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Mighty Bite Worm

What is Mighty Bite Worm

As per the TV infomercial it revolutionizes worm technology with a 3-in-1 worm lure. It has salt-impregnated body, scent stick and weighing system that makes it wiggle in water to resemble either worm, lizard, creature … Read the rest

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Emerald Vision Review

What is Emerald Vision

The television commercial states that it’s a pair of sunglasses that can turn a gloomy day into a brighter one. It claims to have lenses specially designed to cut out the blues and reds in light … Read the rest

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PermaShades 3000 Review

What is PermaShades 3000?

Have you spent so much money buying new sunglasses only to have them break? Now there is a new pair of sunglasses that are practically indestructible and stylish and comfortable too.

Here’s introducing the PermaShades 3000, … Read the rest

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Magna Optix Review

About Magna Optix

Magna Optix asserts to be the world’s first sunglasses with magnetic lenses that make its glasses interchangeable quickly. Magna Optix emphasizes to come with blue Polarized day lenses to reduce the sun glare during the day and … Read the rest

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HD Vision Aviator Sunglasses Review

What are HD Vision Aviator Sunglasses:

They are a modern version of the classic sunglasses that not only celebrate American history but promise to let you see everything in high definition.
HD Vision Aviator Sunglasses assure you high definition vision … Read the rest

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EuroOptix Review

What is EuroOptix ?

If you are looking for a pair of perfect UV protected sunglasses/aviators that suit your style and make you look chic and classy, then what you need is the fabulous looking sunglasses called EuroOptix.
EuroOptix are … Read the rest

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Fish2Go Review

What is Fish2Go

As per the infomercial it is a foldable fishing rod that is perfect for carrying and great for fishing even the sneakiest fish. It folds into a compact size that sits easily inside a tackle box, backpack … Read the rest

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Polaryte HD Review

What is Polaryte HD

As per the infomercial these are high definition sunglasses that provide amazing protection against UV rays and at the same time provide amazing clarity, cut glare while boosting colour and contrast. The ergonomic design of the … Read the rest

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Lace Keeper Review

What is Lace Keeper

It is a buckle that can be easily attached to your footwear to make sure your laces stay in place at all times, according to its claims.

Lace Keeper assures you that your shoe laces won’t … Read the rest

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Red Shift XT Review

What is Red Shift XT

They are precision vision glasses with special technology that can reduce the haze and glare to ensure that you can see clearly in different instances.

Red Shift XT promise you better vision by taming glare … Read the rest