Bissell DeepClean Essential

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Have you been spending a lot of time cleaning your carpet and just can’t get the kind of cleansing you expect? Traditional vacuum cleaners are only good to clean the upper surface of carpets but most dirt and grime settled in the bottom parts never really leave it. Bissell DeepClean Essential claims that it has the complete solution to clean such hard dirt and grime particles.

How does Bissell DeepClean Essential Work


Bissell DeepClean Essential promises to remove dirt, grime and odor with its total solution comprising of various formulas and brushes. The DirtLifter PowerBrush is said to gently loosen and lift dirt from the carpet along with a pressurized spray. Later the carpet can be refreshed with the DeepClean Refresh and Febreeze Freshness formula that is coupled with Bissell DeepClean Essential. It is said that the patented 2-in-1 tank system of Bissell DeepClean Essential makes the carpet deep cleaning easy with lesser need to empty it thanks to its whooping 1 gallon capacity. Plus the Heatwave technology helps to maintain water temperature throughout while cleaning the carpet. Configuration wise the cleaning path of Bissell DeepClean Essential is 11’ wide, weighs about 24 lbs and has a 6 power rating. It is available in Black and Euro Red colors to suit individual tastes.


Bissell DeepClean Essential claims to have many advantages over traditional vacuum cleaners. The one highlighted is the fact that it removes dirt, odor, allergens, etc from the deepest roots of the carpet where no vacuum can reach. Secondly Bissell DeepClean Essential is said to be very gentle on the carpet keeping its quality intact all due to the 6 cleaning rows on the brush. And the best fact said about Bissell DeepClean Essential is that it not only works only on Carpets but also on Upholstery, Stairs and Low Pile Carpet.




What do I get?

  • You get Bissell DeepClean Essential for $159.99

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