Aqua Jet Review

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What is Aqua Jet –

As per the infomercial it is a new and powerful washer that comes with turbo charged strength to release high velocity jet stream to clean the driveway, patio, windows, gutters and cars with ease.

Unique power washer

Aqua Jet maintains to be the most powerful washer that can be used to perform all sorts of cleaning jobs. It is difficult to accept the claims of Aqua Jet right away since there are no reviews by users. Aqua Jet promises to be better than regular nozzles that just cannot get the job done and is handier compared to bulky pressure cleaners. Although at this point of time there are no Aqua Jet reviews available that will attest to its claims. Aqua Jet proclaims that its design is highly unique and can be touted as one of the best power washers for home use. Such tall claims by Aqua Jet do make it a worthy contender but Aqua Jet reviews will expose the truth.

Sturdy construction and design

Aqua Jet convinces to be much more beneficial due to its ergonomic design that allows attaching it easily to any type of standard garden hose. Such farfetched claims by Aqua Jet will be substantiated once it is reviewed. Aqua Jet states to be highly sleek to hold and does not take a lot of effort since the grip is also ergonomically designed for use without stress or strain. More shall be revealed once Aqua Jet is reviewed. Aqua Jet declares to have a lever that helps in controlling the water flow and once pulled it lets out a high velocity jet stream capable of power washing almost anything. Does Aqua Jet really work in such an amazing way? Aqua Jet reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Clean anything with ease

Aqua Jet guarantees to clean anything with high speed and precision due to the high velocity stream of water that rushes through it. Aqua Jet’s output has a wider range, which makes it perfect to wash larger areas easily. Although there are no Aqua Jet reviews yet that will confirm its claims or even validate it with substantial proof. Aqua Jet convinces to be perfect for cleaning high windows without the need of a ladder to reach heights. Aqua Jet asserts to have the perfect flow to clean house siding and the patio, clearing the driveway, removing dirt and grime from the pavers and even washing the car quickly and cleanly. Such fancy claims made by Aqua Jet will be verified once it is reviewed. Aqua Jet claims that even though it has high speed water flow its wide spray is pretty gentle enough to water the garden. It is difficult right now to believe the claims of Aqua Jet since there are no user reviews available to support it. Aqua Jet emphasizes to also come with an extension that is perfectly suited to clean the gutters without actually climbing up. Did you find Aqua Jet really helpful as it claims? Send us your Aqua Jet reviews.

What do I get?

You get Aqua Jet and XHose Pro Extreme for $19.99 USD + $11.9 P&H.Official website

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