Botvac D Series Review

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What is Botvac D Series?

It is an ultra-sophisticated robot vacuum that features special LaserSmart technology with synchronized object detection that cleans your floor in a scientifically exact manner.

Unparalleled technology for impeccable cleaning

Botvac D Series could be the ultimate solution to all your woes and issues that make the task of cleaning your home feel like a grind. The makers of this vacuum proclaim that it isnotches higher than ordinary vacuums cleaners and other tools you have been using all along. Unlike them, Botvac D Series using exceptionally advanced technology that makes your home impeccably clean and hygienic. It is equipped with what it calls patented LaserSmart technology, which comes with real-time object detection abilities that can actually scan your floor and map the room,after which it plans accordingly and then starts cleaning your spaces. It doesn’t falter even a minute by bumping around aimlessly or losing its direction but goes about cleaning every speckle of dust on its own.

Unequaled functions for complete automated cleaning

According to the promoters of Botvac D Series, it comes loaded with a whole lot of advanced functions and features that give it an edge over others. It employs special advanced Spinflow Power Clean System which makes it a pro at detecting and gathering whatever you want off your floor, be it dirt, pet hair, crumbs, grains and more. It has been helpfully provided with a 50% larger brush which make it more flexible to get closer to the wall to clean right.It also has what it calls Bigger-is-better dirt bin, which can hold a lot more trash and can be emptied effortlessly too. In addition to that it comes with extra-large filter that is able to capture a lotmore dust and allergens.It also features what its makers call the precise edge cleaning side brush, which they claimprevents even a minute fleck of dust from escaping.

Versatile state-of-the-art technology

The promoters of Botvac D Series further elaborate that it comes with sophisticated technology that can scan your floor, map the room, chalk out the perfect system for cleaning accordingly and begin cleaning. You can prepare your own daily cleaning plan and schedule it accordingly simply by punching a button.When the vacuum is low on power, it goes to its charge base on its owntorecharge itself and then comes back automatically to resume cleaning where it previously paused. It’s an entirely automatic process which needs no human intervention and you may accept that’s what makes cleaning a very easy job for you.

Easy to use

If you’re wondering how complicated it is to use Botvac D Series, you may rest easy. The robot vacuum operates without any fuss and is also compatible with a range of floors that it cleans. It also has good looks, so that may be one more incentive for you to acquire it!The robot vacuum is also easy to store as it can be you placed anywhere convenient to you.

What Do I Get?

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