK..but no one to does the BBB let people get away with this? Am I PISSED OFF? YOU BETCHA!!

  46. I have been trying to sent back 3 hose that I purchase from you last year the broke and leak. there is not one that will answer the phone when you try to sent them back do not buy these fall apart and they do not honor warranty. please call me 562 714 0017.

  47. Just received my DAP Pro X-Hose …Want to say up front, this is a quantum leap in garden hose technology…I have wrestled hoses for many years and this hose is so light, no tangles and gives me full force water pressure…and best of all, stores in a small bucket next to the water faucet…I especially like the brass works on the hose and I have already told some friends to order the Xpro hose as fast as they could get online…Thanks to the inventor and look for many orders to come…

  48. I ordered X Hose Pro on 6-20-13—received them 8-24-13. So far I am satisfied with how it performs. It’s much lighter than a conventional hose and the brass fittings seem to be of very good quality. Water flow is good as well. Time will tell how long they last—I don’t have a lot of confidence in goods made in China. Hope they last a long time considering the 75 foot hoses cost just under $45.00 each even with the buy one get one free offer.

  49. Ordered, X-HOSE On 5/20/13. It has been shipped,will receive 8/20/13. Hopefully,it will work as advertised. waiting……………

    • Skip, did you order online @ the X-Pro site?

      If you did order online, how long did it take to show up on the “Order Status?”


  50. Today, I cancelled my order for the Xhose Pro. I order it on June 15, 2013. It was never shipped. I waited two months for it. My gardening season is almost over and that is what I wanted the Xhose Pro for. I can’t use the hose during the winter. I am very disappointed.

    When I cancelled the order with customer service, I was not offered $10 off to keep the order as others have stated they were offered.

    If anyone needs to contact customer service here is the phone number:

    National Express Customer Service

    • Same thing happened to me. When it finally came, it blew up when I turned it on! This company needs a major overhaul of the product and customer service!

  51. Finally got my X-Hose Pro delivered yesterday. The brass fittings are of much higher quality than the original hose and the 3/4″ diameter gives a lot more flow. So… day 1 love the hose. In concept, a brilliant idea. Will see over time if it doesn’t burst…

    Oh and by the way, it took me over 2 months to get the hoses…

    • If you’d have checked on your order, you would have seen it was on BACK ORDER!! Be smart & have a little patience !!

      • Jim, we shouldn’t have to check to see if it is backordered. That type of information should be sent to us automatically upon the “warehouse” knowing of such information. 3 months for a hose to ship?! Come on now. And everytime I call to hear some lame excuse about how it is so popular… how is that the case considering the fact that I’ve never seen a commercial or any type of internet publicity? I ran across the xhose pro online looking for someone that made a black version of the expandable hose because that’s the color I prefer. Agreeing with Woody; I can’t use the damn hose in the fall… let alone winter! Horrible customer service.

    • I ordered my X-Hose Pro on may 29th and just got it yesterday as well! It really does seem they improved a lot on the regular xhose. The brass fittings are very sturdy & the hose itself you can tell is tougher than the regular xhose. getting great flow. honestly i think they should have scrapped the regular xhose and only sold this. on day 2 here so of course its working perfect, we’ll have to see how the test of time goes.

  52. I placed an order for the X pro hose on May 28th I’m still waiting. When I called to cancel the order on 8/6 /13 I was asked why and I replied I think it’s been long enough were going on 3 months. Only then did the representative tell me if you keep the order I’ll take $10.00 off the price. I told her forget about it. Just another TV scam, this guy never had the hose to begin with when he was running his infomercial.

  53. Looks like everyone is in the same boat as far as customer service answers are concerned. I placed my order on June 25, 2013 and when I called on July 22 they said I’d receive the order August 6th. Checked the status on line today, 8/5 and it was still back ordered, so I guess I’m not getting it tomorrow. The people handling the orders are probably just a clearing house or middleman and can only pass on what they’re getting from the manufacturer, which is probably in China, so there we are!! I don’t know how long I’m going to wait, we’ll see!

  54. The original Xhose is garbage. If the cheap plastic hose fitting doesn’t brake in 2 weeks the body of the hose will burst.
    I ordered the Xhose Pro since DAP is behind and they have quality products.

