Big Boss InstaMop Review

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What is Big Boss InstaMop:

It is a mop, which maintains that it has an edge over the regular ones that leave hidden dirt and dust behind.

Big Boss InstaMop promises to be the only mop you will need to ensure that your home is spic and span as you want it to be. It’s important for you because your house speaks volumes about you and it’s crucial for the hygiene levels around too. But working with the regular mops is a hassle. Not only do you have to handle them ever so often while cleaning, they also leave hidden dirt and dust behind. But Big Boss InstaMop claims that now you can ensure spotless clean floors without too much effort.

Big Boss InstaMop and how it gives you the cleaning edge

The highlight of the Big Boss InstaMop is the 360 degree swivel and low profile design. It’s because of this design that it can get to those hard to reach areas without any difficulty. You can get into the nooks and corners, or under furniture in your house to make sure there is no dirt, dust or grime that is left behind. Big Boss InstaMop also leads to electro static energy and that is responsible for attracting pet hair and dust. It asserts that it works like a magnet with these elements that are often difficult to get rid of from your floors and become a huge nuisance for you.


Big Boss InstaMop and its ease of use

There are several mops you can find in the market today but many of them only make things harder for you. But that’s not the case with Big Boss InstaMop, according to its claims. In fact it’s very simple to use and you can start with simply clicking it in place before dipping it in clean water. You can then spin the Big Boss InstaMop and you are ready to go. It emphasizes that it will clean various surfaces like no other mop can. It can be used on tile, marble, wood and several other surfaces with ease.

Big Boss InstaMop and the convenience it offers you

Cleaning with the regular mops mean you are using the same dirty water again and again. But that’s not the case with Big Boss InstaMop as it works on a dual bucket technology. It’s because of that clean water is separated from dirty water without any difficulty. The mop also guarantees you that you can clean without having to touch dirty mops again. Big Boss InstaMop stresses that it is stackable and can be easily stored. The drain plug makes it easy to clean and the mop heads are machine washable.


What Do I Get?

  • Buy Two Big Boss Insta Mop kit for $39.90 plus $13.9 S&P
  • Official website:
  • 4 thoughts on “Big Boss InstaMop Review

    1. I ordered an insta mop back in middle of August and have not received it yet. Did my order go through and why is it taking so long to deliver

      • Did you receive your Insta mop yet Barbara? I ordered mine about a week ago and they are apparently on back order.. they couldn’t give me a estimate time of delivery.

        • Read elizabeth & barbara’s review. My big boss spin mop has been on back order since mid Aug & no idea when I will receive. I have read enough bad reviews & tried out diff spin mop & all FAILED THE TEST for me. Will be cancelling my back order today.

          • Same here. Was very excited for this mop because of the dual bucket system. Two weeks after ordering I called wondering where my mop was. I was told it would ship out “Friday.” Another weeks passed and still no mop. I called again and was told it would be shipping out “tomorrow.” I canceled my order.

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