Caddy Clean Scrubbing Machine

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What is a Caddy Clean Scrubbing Machine?

It is the smallest, lightest and the most versatile scrubbing machine that is designed with the user in mind. With its extremely low weight of 1.5 kilos (3.3 lbs) and practical design it claims to be ideal for cleaning in areas where larger, heavier and mains operated machines cannot gain access.


Simple to Handle

Caddy Clean Scrubbing Machine has been designed to minimize physical effort and discomfort, and hence maximize efficiency. It comes with many features such as adjustable and variable shaft length and angle. The brushes are designed for hard to reach corners and niches.

Battery Operated

The Caddy Clean Scrubbing Machine works on a heavy duty battery that ensures you have an uninterrupted cleaning time of two to three hours on a single charge. It has a snap-on grip for the scrubber head allowing quick attachment or replacement of brushes and pads.



It comes with a unique and a revolutionary design that allows the brush head to be adjusted in any direction, even upside down for scrubbing, washing buffing, waxing or polishing as well as the ability to swing the head in any direction at the same time.


Safe to Use

Being battery operated it is ideal and safe to be used in washrooms and toilets, specially getting in behind toilets and other washroom furniture as it has no electrical points or cords that are trailing behind. It is safe and handy as it can scrub, polish, buff and wash anything. You can even run any cleaning chemical through the tank and auto sprayer or basically clean any thing that involves elbow grease.

Freedom to Clean

There are many places in our home that need to be cleaned but we helplessly watch these places accumulate dust as we can not reach these hard to reacjh areas but with the well designed Caddy Clean Scrubbing Machine we now have the freedom to clean the areas that were almost impossible to clean before. It can be used to clean staircases, floors, base boards, walls, ceilings, columns, bathrooms, toilets, wood, cars, trucks, buses, boats, commercial kitchens, stainless steel, hard to reach places, furniture, tables and appliances. Now with this compact scrubbing machine you can clean anything within no time.


    What do I get?

  • You get Caddy Clean Scrubbing Machine just for $399.00
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