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Llovia Purio Review

What is Llovia Purio:

It is a skincare device that claims to bring you the best of latest technologies to give you age-delaying results that will leave your skin in the best of health.

Llovia Purio guarantees you smart and … Read the rest

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Elizabeth Grant Supreme Skincare

What is Elizabeth Grant Supreme Skincare

As per the infomercial it is a range of innovative skincare solutions based on Torricelumn. The set helps in fighting aging signs, moisturises and nourishes the skin and provide a vibrant looking skin.

 … Read the rest

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Clarisonic Mia Fit

What is Mia Fit

As per the television infomercial it is a revolutionary electronic skincare device that helps in skin cleansing. It is presented by Clarisonic and has a compact, lightweight design with two settings to achieve either delicate or … Read the rest

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Murad Acne ABC

What is Murad Acne ABC

It is acne control system that promises to give you clearer skin while keeping it hydrated as well.

Murad Acne ABC assures you a simple and effective way to a healthier, clear and acne free … Read the rest

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Dr. Splendid Magicleanse Review

About Dr. Splendid Magicleanse

Dr. Splendid Magicleanse is a vibrating facial silicone cleansing brush that gently cleanses the deepest of pores to take the grime off your face and make you look years younger. Dr. Splendid Magicleanse convinces that its … Read the rest

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Bye Bye Foundation Review

What is Bye Bye Foundation?

Bye Bye Foundation is a full coverage moisturizer that aims at correcting, protecting and perfecting your skin in one weightless anti-aging formula that lasts all day long. The Bye Bye Foundation claims to have a … Read the rest

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Dermapen Skin Needling

How does Dermapen Skin Needling work?

Are you worried about the wrinkles that have started generating on your face or do not like the acne scars that are left behind? There are several solutions for such a problem and Dermapen … Read the rest

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illuMask Review

What is illuMask?

It is a unique LED therapy mask devised to rejuvenate your skin and make it look years younger with its unparalleled anti-aging solution. It is worn on the face like a mask and works by emitting special … Read the rest

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Derma 3 Review

What is Derma 3?

Derma 3 is an anti-aging and skin rejuvenating system that alleges to take just 2 minutes of your time every day to give you younger looking skin. Derma 3 claims to be better than any painful … Read the rest