    I ordered more than 5 weeks ago and have not received it. I called and they are back-ordered and cannot tell me when it will be delivered.

  55. Ordered the Xhose Pro on 7/11/2013 – called them on 7/18/2013 to find out the status of my order. Talked to a CSR who told me they are back ordered and I SHOULD receive my shipment by mid-August… A little late wouldn’t you say?? Another disappointing vendor that shouldn’t be advertising unless they have product to sell. Will be cancelling my order.

  56. Well my husband bought me a 50 ft hose for 20 $ at walmart that we had seen on tv for my 64th bday I have lots of watering to do in summer and I just cannot use a reg hose thats HEAVY. Well it was fine for about 2 wks then for some reason a hole appeared and Had to throw it away SO we went back and got another one It was not heavy and didn’t kink up. Well on the > 2nd day as I was watering flowers ANOTHER hole and as I walked over to see what happened it exploded and I was soaked. I was/am so upset we spent 40 $ on 2 hoses and now I am back to dragging out our old Big hose cuz my husband is retired as of the end of may and money is scarce. I hope people check out what they buy better than we did????

  57. I had the hose attached to the inpute side of a power washer,after about 20 minutes the hose burst in the middle.It is impossible to find the leak,I doubt even if I found the leak HOW CAN YOU REPAIR IT?? I will not be purchasing a replacement.I will not recommend.

  58. Bought ours at Pep Boys. Worked as advertised. Lasted 2 weeks and the plastic fittings broke. Sprayed me from head to foot. Waste of money. Will never purchase another. What a horrible product.

  59. I looks like most reviewers are still talking about the original X-Hose, with the plastic fittings . . . I’m looking for reviews of the new “X
    Hose PRO”

    • I am looking for the Xhose pro as well. Ours blew out at the nozzle end fitting (plastic). After cutting off the original ferrule I believe a small hose clamp will suffice for a bit. If the “rubber” water tube is the same on the Xhose and does not have an improved stress relieving fitting, I don’t have much hope.

  60. The pro is not available in stores. You must have bought one of the original plastic fitting ones.

  61. Bought the $75 hose at a Cincinnati Home and Garden Show. Worst purchase ever made. Does not expand and tried different nozzles and once it is stretched out the force of the water comes to a small stream. Would like to return it and get my money back.

  62. Works totally as advertised BUT… fittings are cheap plastic and they leak after a short time. Hopefully X-Hose pro with brass fittings will solve that problem. I’m gonna risk it, if that problem is solved, will throw away my old hoses. Wonderful product EXCEPT for the fitting leak.

  63. They did this with the old hoses. Double and tripled orders. Lot of angry people. My xhose broke right from the start. I’m glad they took my advice and used brass fittings. Simple fix may work. I have yet to try new one as I already spent over 70 bucks last summer. Don’t want to waste it again if I don’t have to.

    • Don’t waste your time calling this phone #. I have twice, and twice I have been lied to about how the product will ship out “next week”. The first time was 3 weeks ago. They either do not actually have them, or they are not shipping to anyone that ordered a Buy One Get One Free-ish…

      National Express TV products (the company that runs is not a good and reputable company. Who runs adds for weeks on end for products that they have no hope of delivering. They could certainly see their backlog 4 weeks in, and recognize that they CANNOT ship in 6 weeks, or perhaps 12 weeks….

      National Express TV. Just stay away from the company. If they ever complete my current order, that will be nice. And then I can see if the hose will actually last longer than it took to get it… Sounds doubtful from the reviews on the quality of the original plastic XHOSE product. One can hope the XHOSE PRO is better. But if it is not, the product does not appear to have any type of warranty.

      My wife really wants one. I’m happy with our 15 year old and still kicking red heavy duty hose, but they are heavy to drag around.

      One thing is for certain after reading these reviews, I will not be tossing out the old hoses, since I now expect the news ones to fail quickly.

  64. We did not get to review our order before we hit the “buy” button, and now we can’t find a phone # to change the order, we wanted 1 + the free one, it says we have 3 on order for a total of $203.55! Does anyone know how to change this order???

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