Awesome Nozzle Review

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Awesome Nozzle is a brilliant product available to you, which will turn your regular garden hose into a high pressure cleaner. Think of your simple hose in the garden used for watering plants and imagine it splashing water at great, high pressure enough to clean the windows on the second storey of your house. It could also be used to pressure wash your car, which saves you a trip to the car cleaners.


How does Awesome Nozzle work?
That docile, calm garden hose can now be turned into a ferocious high pressure cleaner. Moreover it’s multipurpose giving you versatility of using it like never before. While you can still use it to water vegetables, now you don’t have to climb the ladder to clean your second storey windows. With the help of Awesome Nozzle you can clean these windows from your garden, saving you the hassle of getting out ladders and the safety risks it might involve. When you buy an Awesome Nozzle all your high pressure cleaning needs will be taken care of and it will be the only hose nozzle you will ever need.

Awesome Nozzle can help you instantly raise water Psi from 40 to around 220. It can be achieved by a simple, one hand operation. You also have the option of choosing the spray pattern; from solid stream to broad fan according to your need. It features a comfort grip, which gives power in your hands.

Awesome Nozzle helps you clean windows, cars when you want. It’s convenient for use, can quickly raise the water pressure and comfort grip makes it easy to handle.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
Get Awesome Nozzle for just $30.00 + shipping and handling. Official Website



Reviews and Complaints
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Awesome Nozzle Video
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6 thoughts on “Awesome Nozzle Review

  1. The Awesome Nozzle is not so awesome. We have excellent water pressure, but this nozzle is no better than any other. This is NOT what was demonstrated to me and unfortunately, I bought two….one isn’t even opened. I don’t recommend unless you don’t mind paying $30 for a plain old nozzle with a fancy appearance!

  2. I am writing here because I am completely distressed after having a harrowing experience trying to find reviews about Awesome Nozzle. I was almost conned into buying the product, luckily I stopped and realized the trap soon enough. But what happens to unsuspecting buyers who look at these review sites without a care in the world. You would expect review sites to give you more information about a particular product and what it can do for you. But after going through these sites I have realized that they don’t talk about products at all. And if they do, they have nothing more to add than what the manufacturer is already telling me. What’s the point of that? Your site is a welcome relief and I am so happy to have found you. I will keep looking at your site for all product reviews from now on and talk about it to my friends and family too.

    • We really appreciate that and wish you didn’t have to go through that distressing experience you mention. There are many users who have been victims of the same trick in the past and the con continues because search engines seem to be completely helpless when it comes to spotting these sites. It’s something the manufacturers take advantage of over and over again and with the help of affiliate marketers make sure their products get these raving “fake” reviews; but it’s a scam.

  3. Got Awesome Nozzle home and it didn’t work and now can’t get a refund back from the company. They won’t answer the phone just messages,

  4. There’s no physical way a simple nozzle can increase the city water pressure from 40psi to 220psi without an external electric compressor. The velocity of the water-jet is limited by the supply pressure just as with any other nozzle attached to a garden hose.

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