Amish Secret Review & Info

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What is Amish Secret?

It is a formula that is so powerful and innovative that it helps in bringing back wooden furniture to life by polishing them shiny. It is developed to honor the Amish heritage of craftsmanship.

Bring life to wooden furniture:

Amish Secret promises to deliver a great formula that will shine your wooden furniture like new. Most wooden furniture is beautiful if crafted with intricate design and has been a traditional furniture material since decades. The problem with such furniture is that over the period of time it starts to lose it shine and the grand look starts fading. The luster of wood starts to go away as wax starts to build up as years pass by. Amish Secret understands the importance of wooden furniture and supposedly is a great solution that unlike other solutions does deliver a lasting shine on any wooden furniture.


Groundbreaking formula:

Amish Secret is said to be so effective in providing shine that it doesn’t need any additional solution along with it and can protect furniture in one simple step. The development of Amish Secret is apparently done in the USA and is totally handmade to honor the Amish heritage of fine craftsmanship. In competition to Amish Secret it is said there are oily sprays and other cleaners available that are needed to be applied for longer time and scrubbed hard to get nice luster. Instead Amish Secret claims that its revolutionary formula needs to be applied by simply spraying it on the surface and wiping it off. The power of Amish Secret is supposedly so strong that it can clear off built up wax in seconds to reveal a lasting shine without leaving any sticky or oily residue. It also is quite tough on stains and grease on kitchen cabinets and clears it off within seconds. Amish Secret apparently is perfect for all type of wood including cherry, oak, maple, walnut, exotic hardwoods, painted wood, etc.

Amish Secret Review

Amish Secret Ingredients not listed

Amish Secret is no miracle wand that will restore the finish of your furniture. The fact that the manufacturer of Amish Secret does not reveal the ingredients, it makes this product a good candidate to be categorized as SCAM. Maybe if they listed the ingredients it may no longer have the magical cleaning properties as claimed in the TV ad. If you could get a list of ingredients you will find for yourself that it is just another wood polish and nothing more.

They don’t mention the quantity of the product.

According to the TV ad you can transform the look of your furniture in just one application, but usually such products are slow acting and it takes several layers to see the results.

Here is a good source of how to protect your Amish furniture and not get scammed by products like Amish Secret.

Bad Business Practice

Shipping cost is higher than the product price. Customer service is non-existent.

Amish Secret may not work for Amish-style kitchen cabinets

Amish Secret does not use a polyurethane or varnish finish. All it provides is hand rubbed finish that is of no use. It just smoothes wood with abrasives and polishes the wood with oil or wax or sometimes like a rubbed on varnish. It does not offer complete protection to wood like polyurethane. The finish that Amish Secret provides initially seems fine, but gradually begins fading away, drying out or showing water marks easily unlike well-protected wood would. Instead of yielding desirable results by providing proper finishing, Amish Secret does little more than stripping oil and wax off furniture.

Does Amish Secret really work?

Amish Secret seems to work only as a short-term solution. Its finishing effect lasts only as long as the furniture polish doesn’t evaporate, which can be for an hour or a day. It adds a temporary shine or luster to the surface, may help with cleaning grease and fingerprints and add fragrance. Amish Secret cannot keep in check the effects of sunlight, oxidation and damage on furniture. It is also unable to prevent drying out or cracking of finishes or protect surfaces from heat or solvents. It merely adds luster at the top of the surface that appears like application of a fresh coat.


    What do I get ?

  • You get Two Amish Secret for $10 plus $15.98
  • You also get Furniture Repair Marker
  • Official Website :

3 thoughts on “Amish Secret Review & Info

  1. Love the product but very upset with the spray mechanism. It only works part of the time. Experienced with each order. There is over half the amount of cleaner in bottle so it is not because it is low. I hope to get a new spray mechanism from company or I will stop using the product even when the product is good.

  2. I’ve used it on many furnature pieces, but noticed the best results on a black lacquered piano that always showed fingerprints and collected dust constantly. Now I rarely need to dust it, fingerprints and smudges are no longer a problem. I love it!

  3. Has anyone tried Amish Secret? does it really work?

    Why are the ingredients not listed?

    Would you recommend this product to others?

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