Crystal Sponge Review

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What is Crystal Sponge

As per the TV ad, Crystal Sponge is a patented crystal powder that needs to be sprinkled on pet urine stains so that it absorbs the liquid mess to get rid of stains and malodor for good. It also claims to work well on other spills like coffee, milk, wine, cola, or juice.

How does Crystal Sponge work?

Pet urine stains and malodor gone for good – Crystal Sponge promises that getting rid of your pet’s urine stains is no longer backbreaking work. Your pets may be really precious to you but cleaning stains after them is not so cool because you need to scrub and rub really hard and often for hours. No matter how hard you try, the stains just won’t go and the malodor makes it worse.

You cannot possibly dry clean or change the carpet often because that would be so expensive. But the patented Crystal Sponge claims that these problems will no longer bother you ever. Instead of scrubbing and rubbing, just sprinkling the powder on the pet stain, the crystals of the formula declare to soak up the liquid mess and pull out the stain off of the carpet. When the formula dries up, just vacuum it away to get rid of the stains and the odor forever. Crystal Sponge is made in the USA and is patented (Patent Number #6494962)



Patented absorbent crystal
Crystal Sponge asserts to have a patented absorbent crystal formula that expands when in contact with the liquid of the spill. The crystals then reach deep within the carpet fibers to get rid of them completely so that the carpet is clean, dry and odor-free when it is vacuumed. The crystals of Crystal Sponge are alleged to get to work as soon as the powder is sprinkled on the mess so that it absorbs the liquid effectively. Unlike other cleaners that only mask the stain and odor, Crystal Sponge convinces to eliminate them completely and assures that there will be no wet mess left behind after you clean it.


Also cleans wine, coffee or juice stains
Not just pet stains, Crystal Sponge promises to eliminate stains and odor caused by any other liquid spills. Whether your guest accidentally spills wine on that expensive carpet or your baby spills milk or has a leaky diaper the smell of which just doesn’t go away. If you happen to spill coffee or cola Crystal Sponge assures that the most stubborn and darkest of stains will come off with the formula. It proclaims to be so effective that it can even get rid of cranberry or grape juice stains. Crystal Sponge promises to be non-toxic so you can use it on your carpet, furniture and even fabrics with no worry of your baby or pets ingesting harmful chemicals.


What do I get?
Get 1 32 oz bottle of Crystal Sponge for $19.95 + $7.95 s/h. Official website:



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