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Like every home owner you want to do everything possible to make sure your house is spotless clean. You want to do it for the comfort of your loved ones and also to make an impression with your guests, no two ways about it. But that often means you have an overflowing brooms closet, which can cause its own mess to deal with later. Your brooms are meant to help you clean up the mess, not add to it, so why have a cluttered brooms cupboard when you have a simple solution in the form of Broomy?


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How does Broomy Work

This sleek and stylish Broomy is your dust pan, broom and brush set all rolled into one. Thus you can get all these jobs done with one simple and effective tool that will fold up nicely and can be tucked away for storage. You won’t have to contend with those cluttered brooms cupboards that can be such a nuisance anymore. In fact it folds up to such a small and compact shape that you can store it behind any door or you also have the option of storing it in any utility drawer for that matter.

There are many functions for this handy tool, which can be used to get rid of open floor spills all over the house. You can also use it to clean up the mess in your cars if you want. You can use it on your expensive furniture items and staircases for that matter. The offset handle, which is one of its highlights, helps you clean under the couches and sofas as well. And if you were looking for a helping hand when it comes to tight quarters in dorm rooms, RVs etc then you have found just the right answer that is catered to your convenience.

It’s also got dust ridges that can be very handy for getting rid of pet hair and also dust bunny removal. And the micro angled edge means you will be able to sweep directly into the dust pan and not under it thus making cleaning a breeze for you.




What do I get?
2 Broomy Brooms for just $19.95 + $15.90 S/h. Official website


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