25′ Expandable Hose

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About 25′ Expandable Hose

The 25′ Expandable Hose is a retractable hose designed to expand without kinking or tangling!


Compact and lightweight

The 25′ Expandable Hose weighs less than 2 lb., is compact, lightweight, and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. The 25′ Expandable Hose fits all standard nozzles and spigots.

25′ Expandable Hose automatically expands and contracts. Simply turn the water on and the 25′ Expandable Hose expands to 3X its original length. Then guide it anywhere you want without any kinking or tangling. Turn the water off and the hose begins to retract when the water starts to drain and the gets back into its original shape.
25′ Expandable Hose is extremely strong and has a high volume spray.


Durable construction
25′ Expandable Hose is made of a sturdy double-wall construction designed to bend and stretch but never kink or tangle.


Space saver – Easy to store
25′ Expandable Hose is very easy to store. It saves space in your garage and basement.

25′ Expandable Hose takes the mess out of watering your lawn and plants! Great for windows and gutters too!

It’s time to stop struggling with tangled hoses and try the 25′ Expandable Hose!

Order the 25′ Expandable Hose today!

25′ Expandable Hose Review

The 25′ Expandable Hose popped within 2 weeks of using it once a day to water a small back yard. There is a reason it can curl up because it’s made of thin plastic trash.

Ordered two 25′ Expandable Hoses and both popped and were destroyed on the first use.

25′ Expandable Hose is cheap and leaked.

25′ Expandable Hose is not high quality. Probably about the same as Walmart! The nozzle sucks! 25′ Expandable Hose has lots of settings and no power!

Bought the 25′ Expandable Hose a few weeks ago based on the ratings and reviews and in the middle of watering, it completely burst!

Ordered the 50 ft. 25′ Expandable Hose and it worked so well so wrote a good review of it. Ordered the 75 ft. 25′ Expandable Hose, used it once and the second time it sprung a leak in the hose itself in the fabric. The 75 ft. 25′ Expandable Hose does not retract easily due to length and also due to the 1/2″ size it is not good for a patio – not enough water pressure. Main problem with the 25′ Expandable Hose is the leak so the 75 ft. 25′ Expandable Hose is not recommended.

25′ Expandable Hose is very easy to use. The multiple settings are great. It takes a little bit of time to expand due to very length of the pipe.

25′ Expandable Hose is a terrible product! 25′ Expandable Hose only works if you are trying to spray things with a nozzle. It’s worthless if you are trying to care for your lawn with a sprinkler. It goes to its shrunken size, so if you need to water something a few feet away it works perfect!

25′ Expandable Hose worked one time, and then came apart like it was built to do just that. 25′ Expandable Hose is certainly not built to handle even the slightest amount of water pressure. It is the worst product.

25′ Expandable Hose popped like a water balloon the very first time it was under pressure.
25′ Expandable Hose has an awful chemical smell that is emitted from this hose. You will need to wash your hands twice each time after handling.

Bought two 25′ Expandable Hoses and they both failed within 3 uses. Don’t waste your time trying these, the interior triple layer hose on the first one snapped at the nozzle and the second hose snapped in the middle.

25′ Expandable Hose failed in middle about the 4-5th time of use.

25′ Expandable Hose is so compact however it does not hold water pressure like other expandable hoses.

25′ Expandable Hose started leaking badly a few days after using it.

25′ Expandable Hose does not leak much but it does leak a little from the attachment to the spigot, which could be due to my spigot or to the hose.

After hooking it up and turning it on, it immediately started to leak.

25′ Expandable Hose cannot always withstand the water pressure. In about 5 uses had a leak where the hose hooks to the faucet.

With great pressure at home and letting the 25′ Expandable Hose expand and trying the spray nozzle on full action, it shrunk down.

Not sure if the 25′ Expandable Hose has any type of warranty, but it pretty much exploded after a month or so of minimal use. Seems the inner tubing gave out and the water exits the hose about halfway down the 75′ tube.

