Crumby Mini Vac Review

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About Crumby Mini Vac

Crumby Mini Vac claims to be a lightweight handheld mini vacuum that can clean any crumby mess effectively. Crumby Mini Vac assures to be safe for kids’ hands and can get all the mess on a sofa or rug, table, kitchen countertop, bed, workbench and car seat easily.


How does it work

You need to run Crumby Mini Vac over any mess and it promises to pick each and every speck with its powerful 12,000 RPM micro vortex motor.

Powerful handheld mini vac

Where there are kids there will be crumbs but now the lightweight handheld mini vac Crumby Mini Vac guarantees to pick all the mess without any stress. Crumby Mini Vac convinces to clean crumbs with its powerful 12,000 RPM micro vortex motor. You need to run Crumby Mini Vac over the mess to make the area squeaky clean. It sounds a bit farfetched that a handheld vacuum cleaner can clean this well, so let’s wait for Crumby Mini Vac user reviews to prove these claims. Crumby Mini Vac maintains to be so easy to operate that even kids will clean with it thus being useful in teaching them to clean, while its Ladybug, Tornado Turtle, and Buzzing Bumblebee designs will delight kids. Would kids really love using Crumby Mini Vac? Let’s judge after reading user reviews.

Ideal for anyone, anywhere

Crumby Mini Vac emphasizes that whether crumbs of snacks on the couch or car seat, craft mess on the bed, or spilled coffee and sugar on the kitchen countertop, or mess on workbench, the vac can pick everything up easily and effectively. This feature declares to make Crumby Mini Vac ideal for moms, dads, and kids, and that it’s safe on those little hands. It’s quite tempting to believe these claims and buy the vacuum but Crumby Mini Vac user reviews must be analyzed first. Crumby Mini Vac proclaims to pick up all big and small messes like a cyclone and is compact enough to be stored in a kitchen drawer or a glove box. Did you find Crumby Mini Vac that effective? Send us your reviews.

What do I get?

You get Two Crumby Mini Vac for $9.95 Plus $11.9 P&H.Official website

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