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Bark Stop Review

What is Bark Stop

It is a simple system that promises to stop your dog’s barking quickly and in humane manner.

Bark Stop asserts that it can offer you respite from your dog’s barking, which can become annoying quite quickly. … Read the rest

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Pubbles Review

What are Pubbles

They are pet bubbles that claim to be fun and edible so that your furry companions will have a great time with them.

Pubbles maintain that now you won’t have to keep buying expensive toys for your … Read the rest

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Pet Cushy Review

About Pet Cushy

Pet Cushy claims to be a warming pad for your pet that gives them warmth, comfort and assurance of having your presence even when you are away. Pet Cushy assures that they will feel cared for and … Read the rest

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Kitty Hi-Rise Review

What is Kitty Hi-Rise

It is an over the door cat tower that promises to be the purrfect and cosy resting place for cats.

Kitty Hi-Rise maintains that now your cats can have a calm and comfortable resting place without … Read the rest

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Grip N Groom Pet Brush Review

What is Grip N Groom Pet Brush

It is a compact grooming brush that promises to be specially designed so that is user and pet friendly.

Grip N Groom Pet Brush maintains that it can be the perfect grooming brush … Read the rest

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Magic Soft Paws Review

How does Magic Soft Paws Work

If you have a cat at home, it can easily become the center of all attention. Cats demand that kind of attention and they are a lot of fun to watch as they play … Read the rest

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Wobble Gag Giggle Ball

What is Wobble Gag Giggle Ball?

It is an interactive toy that promises to keep your dog engaged and entertained all day long.

Wobble Gag Giggle Ball claims to be the perfect companion for your dog, who just won’t have … Read the rest

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K9 Dentist System

What is K9 Dentist System

It is a teeth cleaning system for your dogs that promises to offer vet quality cleaning at home.
K9 Dentist System maintains that it can be the perfect teeth cleaning solution for your dog, right … Read the rest

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Pedi Paws Pro

What is Pedi Paws Pro?

It is a dog nail trimmer with advanced features that help you clip your pet’s nail easily and keep them rounded and smooth at edges without any pain or hurt.

Read the rest