Cyclone Rake Z-10 Review

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Here’s a major breakthrough for anyone with a riding mover. From mowing over grown lawns to clearing fall leaves, property cleanup is back breaking work, until now. Introducing the most advanced line of Cyclone Rakes ever. Now, you can clear the largest lawns with ease and turn weeks of back breaking work into a ride in the park.


How does Cyclone Rake Z-10 work?
The Cyclone Rake generates ten times the lifting power of mowers to vacuum anything in its path. It can turn an overgrown field into fairway and make pine needles disappear. The Power Vacuum Pickup Reach accessory devours deep leaf draft with 17 feet of reach, it goes everywhere your mower cannot. The Estate Reach accessory has 32 feet of reach and clears 3,000 square feet without moving your mower, perfect for clearing really hard to reach areas.

The Cyclone Rake is awesome. It picks up pretty much everything – leaves, small twigs, clumps of dirt, etc. The Cyclone Rake Z-10 features a 10 in diameter Jet Path Vacuum System with nearly three times the debris flow capacity of 6-inch vacuum systems. It holds up to 450 gallons of debris or more than twelve 32 gallon cans. Unloading couldn’t be easier. Just back up to the compost site. Lift the collector and drive away. With the Cyclone Master Power Lifter accessory, just push a button and the collector rises automatically.

The Cyclone Rake Z-10 is a powerful leaf and lawn vacuum. With the revolutionary 10-inch diameter Jet Path Vacuum System, Super-Flow Miracle Impeller, and 10 HP Vanguard engine, the Z-10 delivers 277% the debris flow capacity of 6-inch vacuum systems.



Cyclone Rake Z-10 Features

  • 10-inch Diameter JetPath Vacuum System
  • 10 HP Vanguard Engine
  • Super-Flow Miracle Impeller
  • Huge 415 Gallon Capacity
  • Easy-Flow Unloading & Never Jackknives
  • Folds Flat For Storage



Reviews and Complaints
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Cyclone Rake Z-10 Video


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