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Night Vision Tac Glasses REVIEW

Last updated on January 11th, 2019 at 01:11 pm

Night Vision Tac Glasses

These military inspired glasses help sharpen your vision and shield your eyes. Glaring light can affect night vision which can be dangerous for you. Night Vision Tac … Read the rest

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Free Breeze Accelerator

Last updated on November 10th, 2017 at 05:04 pm

What is it?

Free Breeze Accelerator is a device that promises to be a simple, affordable and convenient way to get more air in your home or RV. This claim can … Read the rest

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Tac Belt REVIEW | TacBelt.com Report

What is Tac Belt

It claims to be a storage pack that is creating using tactical grade material. This durable, weather and water-resistant bag can be strung over the shoulder or worn around the waist. Tac Belt asserts to be … Read the rest

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Bucket Stool

What is Bucket Stool?

It’s an all-in-one seating and storing stool you can sit on when placed over a bucket and simultaneously put things inside it through the gap below. Bucket Stool is a unique stool that aims to make … Read the rest

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Hand Out Gloves

About Hand Out Gloves

Hand Out Gloves claim to be hand gloves that keep your hands dry and warm whether you’re indoors or outdoors. You can allegedly use your phone, dump heat, get dexterity for taking pictures, or leave zip … Read the rest

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HD Polaris

About HD Polaris

HD Polaris states to be 100% polarized sunglasses that give a clear and brighter view while protecting the eyes.


How does it work

The polarized lens technology of HD Polaris asserts to create a protective barrier … Read the rest

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The Handie Handle Review

What is it?

The Handie Handle is a strong and sturdy handle that lets you get a grip on your beverage containers. With the The Handie Handle in your cup you can distinguish your drink and sip it with style! … Read the rest

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Clip Shadz Review

What are Clip Shadz?

Clip Shadz as shown in the infomercial claims to be easy carry clip shades that prove to be a durable and cost-effective eyewear solution. It supposedly grips tight and fits right. It basically consists of two … Read the rest