Attach-A-Vac Review

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What is Attach-A-Vac

As per the infomercial it is a convenient mini vacuum that replaces traditional vacuums which are bulky and difficult to maneuver. It claims to be so compact that it attaches to a broom stick and still provide a very strong suction.


Stay dirt free

Attach-A-Vac claims to be the most unique way of cleaning up small debris, small spills and dirt on the floor and on the unreachable corners. Currently there are no Attach-A-Vac reviews available that will attest to its claims. Attach-A-Vac states to be very impressive when compared to regular vacuum cleaners that are very powerful but very bulky. Lugging them out and maneuvering them for small jobs is a big task which Attach-A-Vac alleges to resolve with its unique design and powerful suction. Attach-A-Vac does promise a lot of things but we shall know if it works for sure only one we analyze its user reviews.

Ease of use

Attach-A-Vac promises to be very easy to handle and its design especially states that it can simply fit on the top of a broomstick. Attach-A-Vac does sound very fascinating; User reviews will expose the truth. Attach-A-Vac asserts to have a compact design that takes a few simple clicks to fix on the broomstick or can be used handheld too. Attach-A-Vac assures that it will pick up any debris or fine dust that is left after sweeping the floor. Once it is used as desired it can be simply emptied by detaching it. At this point of time it is difficult to be sure of how well Attach-A-Vac works and will be verified once it is reviewed.

Clean inaccessible areas

Attach-A-Vac guarantees that its unique compact design with powerful suction can help reach any nook and corner in the house. Attach-A-Vac alleges that its ability to readily fix on the broom can help reach high ceilings to remove dust and cobwebs. Attach-A-Vac maintains to clear dust and debris behind the furniture without the need to move them. It also convinces to be good at removing bugs and small creatures form a safe distance. Attach-A-Vac claims to have many features that are worth having but will be validated once users review it.

Additional benefits

Attach-A-Vac proclaims that its small size is good enough to store easily without taking a lot of room. In fact Attach-A-Vac emphasizes to be great for cleaning the car seats and d├ęcor easily and then fit inside the glove compartment with ease for handy cleaning on the go. Attach-A-Vac promises to cut the everyday cleaning process in half and at the same time keep users from straining their hands and back during the process. Does Attach-A-Vac really work as promised? Send us your reviews.

What do I get?

Please see official website

One thought on “Attach-A-Vac Review

  1. This website does not exist! I ordered attach-a-vac a few weeks ago and have not heard from them. I posted on as seen on tv site and gave my order number with no response. I don’t know if I will receive this product or not. Any advice?

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