Bathroom Secret

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Do you feel like you have to sneak around when you need bathroom relief? When you have to go, you have to go; no two ways about it. So why do you have to go to great lengths to try and hide the fact that you have done your business? That’s what Bathroom Secret talks about and says that no one needs to know when you got to go. Yes, that’s right, Bathroom Secret claims to stop all the sneaking and cover ups of the tell tale scents so that you can go when you want and without worrying about what happens later.

What is it?
Bathroom Secret is not a perfume that you would use to try and cover up the scent that can give you away. In fact it’s supposed to be a proactive odour prevention spray and thus holds an edge over the former. Bathroom Secret is said to contain all natural essential oils and they are meant to work their magic in the bowl. Thus it claims to let you use the toilet comfortably without leaving any unwanted scents behind.

Easy to use
There are no tricky procedures involved with Bathroom Secret and you simply have to spray a few drops into the bowl before you go. It works by creating a clear barrier in the bowl and it will ensure that no odours escape when you are done with the job. You can actually see the barrier that’s been created by Bathroom Secret so you know it is working as it claims. And you will also realize that no odours are escaping and no one can tell when you have been.

It’s versatile
Bathroom Secret promises to be the perfect bathroom accessory for you. If you want to make sure there are no tell tale signs at home then you can use it easily as well. But you also have the option of carrying it with you wherever you go because it’s quite portable. You can slip it in your purse or wallet and use it at your work place or when you are going over to your friends’ for that matter.

It might be of help if you need to share your hotel room or when you are on the flight. Bathroom Secret guarantees that you will keep your privacy just like you’d want do and your business will be nobody else’s.

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