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Putt Pad

What is Putt Pad

Golfing greens have always held their attraction amongst people all over the world. What was once considered to be a game of the elite has made huge inroads into our society and there are many amateurs … Read the rest

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Zeit Boxer Review

About Zeit Boxer

Zeit Boxer is a boxing simulator that claims to be realistic and let you punch like a real boxer to lose weight and sculpt your body. Zeit Boxer guarantees to be easy to install, and fixes to … Read the rest

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Ultimate Sports Target

What is Ultimate Sports Target

It’s a target that helps you with your practise to score more goals on the field.
Ultimate Sports Target is meant to help all soccer lovers and enthusiastic players with their aim to score goals … Read the rest

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Yo Baby Kick Flipper

What is Yo Baby Kick Flipper:

It is a board that claims to let kids learn the basics of skateboarding and get in on all the action.
Yo Baby Kick Flipper maintains that it can help kids go through the … Read the rest

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Penduline Putter

What is Penduline Putter

It is a golf putter quite unlike traditional putters with its entire clubface being the sweet spot. With it your putting will always stay in line and you will improve it instantly.

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Hammer Putter REVIEW

What is Hammer Putter?

It is said to be the first putter in the world that has a sweet spot and can make a huge difference to your putting on the course.

Hammer Putter has been created for the benefit … Read the rest

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Aquanaut Twin

Water sports are a great way to get back into nature and feel refreshed but purchasing the right kayak and boats can be a challenging task. Aquanaut Twin promises to be a solution when it comes to purchasing the right … Read the rest

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Tour Academy Review

Have you always dreamed of playing Golf like a pro but never managed to get that perfect swing? Now you do not have to take expensive lessons to learn the professional golfers’ secret courtesy Tour Academy, the home edition DVD … Read the rest