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People Pet Heroes

People Pet Heroes

People Pet Heroes states to be a 2-in-1 plush toy that’s soft and cuddly and doubles up as a superhero for endless fun for kids.

How does it work

Kids can play … Read the rest

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Accordion Cat Tunnel

About Accordion Cat Tunnel

Accordion Cat Tunnel proclaims to be a cardboard tunnel for cats to play inside for hours and keep active while stimulating its inquisitive mind.


How does it work

The cardboard … Read the rest

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Bow Wow Sofa Review

What is Bow Wow Sofa

As per the infomercial it is a specific sofa for pet dogs to find comfort and support. It also acts as a safe place for them and has adjustable firmness to suit different breeds.

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Pooch Paste

What is Pooch Paste

It is a specially formulated paste for dogs that promises to reduce odor causing bacteria and has several benefits for their overall health.

Pooch Paste asserts that now you can maintain the oral health of your … Read the rest

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Purrfect Pop Review

What is Purrfect Pop –

It claims to be an amazing cat toy with catnip-infused bubbles to keep the kitty busy playing for hours. The toy assures to be completely quiet so that the cat won’t be scared. It asserts … Read the rest

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Mouse Around Review

What is Mouse Around?

Mouse Around is a fascinating and fun-filled game designed to provide tons of fun and activity for cats and kittens. It is an amazing exciting and fun real game of cat and mouse. It has a … Read the rest

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Bark Stop Review

What is Bark Stop

It is a simple system that promises to stop your dog’s barking quickly and in humane manner.

Bark Stop asserts that it can offer you respite from your dog’s barking, which can become annoying quite quickly. … Read the rest

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Pubbles Review

What are Pubbles

They are pet bubbles that claim to be fun and edible so that your furry companions will have a great time with them.

Pubbles maintain that now you won’t have to keep buying expensive toys for your … Read the rest