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Go Kitty

What is Go Kitty

It is an ingenious solution to make cats go in the litter box to excrete as its pad contains pheromone to attract them. Plus it’s easy to clean design has odor neutralizing technology.

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Cat Lick Stick

What is Cat Lick Stick:

It is a cat brush that claims to let you groom your kitty while keeping your surroundings cat hair free.
Cat Lick Stick seems to have been designed for the benefit of pet owners who … Read the rest

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What is DOGgeviti?

It is a revolutionary nutritional supplement for pet dogs that


Rejuvenates and revitalizes your old pet dog

If your dog has been showing signs of aging, then DOGgeviti promises to rejuvenate and revitalize him and make … Read the rest

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Silent Barrier

What is Silent Barrier:

It is a training tool for pets, which claims to let them know things they can and can’t do.
Silent Barrier promises to be the only training tool you will need for your pets. If you … Read the rest

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Crazy Cat Racer

What is Crazy Cat Racer?

It is an interactive five-in-one toy for cats designed as interchangeable tracks of different shapes and sizes. The toy keeps cats engrossed and entertained for hours.


Indulge your kitty with something

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Pet Charmer

What is Pet Charmer:

It is an interactive pet toy, a twirling and whirling wand that can be a source of unlimited fun for your pets.
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StopTrax Kitty Litter Containment System

About StopTrax Kitty Litter Containment System

It is a litter containment system for cats that removes and collects litter granules from their paws systematically. It is designed as a modular grid and tray system which helps you keep your home … Read the rest

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Pet Command

What is Pet Command? – It is a dog training and pet behavior correction device that uses sonic frequency control to help you train and your dog easily.

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Kitty Cushion

What is Kitty Cushion?

Kitty Cushion is a special cushion made for cats that keeps them cozy and your house fur free. It also turns warm naturally by the cat’s body heat.

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