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Painter’s Palette REVIEW

What is Painter’s Palette?

As per the TV infomercial it is an innovative paint tray that has zero-drip, zero-spill and anti-gravity feature to let you paint easily without making a mess. Painter’s Palette emphasizes to be a paint tray that … Read the rest

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Crack Away Review

What is Crack Away

It claims to be a sealant that fills in cracks on the floor and makes the property look brand new again and prevent further damages. It maintains to work on anything outdoor and indoor that’s made … Read the rest

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Amazing Grip Review

About Amazing Grip

Amazing Grip states to be a gripping attachment that can take the pain and difficulty out of any chore that involves a tool with stick handle. With its upright leverage Amazing Grip assures to keep your body … Read the rest

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Liqui Sew Review

What is Liqui Sew –

It states to be a solution to let you mend your torn and ripped clothes fast and easily without having to sew it. It maintains to repair clothes, leather and suede, life parachutes, and home … Read the rest

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Turbothrust Saw Review

What is Turbothrust Saw?

If you are tired of using ordinary power tools for household projects that just don’t do the job then what you need is the all new compact power tool, the Turbothrust Saw.

Turbothrust Saw is a … Read the rest

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5 Second Fix Review

About 5 Second Fix

5 Second Fix states to be a liquid plastic welding tool that fixes, fills, seals and repairs practically anything under the sun. 5 Second Fix assures to fix things permanently without the mess of glue … Read the rest

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Titanium Scissors Review

What is it?

Simple jobs in and around the house can turn out to be such chores because of the want of right tools for them. How often have you struggled in the kitchen to cut chicken or veggie stems … Read the rest

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Power 8 Workshop Review

What is it?

As they say, all tradesmen are as good as their tools. And there’s a great deal of truth to that. As a tradesman you realize the importance of your tools to make the jobs you have taken … Read the rest

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Liquid Drywall Wall Spray Review

What is Liquid Drywall Wall Spray

It is an easy to use spackle spray that promises to repair cracks, holes and more in a matter of minutes

Liquid Drywall Wall Spray stresses that now you can fix the mess on … Read the rest

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Perfect Saw Review

Don’t waste money, time and energy with those gas trim-saws anymore. Introducing the Perfect Saw – the first portable hand chainsaw that cuts about anything fast and easy. Just pull it back and forth for precision cut that’s perfect. Saw … Read the rest