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Twinkle Paws

What is Twinkle Paws:

It is a night time cat mat that promises to keep your feline friend entertained for hours while you are sleeping.
Twinkle Paws promises to ensure that your cat is kept entertained at nights while you … Read the rest

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Shaggy Shower

What is Shaggy Shower

It is a gentle handheld shower for dogs that claims to do the job easily for you.
Shaggy Shower assures you that it will be a luxurious and gentle shower experience for your dog, who is … Read the rest

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Wobble Wag Giggle REVIEW

What is Wobble Wag Giggle

It is an interactive ball designed for pet dogs to play with. While playing it keeps making a hilarious sound without the need of batteries to entertain while the dogs play.

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Bright Buddy Leash

What is Bright Buddy Leash:

It is a set of collar and leash that claims to make sure your dog is visible at nights.
Bright Buddy Leash promises to help you take your dog out for a walk safely in … Read the rest

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Thunder Leash

What is Thunder Leash?

Thunder Leash is an innovative leash you can use to walk your dog without the hassle of pulling and tugging at it. It is designed to make the chore of walking the dog enjoyable, convenient and … Read the rest

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Kitty Canteen

What is Kitty Canteen?

It is a tray-shaped bowl made specially for cats to drink running water from directly from the tap when attached to it.

Innovative and convenient

Kitty Canteen promises to make it … Read the rest

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Magic Leash

What is Magic Leash?

It is a new leash for dogs that helps you keep your pet stay calm and obedient. It is designed to keep the dog’s head gently titled during walks as it’s known to make animals become … Read the rest

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PetZoom Nail Groom

What is PetZoom Nail Groom?

It is a compact and handy nail trimmer for pets that trims and evens their nails easily, safely and quickly. It features two nail guards for big and small pets that ensure they don’t get … Read the rest

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Pet Bowl Go-Round

What is Pet Bowl Go-Round

It is an all-in-one tip-proof pet bowl that helps leash pets and still let them explore the surrounding with 360 degree mobility.

Tether your pet with freedom:

Pet Bowl Go-Round … Read the rest

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Texas Fullhouse Dog Treats

What is Texas Fullhouse Dog Treats

It is a mix of wonderful treats for dogs that consists of Merrick’s Premium Beef Lung Filets and Merrick Cowboy Sausages. It is an assortment that is 100% fresh and American made.

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