Aqua Max

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Do you take all the effort possible to keep your homes spotless clean? Yet, after breaking your back over it and spending a lot of precious time, do you notice areas in your interiors and outdoors that can do with a good scrubbing? Aqua Max claims to offer you the smart and efficient way that will help you get over these problems.

How does Aqua Max Work

Aqua Max is supposed to be the strong power cleaning tool that can make things a lot easier for you. Power cleaning just about anything you want can be super fast and quite effective as well.

Aqua Max, quite simply is the power scrubber that will derive its power from the garden hose you might have. And it is capable of turning regular water pressure into enormous scrubbing mean machine, which can handle the task of cleaning and scrubbing most stubborn and hard to get stains and spots in and around the house. All you have to do with Aqua Max is attach it to the garden hose and it’s ready to do its job for you. The rotating brush of Aqua Max can spin more than 250 times in a minute, and that’s what makes it so powerful against dirt, grime, stained windows etc.

Aqua Max is meant to be extremely versatile and can have several applications for you on a regular basis. Of course it can be used indoors but it can be used on outdoor walls, patio furniture as well. And it can work well for washing cars too. Aqua Max comes with an extension handle, which lets you get to those high windows. And those spots that you tend to miss otherwise won’t be a problem either. Aqua Max is supposed to give scrubbing power in your hands to keep your homes squeaky clean.




What do I get?

  • 1 AquaMax
  • 1 SprayMax attachment

All this for $19.99 plus $4.99 S&H. Official



Aqua Max Video
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