Clog Clear

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What is Clog Clear:

It is a clog removal kit that claims to help you clean your drains in an environmentally friendly manner.
Clog Clear promises to come to the rescue of home owners who often struggle with clogged up drains that can become the bane of their existence. You often have to rely on professional help that can be expensive. Or you have to make do with harsh chemicals that you otherwise want to avoid. Taking matters in your own hands means you run the risk of blowing a gasket. Clog Clear maintains that it can be a safe and effective solution to this problem.

Clog Clear works efficiently for you

Clog Clear has a special faucet coupler that attaches to your tap, which is thereby turned into a powerful pressure washer. A jet of high pressure water is blasted into your drain and as a result debris and clogs are broken down instantly. Clog Clear claims to be so effective that it can work on caked-on grease or proteins and fatty deposits that can be tricky to get rid of. It works on the insides of drainage pipes thus preventing your plumbing problems from getting a lot worse.


Clog Clear is a convenient and eco friendly solution

Clog Clear maintains that it can work equally well with all types of taps with removable aerators. That’s not all; it also works with hot and cold water alike. Thus you can get the clog cleaning job done anytime. Clog Clear is reusable and promises to be a long term solution for your drain cleaning needs. You can now get rid of stubborn debris in your drainage system without the need for any special tools. Importantly, you won’t have to use any harsh chemicals for cleaning, which makes it an environmentally friendly solution.

Clog Clear can save you huge amounts

If you have had to hire professionals to get rid of these nasty clogs then you know what an expensive proposition it can be. With Clog Clear you can take matters in your own hands and save on plumbing bills.


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