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What is NuFix:

It claims to be a solution for fixing broken things; from tools to furniture in the house.

NuFix promises to be more powerful and effective than duct tape, offering a helping hand to people who want to … Read the rest

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Wallet Ninja

What is Wallet Ninja?

It is a multi-tool the shape and size of a credit card that performs functions of 18 everyday tools by itself.


The smartest all-in-one tool of all

Wallet Ninja is a … Read the rest

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WorX Aerocart

What is RX Aerocart?

WORX Aerocart is a 8-in-1 multifunction Wheelbarrow, Dolly and Cart that makes shifting heavy objects and loads easy. It can double up as a hand truck, dolly, extended dolly, bag holder, cylinder holder, rock lifter, flower … Read the rest

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What is Liftdini:

It is a tool that can help you lift heavy objects easily and without any bending and straining.
Liftdini is meant to make it easier for you to lift heavy objects so that you can get on … Read the rest

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Easy Screen Repair Tape

What is Easy Screen Repair Tape

It is meant to be any easy way to repair your screen so that you can save yourself the money for replacing it.
Easy Screen Repair Tape is meant to be easy to use … Read the rest

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What is Twist-Lok –

It is a drill, lok and drive attachment that lets you change from drill bit to screwdriver bit instantly. It works on any drill bit and is great for any small do-t-yourself home improvement project.

 … Read the rest

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Go Roller Paint Roller Review and Info

What is Go Roller:

It is a roller brush that you can simply fill and use to paint your homes with convenience.


Go Roller seems to have many merits for home owners who like to paint their houses according … Read the rest

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Sling It

What is Sling It

Sling It is an innovative tool that allows you to lift heavy objects with ease by lightening the load by as much as 60% and doubling your lifting power
Lifting loads and shovelling is apparently made … Read the rest

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What is Rainguard? : Rainguard is a waterproofer of professional standards that is applied on surfaces by spraying it through the special unit provided in the package.

The perfect waterproofing solution

Rainguard promises to provide … Read the rest

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What is VeriPaint – VeriPaint is a new paint system with dual roller heads. It features its patented “turn and lock” system that allows simultaneous painting of two surfaces in any angle.

VeriPaint – the biggest revolution in painting technology

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