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Hand Defender

What is Hand Defender:

They are liquid gloves that claim to keep your hands protected just like regular gloves would do.
Hand Defender promises to be a simple and smart solution for anyone who likes to take on DIY projects … Read the rest

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Snake Bit

What is Snake Bit:

It is a driver extender that claims to help you with hardware installations in tricky places.
Snake Bit promises to be a handy tool for all DIY enthusiasts who like to take matters in their own … Read the rest

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Total Restoration

What is Total Restoration

It is an 8-piece home do-it-yourself repair kit that can restore, renew, bond, repair and protect almost anything in your house to give professional results and save hundreds of dollars.

A … Read the rest

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Easy Push Pull Driver

What is Easy Push Pull Driver:

It is a simple and easy to use drill that claims to help you make a hole in drywalls quite easily.
Easy Push Pull Driver promises to be a handy and convenient alternative for … Read the rest

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Mighty Ratchet Review

What is Mighty Ratchet:

It is a wrench that claims to give you 9 times more power than regular wrenches so that it’s easier for you to loosen toughest bolts.

Mighty Ratchet promises to be the only wrench you will … Read the rest

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Warner Tool ProGrip

What are Warner Tool ProGrip

They are blades that claim to be ideal for each flex type so that you can get the perfect performance every time.
Warner Tool ProGrip can be used by homeowners and professionals alike, who want … Read the rest

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Werner Podium Ladder

What is Werner Podium Ladder

It is a ladder that claims to be ideal to work at fixed heights and easier to manoeuvre than scaffolds and lifts.
Werner Podium Ladder promises to help professionals who need to work at a … Read the rest

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SKIL Ratch-N-Lock

What is SKIL Ratch-N-Lock?

It is a wonder hand tool that can self-adjust, lock and ratchet pliers. It can easily replace the dozens of tools in your toolbox.


A single hand tool to replace numerous tools

SKIL Ratch-N-Lock guarantees … Read the rest

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Astro Tape

What is Astro Tape:

It is a magnetic tape that has adhesive taping on one side and strong magnet on the other.
Astro Tape claims to be powerful and versatile enough to attach to just about anything in the world. … Read the rest

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Mighty Spot

What is Mighty Spot:

It is a flexible rubber coating sealant that claims to offer you an easy way to seal and protect any surface.
Mighty Spot promises to be the right option for home owners who are looking to … Read the rest