Crum Bug

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What is Crum Bug:

It is a handheld brush vacuum that claims to help you clean crumbs from just about anywhere in your homes.
Crum Bug promises to become a handy solution for home owners who want to keep their surroundings spotless clean. You want to ensure that your interior spaces are spic and span so that you can make the best impression on your guests and maintain good hygiene levels as well. But leftover crumbs that manage to get lost somewhere on the floor or behind the furniture in your house can become a nuisance. Crum Bug maintains that it can get rid of these leftover crumbs without any hassle.

Crum Bug is effective because of its smart design

If you want to get rid of the crumbs that make their home on the carpet or behind the sofa for that matter, you have no option but to rely on that heavy, awkward vacuum cleaner. But Crum Bug asserts that you won’t have to resort to such means when it can do the job for you easily. The secret of Crum Bug lies in its unique design that enables it to pick up even the smallest particles and debris fallen on the floor. Thus your home will be free of their nuisance instantly, according to its claims.


Crum Bug works towards your convenience

One of the highlights of the Crum Bug is its rotating, sweeping bristles and they ensure that debris is picked up in one pass. Thus you don’t have to go over the floor again and again, adding to your woes and making things more difficult for yourself. You won’t end up straining your back and hands either. Crum Bug makes things easier for you because once you are done cleaning; you can pop the top and empty the crumbs with ease.

Crum Bug can be one stop cleaning solution for you

Crum Bug asserts that it can save you the hassle with cleaning because there are no messy bags or tape rolls to deal with. It can also be quite handy when it comes to picking up spilled cat litter. Crum Bug maintains that it works well when you have to pick arts items or broken glass as well.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get 2 Crumb Bug for $10.00 plus $13.98 S&H.
  • Official website:
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