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Snack Pets

What are Snack Pets?

Snack Pets are innovatively designed lunch boxes that claim to make lunch time a fun time for the kids. Designed to be stored in the refrigerator and promised to keep food cold and fresh, Snack Pets … Read the rest

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Squid Strap Review

What is Squid Strap

It claims to be the most versatile and secure strap that can be used for carrying additional items with ease. It states to be very safe with its buckles unlike hooks that hurt, or tricky knots … Read the rest

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Lava Lunch Review

What is Lava Lunch

It is a lunch box that combines new age functions with design and claims to keep your food hot for up to 5 hours.

Lava Lunch stresses on the fact that it is the only tote … Read the rest

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It is the new eyewear for night time that lets you see bright lights, neon signs and many other things clearly at night for safety and comfort when out at night. No more straining of Read the rest

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HD Vision Ultras

What is HD Vision Ultras

These are high definition glasses that provide optimum clarity with regards to color and contrast but at the same time provide the protection against harmful UV rays.

High Definition Sunglasses:… Read the rest

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Summer Skates Sandals

What are Summer Skates Sandals?

They are innovative sports sandals with hockey lace design that keep your feet intact in place and make you look stylish off the ice.

A game-changer

Summer Skates Sandals could … Read the rest

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Better Bags

What is Better Bags

It’s a reusable sturdy shopping bag that comes with loads of features that make shopping easier. It can clip to the cart, has a broader base for carrying more items and doesn’t spill over while driving.… Read the rest

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HD Vision Readers

What are HD Vision Readers

They are HD vision glasses that claim to offer you high definition colour and clarity.
HD Vision Readers promise to help you see clearly and in high definition when you are reading a book or … Read the rest

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What is H2Glow:

It is a water bottle with flashing LED lights that claims to keep you safe while you are running or cycling at nights.
H2Glow promises to give a helping hand to fitness enthusiasts who like to have … Read the rest

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ECO Pocket Shopper Bag

What is ECO Pocket Shopper Bag?

It is a reusable shopping bag that fits in pocket or purse and can be kept in its built-in zipper pouch with clip. It can also accommodate a lot of things since it is … Read the rest