If it didn’t blow out (within the first 5 minutes of use) it would have been a handy hose. While using it the first time, without any pressure build up in this hose, it burst. The quality control measures employed by the manufacturer (Made in China) are extremely poor.

The 25′ Expandable Hose is fine. It only works with a hand-held watering head.

25′ Expandable Hose has a small diameter on the inside, so much it restricts the flow of water by about 50%. If you turn the water on at what would be a level on a regular hose, it comes out like a firehose on this one. Because the flow is restricted, it takes twice as long to fill anything up but because the water comes out with so much force. You will have to turn the flow down even more to keep it from spraying out. This means it takes even longer to fill anything. 25′ Expandable Hose is a real disappointment.

Had a problem with the construction of the 25′ Expandable Hose tubing itself. Used it twice over the last 2 weeks and it was fine. Used it for the 3rd time and water just started gushing out of the fabric hosing itself. Obviously that eliminated any pressure (or even water for that matter) to the end of the hose.

Coating/paint has been removed on the end of the hose, no proper impermeability – which lead to leakage.

25′ Expandable Hose does not work with an oscillating sprinkler. The 25′ Expandable Hose requires pressure to expand and you may not be able to get it to expand to its full length with this type of sprinkler.

The 25′ Expandable Hose itself is pretty thick and good quality.

The 25′ Expandable Hose seems sturdy but the nylon covering has already frayed. It frayed because it rubbed against a door frame when expanding. It seems too fragile.

25′ Expandable Hose requires too much pressure to inflate. Being on a well and with pretty good pressure, the 25′ Expandable Hose is so restricting that it won’t inflate or flow much at all. 25′ Expandable Hose has quality construction but too constricting for lower pressures.

The brass insert at the female end of the hose extends out to far preventing proper seal on some spigots. This insert is larger in diameter than the hole in some spigots. Company should put flyer in product explaining that this could be an issue and supply either an extra seal washer or use larger seal washer on hose. Again no big issue but be aware and have extra seal washer on hand, otherwise 25′ Expandable Hose is a great product so far.

25′ Expandable Hose Questions and Answers

Q. Can one 25′ Expandable Hose be connected to another one?
A. Yes

Q. What is the 25′ Expandable Hose hanger made out of?
A. 25′ Expandable Hose is made of plastic.

Q. What is the warranty of the 25′ Expandable Hose?
A. One month with Amazon Prime and one year if you send in the registration card that came with the product.

Q. One review mentioned the 25′ Expandable Hose has an awful chemical smell. Is this a common problem?
A. 25′ Expandable Hose has no smell.

Q. If you use a sprinkler, does it expand to full length?
A. Have only used the hand sprinkler that it comes with.

Q. I bought the 25′ Expandable Hose and love it but I didn’t buy the hose that came with the hose/nozzle cradle. Does anyone know where I can buy one for this hose?
A. Naturohose sells the nozzle on Amazon.

Q. Is the 25′ Expandable Hose lead free?
A. Yes, 25′ Expandable Hose is lead free.

Q. Can you hook the 25′ Expandable Hose up to a kitchen faucet?
A. Yes, just like with a conventional garden hose, you can get adapters at your hardware store to connect your new hose to a kitchen tap. As a regular hose, this one has a 3/4 inch female connector. Make sure you get the right adapter for your tap.

Q. Where is the 25′ Expandable Hose made (i.e. country of origin)?
A. 25′ Expandable Hose is made in China.

Q. Do the expandable hoses come with a guarantee? My hoses have popped.
A. You might want to check your water pressure. 25′ Expandable Hose stands water pressure of up 12 bars (174 psi), which is on the high side.

Q. What is the burst pressure (psi)?
A. The max water pressure for the 25′ Expandable Hose is 12 bars (174 psi).

Q. What is the material at the end of the 25′ Expandable Hose?
A. Brass on both ends

Q. Can you attach a nozzle of your choice?
A. Yes, it is a standard hose thread.


What do I get?
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