Clever Mop Review

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What is Clever Mop:

It is just another as seen on tv twin bucket 360 degree spin mop system that claims to let you have sparkling clean floors without much hassle.

Clever Mop promises to offer respite to homeowners who want to make sure their indoor spaces are spic and span but struggle with the cleaning tasks. Not having the right mop can make things harder for you as you have to keep going over the cleaning tasks again and again. It thus becomes an annoying chore and you end up wasting your precious time. Clever Mop maintains that not only can you do floor cleaning effectively but quickly as well.


Clever Mop Review

TriStar products have come up with the same Spin Mop that you have seen on tv – like the 360 Degree Spin Mop & Spin Dry Bucket, Hurricane Spin Mop from Telebrands and many more. The only thing that differs with the Clever Mop is the price – $9.99 + $7.99 P&H and 60-day money back guarantee. The website is pretty neat and the infomercial video is clean and up to the point revealing how the mop actually work and its benefits over traditional mops. The name “Twin Bucket” has changed to “Dual Chamber Bucket” making it sound more sci-fi. Where most other similar mops cost between $25 to $40 even at retail stores, Clever Mop is a clear winner as far as the price is concerned. Now it remains to be seen how is the quality of the Clever Mop, at this price have they compromised the quality? is the material used cheap?

There are at least a dozen of Spin Mops with twin-buckets available in the market today, When you watch these infomercials you are convinced that this is the ultimate magical product you needed and you are lured into buying these cleaning gadgets. But you ignore one very important fact that your simple mop has now transformed into a complex system and complex system though very effective tend to break down after a while.

According to the reviews and complaints of similar twin bucket spin mops you may encounter these issues and problems with the Clever Mop – weak mop handle not suitable for heavy-duty cleaning – though good for daily mopping, some customers have complained about the mop not spinning any more, Melissa says in her review they are often made from cheap plastic and tend to break easily and you cannot use them on stubborn mess. Roland mentions in his review about the broken worm gears which stops the mop from spinning. Jacob reveals in his review that over a time the mop comes out wet from the bucket and the spinner does not remove all the water. With all these issues the Customer Care is often not to helpful.

With these issues with the similar spin mop with twin buckets it is anybody’s guess how the Clever Mop would perform.

It is a different story that most people who bought this Clever Mop could not try it because they haven’t received the product yet and seems to be on backorder.


Clever Mop features a Twin Bucket System

Clever Mop has the world’s first twin bucket system, according to its claims, and that leads to its brilliant performance. This system ensures that you can mop the floor clean with pure water with a simple push of a pedal. The dual bucket system is capable of separating dirty and clear water. The head of the Clever Mop swivels around 360 degrees, which means your floors can be cleaned with a simple twist. What’s more, you will also be able to clean under furniture, and other hard to reach areas.


Clever Mop saves you a lot of hassle

Clever Mop guarantees to trap dirt so that you can have shiny and streak free floors. The separate buckets ensure that water is kept clean so that it’s used efficiently as well. Importantly, the mop can also be dried instantly to be used over and over again. Clever Mop asserts that it has several smart features that have been added for your convenience. To begin with, it doubles up as a duster to get rid of the dust around the house. The buckets can be easily stacked up into each other, which save you storage space.

Clever Mop claims to help you do your cleaning tasks without bending, wringing or getting your hands wet. It’s also quite versatile, according to its claims, and can be used efficiently on different surfaces; from tile floors to laminate and parquet.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Clever Mop System for $ 34.95
  • Official website:
  • 11 thoughts on “Clever Mop Review

    1. Bought the clever mop at Menard’s.Used it twice and now it will not spin.What a piece of crap.Consumer be aware don’t buy this piece of crap product.

    2. The Roto-Mop refill that can be bought at Menards will fit on the Clever Mop. I haven’t had any issue with the mop head falling off. You do have to make sure it is put on completely. I got the entire Clever Mop at Menards for $12. It works great. I don’t think they carry them anymore.

    3. Great idea shame it doesn’t work the mop head is surpose to hold twice it’s weight in water, the mop head doesn’t even stay attached to the mop once you place it in water it falls off. Not worth the price at any price

      • You do have to make sure the mop head is installed completely. I’ve never had an issue with the mop head falling off. The Roto-Mop refill head will fit on the Clever Mop

    4. the hurricane spin mop is just as good as the clever mop except for the twin bucket concept. the huge problem is that I ordered 4 bucket sets and also at the same time ordered 6 replacement mop heads and after I finally received my order , I only received the bucket systems and did not receive my replacement mop heads. when I went on line to track my order it said my order for mophead replacements was cancelled. I have tried and tried to order replacement mops , all of the sites are telling me that they don’t deliver to united states. then why did I get my buckets? I am so angry! I am going back to the hurricane spin mop system. at least I can get replacement mops! also other generic brand mop heads fit and will work and I don’t have to pay up to $10.00 per replacement. I can get them for $6 or less each. a company should not be able to advertise if they can not provide thre product promised!

    5. I returned the day after to the store very chip materials, the mop itself I don’t think it last much replacement is expensive don’t buy it waste of money

    6. I ordered this Clever Mop (as seen on TV) on June 19th….and I still have not received it.
      Order# 21590201425461002 It was for 34.95 with 2 mops. What’s the problem?

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