Blast Away Review | Does it really Remove Clog?

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What is Blast Away

Blast Away is a handy device that claims to unclog and clean any basin, drain or sink of hair, soap or any other build up with just a push of a button. Blast Away asserts to be more effective and powerful than standard rods and plungers and clears even the most stubborn blockages away with the help of CO2 gas pressure minus harmful chemical-laden solutions or expensive professional help.

How does Blast Away work?

Instead of chemicals or ineffective plungers, Blast Away asserts to use a blast of compressed air to clear the clog instantly. You just need to insert the CO2 cartridge into the Blast Away unit, press its opening into the sink that needs to be unblocked, press the button and see all the partials unclog the sink instantly. Blast Away states to form an airtight seal around the pipe and then a single powerful blast of compressed air clears the mess away.



Unclogging is no longer an unpleasant business
What’s more unpleasant than clogged washbasins, kitchen sinks and other drains? Having to clean the partials with your hands! It’s gross and unhygienic and you’d rather run away… Or now blast the partials away with just a push of a button as the plunger Blast Away asserts. There are standard pressure pumps, rods and plungers available to deal with the blockages, but they are claimed to be a lot lesser effective than Blast Away as it is proclaimed.

It is quite common to have hair and soap, food particles or even debris to block your sinks and basin. At times, the blockages become too stubborn before you have realized it and when everything else fails you need to call a plumber for help. But they charge a lot of money. However, even if the clog in your sink is a rather stubborn one, Blast Away assures to be powerful and effective enough to deal with it instantly.


Clear any kind of blockage anywhere easily : Whether it is hair and soap in your bath, pieces of food items in your kitchen sink, or any other stuff in your washbasin, Blast Away convinces that it will clear it away including oil build-up in your kitchen sink. Blast Away claims to eliminate the problem of unexplained slow drainage that just won’t go away. Unlike drainage cleaners, Blast Away promises that it does not use any chemicals so it’s safe to use and you do not have to get your hands messy either so it is hygienic. Blast Away emphasizes that you wouldn’t have to spend a pretty penny on calling a professional plumber. Blast Away declares to be the easiest, safest and quickest way than other method.


What do I get?

  • 2 Blast Away Clog Removers
  • 2 CO2 Cartridges

All this for $14.95 + $12.90 P&H | Official website:



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  1. Has anyone tried the Blast Away clog remover?

    Is it really effective?

    Does it really unclog?

    Do you recommend this product?

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