Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum Review

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What is Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum

It claims to be a vacuum powered squeegee that cleans off dirt and grime to deliver clean results for cleaning glass, mirror, tables, tiles, spills and even cars.


See-through glass cleaner

Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum states to be a state of the art appliance that will revolutionise the way you clean glass and tiles in the house. Although at this point of time there are no Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum reviews available that will attest to its claims. The regular squeegees do help clean windows but it requires tremendous amount of work. Plus there is a lot of messy water to be cleaned once it cleans off the glass. Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum claims that it provides the easiest and simplest way of getting a see-through glass level cleaning. Such fancy claims by Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum will be only verified once Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum has been reviewed.

Vacuum powered squeegee

Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum alleges that its vacuum power squeegee is the reason it provides cleaning without leaving any spots or streaks behind. Currently there are no Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum reviews available that confirm such a claim. Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum alleges to suck water, grime and streaks into the canister by creating a water tight seal when used. We will know if it is true once we receive user reviews that state the same. Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum declares to have an EZ-Empty canister design lets user empty the dirty water without even touching it. Such a feature is quite promising but we will know for sure once Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum reviews are out. Usage wise one has to merely spray water and preferred cleaning solution on the surface and use it. Can Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum give quick results? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Features and benefits

Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum asserts to be designed with easy to grip handle to make it easy to handle. How easy it is in reality will be revealed once users have reviewed it. Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum assures that there is no limitation to its use. All thanks to its rechargeable Lithium Ion battery it can be practically used anywhere in the house. Such fancy features do sound interesting but will be confirmed by user reviews. Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum declares to be good for window glass, showers, mirrors, counters, cars and cleaning quick spills. Such claims will be substantiated once Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum is reviewed. Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum convinces to save money when compared to one time cost of professional cleaners. Is Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum really as good as it claims? Send us your Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum reviews.

What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum for $59.85
  • Official website:
  • One thought on “Big Boss Squeegee Vacuum Review

    1. I thought this would be the greatest thing ever because I get a lot of water on the inside of my windows in the winter because of cooking, etc etc. Well it didn’t make it one winter I am thinking the battery but it also came on a few times in the middle of the night, maybe the switch, I don’t know. Did work well for awhile.

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