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What is Clicker Mop

It is a mop that claims to help you clean your surroundings with ease while saving you time too.
Clicker Mop maintains that it can become a life saver for many home owners who really struggle to keep their houses clean with their regular mops. You want them to be spotless so that hygiene levels are maintained and you also make a lasting impression. But that often means cleaning on your hands and knees, which can be quite painful. However now you can clean effortlessly and effectively with the Clicker Mop, according to its claims.

Clicker Mop and what it does for you

Now you can bid goodbye to the regular mops that require you to strain yourself while cleaning. Clicker Mop asserts that it makes the most out of high cleaning power with an innovative design to ensure that your surroundings are cleaned effectively. Importantly, Clicker Mop emphasizes on the fact that you won’t have to waste your precious time on cleaning the floors or different surfaces in the house over and over again. It can help you do the job done in hardly any time and that too without straining your body.


Clicker Mop and understanding its secret

The secret of the Clicker Mop lies in its very special ratcheting action, which ensures that the mop head is locked in its place. As a result you are guaranteed easiest wringing ever. Actually, wringing your mops can become the bane of your existence when you are cleaning your floors. But that won’t be the case anymore because with Clicker Mop all you have to do is lift and click the handle, just like you’d be when you are wringing out a rag. It will ensure that it’s squeezed out to the last drop.

Clicker Mop has been created to ensure effective cleaning

Clicker Mop has a super absorbent, microfiber mop head and that is responsible for picking up all kinds of messes that happen in your indoor spaces. You might have tried several mops in the past that are not effective for cleaning as you’d like them to be. But there won’t be any such complains with this one, according to its claims. For cleaning, you have to rinse it out and microfiber expands to release all the dirt. Clicker Mop also stresses that it can hold up to ten times its weight.

Clicker Mop can be an economical solution for home owners

There are mops with disposable mop heads that are not only less effective but you have to keep buying them over and over again. It’s a waste of your money that is avoided by the Clicker Mop because it has machine washable mop heads. They can be machine washed for up to two years to get the most out of them. Clicker Mop also assures you that it’s lightweight at two pounds and cleans in those hard to reach areas. Scruff remover at the bottom of the mop removes marks and dried stains.

What do I get?

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  1. I love my clicker mop. But it’s time to wash the clicker mop head and I don’t know how to take it off so I can wash it. Can you tell me how?

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